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Eng fertigschwimmbecken-low


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports

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  • 1. P R E FA B R I C AT E D S W I M M I N G P O O L S w The ne ss: itne AquaF asure ple more 3 per m P refabricated S wimmingPoolS • w hirlPoolS
  • 2. My pool.Have you ever thought about your own swim-mingpool? Surely one of the most remarkableacquisitions in your life. Your swimmingpool- already a highlight when you wake up in themorning. Or the beginning of a comfortableevening at home. Whether you are the family-type that yearns for a great afternoon withyour children, or you are someone who justenjoys life and looks for a quiet and dignifiedenvironment in which you quickly relax; bothhave something in common; a well-designed,functional swimmingpool that is perfectlyintegrated in your garden or house, which youcan enjoy every day. Especially in the eveningsyour new pool unfolds its own charm:Delicate blue illuminated water and chicgarden accessories: The romance of a Medi-terranean summer evening creeps into yourgarden – and you will surely remember yourlast vacation.Pool owners with many years of experienceagree: Well-being and daily „refuelling“ athome, fitness and pleasure can only be achievedwith your own swimmingpool. Classic series with „Royal“ stairs: Underwater light that appeals to the„...finally at home…“ emotions. This is how to live.
  • 3. At home
  • 4. The classic, stylishswimmingpoolClassic and stylish. These are the attributes forour model „Rom“. Clear lines, round, gene-rous entrance with brandished steps. Elegant,noble, timeless and clear plainness.For training and fitness a strong counter-current system can be integrated in the stairs.Two powerful underwater lights insure a per-fect atmosphere. In a short time your gardencan be converted into an oasis.Classic series with „Royal“ stairs: Underwaterlight that appeals to the emotions. A surroun-ding for getting lost in dreams... Classic series with „Rom“ stairs: Underwater light that appeals to the emotions. A surrounding for getting lost in dreams... 
  • 5. R om
  • 6. R ave n n a„Ravenna“ and „Florenz“ stairs stand for plainelegance. It is not only the Italian name - bothhave that inherently clear Italian style.„Florenz“ has its distinctive round curves thatopen widely to the water.„Ravenna“ has its timeless straight lines.Furthermore „Ravenna“ offers two generoussitting and reclining lounges with much spacefor whirling and relaxing.Both stairs are provided with anti-slipcoverings, on request the steps can be suppliedin different colours.The suitable coping stone or a terrace withnatural stones create a fascinating surroun-ding. The colours white and papyrus(light grey) make the water shine crystal-clear. Classic with „Ravenna“ stairs and underground roller shut- ter with wooden (Bangkirai) cover. 
  • 7. FlorenzClassic series with„Florenz“ stairs and un-derground roller shutter withwooden (Bangkirai) cover as wellas a massage unit - Healthstream4-22 control - with grip rail mounted inthe side wall. 
  • 8. Active and versatile –a fascinating concept„Capri“ stairs offer all the facilities a modernswimmingpool should have. A generous showertray in the entrance, roman steps with a bran-dished handrail and a comfortable reclininglounge which can be equipped as a whirlpool.This is the place to relax superbly in shallowwater and to enjoy the sun.Ideal for „Capri“: The Fun Pak F.The counter-current system foractive fitness. Back jets, neck massageand a floor geyser can be additionaloptions. Even an airbubble system canbe added.If necessary and desired, a filter andheater system can be installed in thetechnique shaft under the shower tray.Typical „Capri“, everything is pre-mounted, everything ready. Counter-current system with Masterjet and Tur- bojet for back massage and strong neck massage as well. All the equipment is pre-installed in the technique shaft under the shower tray. 
  • 9. Capr i„Capri“: FunPak F4,handrail, underwater lightand underground roller shutterwith wooden (Bangkirai) cover. 
  • 10. A living connection of styleand functionA large sitting and reclining lounge as shallowwater area with air jet system (option), safetystairs, and a technique shaft for the installationof a counter-current system. In here a FunPakF with back jets, neck massage and floor geyser can also be installed. This pool with roman stairs fits in your garden harmoni- ously. In the picture on the right the pool is shown with an under- ground roller shutter covered with natural stones. These can be lifted off for inspection purposes. Classic series with „Rimini“ stairs 10
  • 11. R imini„Rimini“with underground rol-ler shutter with wooden(Bangkirai) cover. 11
  • 12. Post modern: Or theelegance of clear shapesOne can think a lot about the equipment andfunctions of a swimmingpool: Ultimately, twofactors are decisive: The optimal integration inthe garden and the best possible functionality.„Modena“ stands for this: A straight and exactfloor plan, beautiful stairs, sitting and reclininglounges that fully disappear underneath thewater level with the possibility of using all theavailable water-flow and massage facilities.The smallest model is the 2.0 m wide„Modena 20“, the „Swim & Fun“ pool withmany different features. The next size has a widthof 3.20 m. The classic 3,0 m wide is availablein ,  or  m lengths. All these models can beequipped with our FunPak F which includes different massage- and training possibilities. With handrails and grip rails it is the absolute fitness-trainer. Within the „Modena“ range you can choose between the fully equipped mini-pool or the typical  x  m classical pool. „Modena 520“ the smallest, but „Modena“ as outdoor or indoor provided with FunPak F4 in the swimmingpool: Timelessly plain technique shaft, handrails, underwa- ter light and roller shutter with wooden (Bangkirai) cover. For more information: 12
  • 13. M o dena„Modena“with FunPak F4 inthe technique shaft, hand-rail, underwater light androller shutter with wooden (Bang-kirai) cover. 13
  • 14. The Royal class:The noblesse, the plain symmetry makes „Royal“to be the royal class amongst the swimmingpools.The starting block with handrails in the middleof the pool steps is typical for the „Royal“ pool.The counter-current system can be installed inthis starting block and is an important detail formotivated swimmers. After the training there issufficient space for massage and relaxation onthe lounge.Particularly charming: The „Royal“ in maritimedesign. The pool in white, the ceramic braideddark blue, combined with stainless steel and finewood. 1
  • 15. R oyal„Royal“ with FunPak F4,geyser, underwater light, hand-rails and underground roller shutterwith wooden (Bangkirai) cover. 1
  • 16. Flowing shapes and cleverdetailsWhenever the design should be very natural,San Remo is in the first position. It is naturallyformed but has all what a swimmingpool needs- including the complete filter and massageequipment. The integrated equipment is conce-aled under the shower tray.A generous entrance, sitting and reclining stepare provided with all features of FunPak F, andthe clue: The headrest with integrated neck-douche. The „all-in-one“ pool for your garden. „San Remo country“: Bangkirai wood all around the pool. Ideal in connection with a garden pond. Natural shapes and sand co- loured pool = turquoise water. Top picture: „San Remo“ in papyrus colour. Chic! 1
  • 17. S an R emo„San Remo“: FunPak F4,geyser, underwater light, folding showertray and shower. 1
  • 18. Cl a s s i cThe greatest: Classic XL is the prefabricatedswimmingpool series that depicts the category x 10 or  x 12 m. One piece - prefabricatedswimmingpool in one size that really impresses.These pools are supplied during the night.Our special trucks supply them to your door.Before breakfast, you will be surprised with thelargest RivieraPool. In a few days, this pool willbe the focal point in the garden or indoors. Withor without overflow channels and different stairs,this pool makes a great impression and providesmuch space for real swimming pleasure. „…the pool arrived and It was like Christmas In mid-summer…“ 1
  • 19. R omClassic XL series with „Rom“ stairsand underground roller shutter withwooden (Bangkirai) cover. Counter-current system, underwater light and griprails for the AquaFitness. 1
  • 20. XL-format:Royal - the royal classXL „Royal“ – simply the royal class in XL-format. The „Royal“ stairs extra wide, extra com-fortable, the lounge offers more space for relaxing.Massage jets can be used more intensively.The counter-current system: Every day training,early in the morning before your daily task. Relaxin the evening and enjoy the tepid summer night.Enjoy the soft massage for your calves or the jetmassage which makes your neck feel good.Leave the pool for your children in the afternoon-no thoughts of boredom. 20
  • 21. Classic R oyalClassic XL with„Royal“ stairs. 21
  • 22. XL-feeling: Rimini, the„Roman“ that can do moreActually, „Rimini“ are Roman steps, but diffe-rent. Between the entrance and the sitting and/orreclining area with many attractions it has a star-ting block which is used accordingly or plainlyto have a shower. The technical equipment isinstalled under the shower tray. Short distancesto the jets ensure maximum performance whichyou will appreciate in every single attraction.The FunPak F is also integrated (optionally)and gives pleasure, maximum fitness and rela-xation.After a short while you will know the advantagesof the „Rimini“.„Rimini“ steps are comparable to Romansteps but are additionally equipped with astarting block and shower tray. 22
  • 23. Classic R iminiClassic XL with„Rimini“ stairs and undergroundroller shutter and wooden (Bangkirai)cover. Alternatively also with natural stone. 23
  • 24. Cl a s s i c with over flow channelThe XL-comfort withoverflow channelsIf you like good hotel swimmingpools, you canconfirm that more comfortable swimming-pools than these with overflow channels do notexist: No formation of waves during use. Enjoyeasy swimming without feeling constant wavereflection on the walls. Diplaced water spillscalmly in the overflow channel, to be madeavailable again after filtration. When the pool isnot in use the smooth water surface is a feast forthe eyes. Water can not be more calming. Espe-cially as indoor pool the new XL with overflowchannel is recommendable. Something gene-rous - is simply impossible.Cl a s s i c X L R oyal XL Classic XL: Plain without frills. 2
  • 25. R om XLClassic XL with „Royal“ stairs: Sitting Classic XL with „Rom“ stairs:area, lounge and starting block. The Really elegant. The inline rollerinline roller shutter concealed elegantly shutter concealed elegantly under thebelow the underwater bench (optionally underwater bench (optionally with airwith air channel massage). channel massage). 2
  • 26. Cl a s s i c w i t h ove r flow channelYet a more compact:Classic 370 series withoverflow channelsOverflow channels are also available for themodels of Classic 30 series. You have thechoice - „Royal“ or „Rom“ stairs - a prefabri-cated swimmingpool which is delivered in onepiece, fully insulated, with the overflow channeland inline roller shutter already pre-installed.Apropos inline: Just see how elegant concealedroller shutters can be used: A bench with airchannel massage is an exclusive, additional at-traction to your pool.The roller shutters move elegantly out by pres-sing a button and cover the water surface inan energy saving manner. This sophisticatedsystem is provided only with prefabricatedRivieraPools.Cl a s s i c R oyal Classic pools - plain and rectangular. A new trend. 2
  • 27. R om„Royal“ with sitting area, lounge and many „Rom“ is always plain and elegant. In anyattractions. The starting block conceals the mas- case, the right pool in- and outdoor. Thesage equipment. The roller shutter is concealed roller shutter is below the underwaterbelow the underwater bench, which is option- bench, which is optionally available withally available with air channel massage. air channel massage. 2
  • 28. Underwater massageFun Pak is the compact jet- and massage system that makes your shallow water area to become an activecentre. Strong massage or soft massage – all you like is available. All at the right place, all pre-installed.Two strong massage jets correctly placed, a current of water for shoulders and neck.1 Masterjet for a voluminous soft massage and two strong counter-current jets. If desired a floor geyser forfeet and calves is possible as well. 1 2 Counter-current system Turbojet massageThe double-jet counter-current system is the heart Two strong air and water jets for the back area.of your FunPak. Each jet is operated with a separate Adjustable in direction and controllable in capacity.pump. Each pump can be activated individually.The jets can be rotated and can therefore be regula-ted in their capacity. By turning the jet, the counter-current system is able to operate other attractions aswell. 3 Masterjet massage 4 Neck-doucheA soft, voluminous water flood washes round the A strong massage where one needs it, in the shoul-body, tingling like a soft sea breeze. der and neck area. Or a soft water play that splashes evocatively in the sun. You determine the intensity by yourself. 2
  • 29. Fun Pak 24 3 1 Option: Geyser A very special attraction which gives massage to your feet, legs and the entire body. 2
  • 30. 1 Slow-move-swimming (warm up) approx. 5 minutes. Slow swimming and slow walking in water.2 Power phase: Up to 10 minutes of energetic counter-current swimming. Sequence of a stretching (D) and strengthening programme (K) for foot and knee FußBody part Exercise Frequency EquipmentFoot D- Calf Stretching in standing 3 on each side Bar position Fuß3 D- Calf Stretching in crouch 3 on each side Bar position K- Kicking 5 on each side Bar K- Treading 3 x 30 Pool side K- Jumping 3 x 20 Free K- Push down ball 3x6 Bar Hüfte Sequence of a stretching (D) and strengthening programme (K) for the hip HüfteBody part Exercise Frequency EquipmentHip D- Great lunge 3 x 20 Sek. Handrail4 D- Straddle 3 x 30 Sek. Handrail K- Crawl 3x5 Handrail K- Walk like a stork 3x5 Free K- Crossing 3 x 20 Free Schulter Schulter
  • 31. Th e n e w AquaFitness: m o re p leasure p er m 3 8 71 2 6 3 5 4
  • 32. Knie Fuß Knie Fuß Knie Fuß Sequence of a stretching (D) and strengthening Hüfte Hüfte Wirbelsäu Hüfte programme (K) for the spine Wirbelsäule Wirbelsäule Fuß Body part Exercise Frequency KnieEquipment Knie Spine D- Stretching Sides 3x4 Corner 5 D- Curling up 4x1 Corner K- Lifting 3x6 Free K- Cycling 60 Sek. Corner K- Kick board under water 3x8 Free Sequence of a stretching (D) and strengthening Schulter programme (K) for the shoulder Schulter Schulter Arm Arm ArmHüfte Body part Exercise Frequency Wirbelsäule Equipment Wirbelsäule Shoulder D- Shoulder blade stretch 4 x 20 Sek. Free 6 D- Rotar cuff stretch 4x1 Bar K- Push-up 3 x 15 Bar K- Bar excercise 3 x 12 Bar K- Clapping 3 x 20 Free Sequence of a stretching (D) and strengthening Schulter programme (K) for the arm Arm Arm Body part Exercise Frequency Equipment Arm D- Tennis serve stretching 4 x on each side Free 7 D- Bending 4 x on each side Wall D- Stretching 4 x on each side Free K- Move kick board 3 x 20 Kick board K- Breast stroke in standing 3 x 20 Free position K- Scooping water 3 x 20 Free Relaxation 8 and massage
  • 33. Fun & Func tionswimming, whirling, being fit –more pleasure per m 3 Here are the actual strengths of your Two strong counter swimming jets for RivieraPool: active swimming. Its functionality: One geyser, the fountain for foot, leg and the entire body.• Counter-current systems offer the possibility to swim on the spot. No matter how big the • Aqua Fitness: Your daily water gymnastic pool is. with system. Handrails for exercises for foot and knee, grip rails for exercises for hip and arm, supports for training the• Shallow water zones offer lovely space for spinal column. relaxing in the sun. And the clou:• The Fun Pak: A massage package, which makes The eight-phase fitness concept – All the the shallow water zone an active centre: above possibilities perfectly combined. Two strong massage jets for the back. One Masterjet for soft massage. One counter-current system for the shoulders and neck. 33
  • 34. M a r i t im eOn a white surface, the water lets its tender bluecolour sparkle in the sun, polished stainless steeland beautiful accessories bring contrast and value.Wooden applications fill out the picture. This is themaritime style that determines the timeless style ofthe South. Maritime: Modern, straight, clear colours.ModernReduced shapes, reduced colours – it should be plainand straight. The white pool brings a uniform bluewater surface in perspective. The step disappearsnearly invisibly underneath the water level. Thestainless steel installation parts fit to the grey stairsand form a unit with the coping stone in granite.Even the roller shutter is invisibly concealed undera cover in granite. Modern: Reduced, cold tone.M e d i te r ra n e a nThe new colour in papyrus extremely strikingand extremely easy to maintain. The water shinescool blue. The installation parts made of stainlesssteel are almost and decently invisible. The terracearound the pool made of sandstone gives it a robustcharm of a Southern rocky coastline. Mediterranean: Rustic, warm tone.„South Seas“Sand and soft beaches are the topic. The pool has asand coloured surface, which lets the water surfacegleam slightly turquoise. The stairs are beige, slith-ly visible and harmonious in shape with the sands-tone on the pool edge. White installation parts andhandrails stay discreet. „South Seas“: Sand, turquoise, warm tone. 3
  • 35. White pool, white stairs, light-blue water StainleWhite pool, blue stairs light-blue water EquipmPapyrus pool, grey stairs dark blue water StainleSand pool, beige stairs turquoise blue water Equipm 3
  • 36. ess steel equipment fine wood and mosaic light coping stonesment in white grey pool deck dark grey coping stonesess steel equipment pool deck: Sand stone Natural beige coping stonesment in white pool deck: Sand stone coping stone light 3
  • 37. Cor rec t st yle and coloursYour swimmingpool is a piece of „furniture“ in the • The pool and its surface colourgarden. It should fit optimally in the surrounding and • The colour of the stairsconsidered alone, it should be a feast for the eyes. • Colour the equipmentTherefore, it is important, not only to determine the • The surrounding of the poolpool size, or the shape or the colour. Rather all the • The handrailselements must be optimally tuned to one another inshape, colour and material. The result is a conclusive design that offers you daily pleasure – also when you simply, only relax on the sunlounger and look at the water... Our partner for natural stone ideas: 3
  • 38. D e t a i lsRobust and long-lasting From an automobile, you expect that the manufacturer ponders about safety, low operating costs, particularly energy consumption, durability and above all „pleasure in driving“. After all, it is a series product, into which experience flows from thousands of sold cars and many years of development work. Sandwich design This is exactly what you can expect from your RivieraPool. Because a RivieraPool is (optional) also a series product that has ripened over decades and has been perfecteded. The result: Chic design, outstanding functionality, robust quality and serviceability from time immemorial. Quickly built Roller shutter safety edge to support the roller shutter Chic: Sun deck Sun deck made of Bangkirai fine wood Super smooth surface Very clean: Spray device Rolling shutter cover fully automatic with spray device 3
  • 39. G o o d reasons for a R ivieraPo ol Integrated technique Elegant handrails Chic stairs Integrated shower Sitting area - loungeStep for standing on Profiled stairs Sporty: Fun Pak F4helpful for children Floor geyser Hair safe suction system Easy to maintain Skin sympathic surface. Smooth and easy to maintain - Standing ledge - Roller shutter cover with safety switch Friendly to children Economical and safe Roller shutter cover „Thermosafe“ 3
  • 40. Th e q u a l i t y The structure of your RivieraPool is made of seven layers. Each takes over a very special function in order to fulfill special requirements in the swimmingpool. Together they are responsible for the unique characteristics of your RivieraPool. Colour resistant, easy to clean, skin symphatic 1 Duracolor 90 HD. The synthetic high-density colour substrate for highly stressed swimmingpool surfaces. TÜV-certified long-term resistance to fading. 2 Fine-cell layer to minimize fibre prints on the high gloss surface. Makes the pool surface smoother. No osmosis through epoxy acrylate 3 Robust substrate made of high-strength random vlies mat, chemical resistant fibre glass. 4 Fine fibre glass layer as substrate. 5 Extra coating to guarantee a homogeneous and permanently stable sandwich-structure. All layers are embedded in high resistant epoxy acrylate. Insulation saves energy, reduces costs 6 Insulation layer made of polyurethane rigid foam. k-value 0.3 W/m 2 • k. (Example: A window with three glasses = 0.45 W/m 2 • k) Stabilisation 7 Backup material as water resistant topcoat as final layer. Integrated rectangular steel reinforcements and a standing ledge for maximum stability. 0
  • 41. G o o d reasons for a R ivieraPo olWe do everything for the robustness and durability of yourRivieraPool – so that even the generation after you can enjoythe pool. To us, this means: Consistent quality management.As an engaged member in the AVK (Arbeitsgemeinschaftverstärkte Kunststoffe), our production engineers togetherwith our raw material suppliers investigate the influencesof pool water, treatment agents and the environmenton the swimmingpool surfaces. Different disinfectionagents, pH-values and pool water temperatures play animportant role. Dieter Morthorst, Dipl.-Ing.(FH) for plastic & fibreglass products, Quality Manager and curing records are put in the archives together with original check samples. Even after many years, we can give advice and the expe- rience can consistently flow into the new products. This is the advantage of a series product. Safety through the TÜV sticker on each RivieraPool: Our factory is approved: „Test result: Based on the inspection conducted in the factory, including the in-house laboratory and the docu- mentation, there is no doubt in certifying the product with the special properties“: Also mechanical influences through cleaningdevices etc. are considered in the process. Material qua- Long-term resistance to osmosis andlities and processing parameters are then defined in fading of coloured surfacesview of these requirements. The result is a product thatis exactly tuned to the application in swimmingpools. And (Excerpt from conformity evaluation process, Technicalnaturally, the corresponding test methods in which the Report No: 06/YKG333258 dated 24.03.2006. Certificatematerials must withstand several magnitudes of practice Registration No: 78/220/333258).stress. An in-house quality assurance system guaranteesthat only the approved raw material quality is used. Fur-thermore, we test all incoming raw materials in our ownfactory materials testing laboratory. In particular, all surfacematerials are tested for their colour-resistance and theglass and acrylate for their durability In hot-water.A time-lapse allows conclusions to be drawn on durabilityof the pool even before it is produced. A comprehensiveproduction control guarantees not only that all process steps conform to the nominal values. It is particularly important to us that each individual production step is documented. Production order, ma- terial application report, acceptance 1
  • 42. R o l l e r s h u t te r cover „Ther mosafe“Safety andEnergy conser vationYour pool should be well equipped alsowhen not in use: With the roller shuttercover „Thermosafe“ 0% of thermalenergy is lost on the water surface anddirt is carried into the water. The Ther-mosafe cover protects the pool surface Spraying device ...cleansfully, offers excellent thermal insulation,minimises moisture evaporation, reducesdirt and offers optimum safety.When you open it the roller shutter • Additional heat is won: The solar covercover disappears in a special shaft. When gives solar heat to the water; the heatit is rolled up it stays in filtered water and gained is retained in the disinfected. Dirt is sucked and drainedaway and cannot contaminate the pool. Safety:For large pieces of dirt, a spraying device The strength of the PVC-profiles andis provided. Whenever the roller shutter the full-surface support on water givesis activated, the surface is sprayed and the roller shutter cover its stability. Inlarger dirt particles are washed into the connection with a safety edge in the poolskim filter. The roller shutter shaft is wall, optimum safety is achieved. Underprovided with a stable fibre-glass or fine load, the roller shutter cover only sinkswood cover. Also, a natural stone cover is a few centimetres and lies firmly on thepossible. The entire equipment is clearly safety edge. You can be sure that a childarranged and well accessible. The roller or a dog at most can get wet feet in caseshutter is activated via a key-operated they make a wrong step.switch and ensures that it always movesinto its correct position.Thermosafe:• Is heat saving and clean. Due to theopaque cover, algae growth is prevented.The efforts of cleaning are reducedconsiderably.• Heat stays in the pool: Through thehollow chambers of the covers, effectiveinsulation is achieved. Classic series with „Rom“ stairs and underground roller shutter with wooden (Bangkirai) cover. 2
  • 43. Sun deck Elegant optics Safety„Underfloor“ „Inline“ „Integra“ Roller shutter with natural stone cover shaft cover 3
  • 44. Installationand concrete backfilling Delivery on special trucks. The pool is prefabricated in the factory. Quick and easy installation. All parts fit together. It is brought in manually, by crane or by helicopter. Bottom slab is made of concrete. Backfilling: Lean concrete Installed with concrete backfilling on concrete slab. For outdoor pools. 
  • 45. Installation Fre e s t a n d i n g w i t h s te e l s u p p o r t s Oversized pools: Prefabricated pool with overflow channel and steel supports fixed to the pool.Self-supporting pool withsteel supports laminatedto the shell. Self-supporting pool with overflow channel steel supports. 
  • 46. R i v i e ra Po o l - a well-k nown name Since 1970 we produ- ce swimmingpools RivieraPool belongs to the lea- ding manufacturers of prefabri- cated swimmingpools and whirl- The first RivieraPool transporter. This Hano- pools for the private and public mag F25 always managed to deliver pools from Northern Germany to Switzerland and Austria: sector. Since 10 we produce En route to satisfied customers. prefabricated swimmingpools in our own fibreglass factory, 1 whirlpools were added to the programme. RivieraPools are found in many private pool gardens, indoor1970 pools and in hotels all over Eu- rope. Swimming comfort, solid quality and chic design has al- The first swimmingpools were produced in ways been the Riviera policy. 1970. Insulation was already then a trade- mark of RivieraPools. As family business, we produce pools in our own production fac- tory at our headquarters in Ger- many. We have a second factory in Trnava (Slovakia) and a large One of the first dealers conferences: Till to- day, nothing has changed in the good contact warehouse in Rossau near Dres- with specialist firms in the sector. RivieraPool den. is the longest-term German manufacturer. In the picture: Founder Gisela & Josef Rengers. A close partnership with our spe- cialist dealers ensures that an ef- fective on-site service is at your disposal always. Company CEO Gisela Rengers at the Inter- bad. RivieraPool is represented at the leading 1998 specialist trade fairs such as Aquanale and at other international fairs. Below: The new RivieraPool building for production and warehousing. D-49744 Geeste D-49744 Geeste D-09661 Rossau2003 
  • 47. Po ols.Info Detailed overview and testing of the products: Customers service: You just make an appointment with your dealer and he will be on all the functions of your pool and water treatment. 2007 pleased to give a fully detailed The service: advice regarding your swimming- Your specialist dealer is at disposal pool or whirlpool here in our again, as local partner and takes premises. He has been trained care of all your wishes. Rapid by RivieraPool. He will give you spare parts service and a technical all the information from A to Z. hotline to the factory are obvious. You will find RivieraPools in one Each pool has its own registered of the many specialist exhibitions number. Each spare part can also all over Europe. Or visit our be identified after years and be „“ - one of the grea- reordered. test exhibitions in Europe. Here Thus, you are always one-step a you will find many exhibitors head – and need not go swim- with interesting products around ming with a compromise... your pool. A stroll through the exhibition venue is advisable Have a nice time. and incites a lot. We are located See you soon... directly on the A31 between the Ruhr district and North Sea. The delivery: The delivery of your RivieraPools takes place either directly from Top: The new exhibition „“. the factory or from the dealer‘s An exhibition with over 1700 qm. warehouse. In any case, you will Interested people and dealers are‚ be informed about the delivery invited for a visit. date. During the delivery, the Below: specialist dealer is on the site, Europe´s largest indoor exhibition: to take care of the installation Just search for everything in one area: From the ceiling to the floor – process and to advise you exactly 1001 ideas. Heartly welcome!SK - 91701 Trnava SK - 91701 Trnava One of our production halls in SK-Trnava. Supplier components are manufactured here. From here we supply to the East European markets. 
  • 48. AClassicClassic 8245 7065 B 800 A B 800 3730 5000 800 6346 RivieraPool Modena 910 RivieraPool Classic 800 3737 500 with roll cover shaft Integra and technique shaft with roll cover shaft S 1:100 S 1:100 RivieraPool Modena 660 A B 3825 A B 3850 RivieraPool Modena 520 with roll cover shaft Integra Classic 500 5880 4895 RivieraPool San Remo 3350 3730 3150 and technique shaft Modena 710 8285 5415 with roll cover shaft Integra Classic 600 6880 5895 2600 S 1:100 and technique shaft Modena 810 9285 6415 Classic 700 7880 6895 Modena 910 10285 7415 Depth: 1500 mm Classic 800 8880 7895 S 1:100 Depth: 1500 mm S 1:100 Depth: 1500 mm Depth: 1500 mm Depth: 1500 mm 3825 3825 3825 4455 4455 3825 3825 3825 4455 RivieraPool Ravenna 900 RivieraPool Florenz 920 RivieraPool Rom 945 RivieraPool Classic 800 Ü RivieraPool Rom 945 Ü RivieraPool Royal 920 Ü RivieraPool Rimini 945 RivieraPool Capri 930 RivieraPool Royal 920 with roll cover shaft with roll cover shaft with roll cover shaft with overflow channel with overflow channel with overflow channel 3345 with roll cover shaft with roll cover shaft with roll cover shaft and Inline-roll cover shaft and Inline-roll cover shaft and Inline-roll cover shaft S 1:100 S 1:100 S 1:100 S 1:100 S 1:100 S 1:100 S 1:100 S 1:100 S 1:100 A B A B A B A B A B A B A B A B A B Ravenna 600 6880 4835 Florenz 620 7080 4835 Rom 645 7320 4835 Classic 500 Ü 5680 4920 Rom 645 Ü 7180 4920 Royal 620 Ü 7040 4920 Rimini 645 7320 4835 Capri 630 7165 4835 Royal 620 7090 4845 Ravenna 700 7880 5835 Florenz 720 8080 5835 Rom 745 8320 5835 Classic 600 Ü 6680 5920 Rom 745 Ü 8180 5920 Royal 720 Ü 8040 5920 Rimini 745 8320 5835 Capri 730 8165 5835 Royal 720 8090 5835 Ravenna 800 8880 6835 Florenz 820 9080 6835 Rom 845 9320 6835 Classic 700 Ü 7680 6920 Rom 845 Ü 9180 6920 Royal 820 Ü 9040 6920 Rimini 845 9320 6835 Capri 830 9165 6835 Royal 820 9090 6835 Ravenna 900 9880 7835 Florenz 920 10080 7835 Rom 945 10320 7835 Classic 800 Ü 8680 7920 Rom 945 Ü 10180 7920 Royal 920 Ü 10040 7920 B B B B Rimini 945 Capri 930 10165 7835 Royal 920 10090 7835 RivieraPoolB B B B B 10320 7835 A A AA A A A A A Ravenna 650 5495 Depth: 1500 mm Depth: 1500 mm with roll cover Depth: 1500 mm Depth: 1500 mm Depth: 1500 mm Depth: 1315 mm Depth: 1315 mm Depth: 1315 mm Depth: 1500 mm 6705 shaft Integra S 1:100 Depth: 1500 mm 800 800 800 800 800 800 800 4840 4840 4840 5470 5470 4840Classic XL 4840 5470 RivieraPool Classic XL Ü 10 m RivieraPool Royal XL Ü 10 m RivieraPool Rom XL Ü 10 m RivieraPool Classic XL 10 m RivieraPool Rom XL 10 m RivieraPool Royal XL 10 m RivieraPool Florenz XL 10 m RivieraPool Rimini XL 10 m with overflow channel with overflow channel with overflow channel with roll cover shaft with roll cover shaft with roll cover shaft with roll cover shaft with roll cover shaft and Inline-roll cover shaft and Inline-roll cover shaft and Inline-roll cover shaft S 1:100 S 1:100 S 1:100 S 1:100 S 1:100 S 1:100 S 1:100 S 1:100 A B A B A B A B A B A B A B A B Rom XL, one-piece Royal XL, one-piece Florenz XL, one-piece Rimini XL, one piece Classic XL Ü, one-piece Royal XL Ü, one-piece Rom XL Ü, one-piece Classic XL, one-piece 10 x 4,7 12380 9860 10 x 4,7 12170 9860 10 x 4,7 10 x 4,7 10 x 4,7 10720 9250 10 x 4,7 12030 9250 10 x 4,7 12 360 9 250 10 x 4,7 10940 9915 12140 9860 12420 9860 In segments: In segments: In segments: In segments: In segments: In segments: In segments: In segments: 5 x 4,7 7380 4860 5 x 4,7 7170 4860 5 x 4,7 5 x 4,7 7420 4860 5 x 4,7 5720 4250 5 x 4,7 7080 4250 5 x 4,7 7 220 4 250 5 x 4,7 5940 4915 7140 4860 6 x 4,7 8380 5860 6 x 4,7 8170 5860 8140 6 x 4,7 8420 5860 6 x 4,7 6720 5250 6 x 4,7 8080 5250 6 x 4,7 8 220 5 250 6 x 4,7 6940 5915 7 x 4,7 5860 7 x 4,7 9380 6860 7 x 4,7 9170 6860 9140 9420 6860 7 x 4,7 7720 6250 7 x 4,7 9080 6250 7 x 4,7 9 220 6 250 7 x 4,7 7940 6915 6 x 4,7 6860 7 x 4,7 8 x 4,7 10380 7860 8 x 4,7 10170 7860 8 x 4,7 8720 7250 8 x 4,7 10080 7250 8 x 4,7 10 220 7 250 8 x 4,7 8940 7915 8 x 4,7 10140 7860 8 x 4,7 10420 7860 9 x 4,7 11380 8860 9 x 4,7 11170 8860 9 x 4,7 9720 8250 9 x 4,7 11080 8250 9 x 4,7 11 220 8 250 9 x 4,7 9940 8915 9 x 4,7 11140 8860 9 x 4,7 11420 8860 10 x 4,7 12380 9860 10 x 4,7 12170 9860 10 x 4,7 10720 9250 10 x 4,7 12080 9250 10 x 4,7 12 220 9 250 10 x 4,7 10940 9915 10 x 4,7 12140 9860 10 x 4,7 12420 9860 13 220 10 250 B B 10860 11 x 4,7 11720 10250 11 x 4,7 13080 10250 11 x 4,7B B 11 x 4,7 B B A A B 13170A A A A B 10860 A 11 x 4,7 13380 A 11 x 4,7 11940 10915 11 x 4,7 13140 10860 11 x 4,7 13420 10860 12 x 4,7 14380 11860 12 x 4,7 14170 11860 12 x 4,7 12720 11250 12 x 4,7 14080 11250 12 x 4,7 14 220 11 250 12 x 4,7 12940 11915 12 x 4,7 14140 11860 12 x 4,7 14420 11860 Depth: 1500 mm Depth: 1500 mm Depth: 1500 mm Depth: 1500 mm Depth: 1315 mm Depth: 1315 mm Depth: 1315 mm Depth: 1500 mm 800 800 800 800 800All drawings in the scale 1:100. For exact dimensions, please refer to the dimension sheets of the technical data SB1 A + SB 1B.
  • 49. All about prefabricated swimmingpools and whirlpools… life or @ internet One of the leading German manufacturers of prefabricated swimming- pools, pool equipment and whirlpools. Member in the BSW.