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  • Text on top and Title : The EUROPAGES B2B marketing solutionsoffer you a gateway to a network of millions of professionals and GUARANTEE THAT YOU GET FOUND ON THE WEBTake “of” out in “million of”61 is to become 62 million searchesRalentir l’arrivée de la première phrase et du gros titre Supprimer l’ombré sur les éléments graphiques des bullesRecentrer les éléments graphiques et gérer des espaces identiques entre les 3 infosDescendre les mots en bleu (buyers / needs / opportunities)
  • Europages v4 3min

    2. 2. CROSS-COUNTRIES EXCHANGES ARE THE NEW NORMAL 2012 2003 1993 1983 1973 1963 1953 0 billion $ Today's business buyers do not contact suppliers ONLINE RESOURCES ARE KEY PROCESSIN THE SALES Search begins First real contact with Sales Purchase Business customers are using digital resources to form opinions and define a shortlist of potential suppliers (*) * Source: CeB, MlC Customer Purchase Research Survey, 2011; marketing.html directly until 57% of the purchase process is complete 0%8%13%19%26%32%41%57%
    3. 3. ONLINE RESOURCES ARE 57% KEY PROCESSIN THE SALES Internet has become the backbone of relationships between companies and professionals. With billions of people connected, it offers huge potential as a tool for company growth YOU CAN’T GET BY WHITHOUT THE INTERNET
    4. 4. The EUROPAGES B2B marketing solutions offers you a gateway to a network of millions of professionals and buyers 33million visitors needs 62million searches opportunities 122million page views THAT YOU GETENSURE FOUNDON THE WEB
    5. 5. VISITORS COME FROM 1.4 million 1.7 million 24.9 million 3.4 million 0.1 million 1.5 million
    6. 6. Looking for all kinds of B2B products and services Number of searches performed by visitors - breakdown of main activity sectors Textiles & Clothing 7.680.000 searches Food & Related Products 6.430.000 searches Mechanical Engineering & Industry – Equipment 5.770.000 searches Business Services 5.730.000 searches Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals 3.610.000 searches
    7. 7. Looking for all kind of B2B products and services Number of searches performed by visitors - breakdown of main activity sectors 5.000MORE THAN COMPANIES JOIN US EVERY MONTH Most companies are in industrial and manufacturing sectors with service industries increasingly present in our database of over 2.6 million companies Company type of activity 51% Producer, manufacturer 25% Services provider 20% Wholesaler, distributor 4% Agent 46% CEO, General Manager 35% Marketing, Sales or Advertising managers 7% Executive of Import, Export, Purchases, Logistics 7% Management of Industry, Technics, Production and services 5% administrative and other support functions 2/3 of subscribers are decision makers
    8. 8. 5.000MORE THAN COMPANIES JOIN US EVERY MONTH http://metallindustrie- metallverarbeitung.europages.de The company profile is published on 26 web sites in different languages EUROPAGES SPEAKS THE LANGUAGE OF YOUR CLIENTS
    9. 9. YOUR PROFILE TRANSLATED & PUBLISHED ON OUR NETWORK CREATE A LANDING PAGE TO FIT YOUR IMAGE _ E*Pages are custom-made: they act as virtual storefronts displaying the key details of your business Access area Profile description
    10. 10. _ E*Page is a multimedia space where each company can post photos, videos, and documents about its products and services Product Pages Multimedia Content Search engine positioning info CREATE A LANDING PAGE TO FIT YOUR IMAGE
    11. 11. CREATE A LANDING PAGE TO FIT YOUR IMAGEPRODUCTS SHOWCASE YOUR _ Products are what professional buyers are looking for _ A company with a catalogue increases its chances of being selected Each product page is optimised to improve its natural referencing and increase targeted enquiries
    12. 12. MYEUROPAGES MANAGE YOUR CONTENT THROUGH Thanks to myEUROPAGES, the company can logon and change all the elements of its E*Page at will
    13. 13. INVESTMENT With mySTAT, every member with a paid subscription enjoys exclusive, secure access to all of their statistics. EVALUATE YOUR RETURN ON
    14. 14. SOLUTION CHOOSE THE BEST SUITED _ EUROPAGES supports you throughout the sales process, helping you to convert your visitors into genuine prospective customers _ A EUROPAGES inscription is free, however a paid package enables you to plan your campaign and generate pertinent clicks to your website Clicks 22,000,000 72x increased visibility 29x targeted views 93x cliks on customer’s website E*Card Views 1,025,000,000 E*Page Views 63,000,000 4 Paid members vs Free members
    16. 16. WITH OUR NEWSLETTER INCREASE BRAND EXPOSURE _ Over 900.000 recipients throughout Europe _ Newsletter written in recipient’s home language Every month we send a personal newsletter communicating statistics on company profiles
    17. 17. TOOLS INTERNATIONAL MARKETING _ Publish a description of your company and offer your potential customers rich and appealing content to grab their attention. _ Promote your products and services on specific pages, with optimised headings for effective referencing. _ Create advertising campaigns with a high return on investment by targeting specific sectors. _ Enhance the visibility of your brand and generate leads with our monthly newsletter. Company page Catalogues Display Newsletter
    18. 18. TOOLS INTERNATIONAL MARKETING PRODUCTS MAKE SURE SOMEONE IN THE WORLDYOU ARE WHEN FOUND IS LOOKINGFOR YOUR Get found on the web, internationally Optimize your E*Page content to get more visible Measure your ROI Convert your visitors into leadsB2B MARKETING SOLUTIONS
    19. 19. To contact EUROPAGES Our adress EUROPAGES Headquarter France 127, avenue Charles de Gaulle 92200 Neuilly sur Seine Follow us on Contact us by e- mail From 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (GMT+ 1h) Monday to Friday +33 (0)1 41 16 49 14