September 2009 Insert Web


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Insert for the September 2009 Foundation Ministries printed newsletter. Gloves with Love project and computer need...Visit our Website at

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September 2009 Insert Web

  1. 1. Help! Cold weather is just around the corner. For the many Our ministry computer died... homeless who live on the streets of Raleigh, it is hard to escape the freezing temperatures and winter conditions. I need your help We desperately need to replace to help them stay a little warmer. this computer with a new machine. This computer is used to produce our ministry This fall, I am launching the Gloves with Love project. My goal is to raise enough funds before the end of October to newsletters, keep our books and records and to create purchase 400 pair of cotton gloves to be given away to the ministry resources for teaching. Further, we need to homeless and poor here in Raleigh. Along with the gloves, I replace an older laser printer that has served our want to put a New Testament and a gospel tract into each ministry for over 8 years. persons hand. They will be bagged together and distributed at Moore Square and in other ministry areas as the Lord allows. My preference would be to replace it with a new The goal for this project is to raise $750 before October 31. computer as the previous one was an older, donated That is equal to $1.88 per person. For a donation of $18.75 you machine. We only need to purchase the CPU unit as we can provide 10 people with gloves, a New Testament, and a already have a monitor. The total replacement cost for gospel tract. $46.86 will provide a Gloves with Love package to computer CPU and laser printer is around $675. 25 people. $93.75 will provide for 50 people. Please help us replace this critical ministry resource by Will you join me in reaching out to the least of these by sending your tax-deductible gift today? sending your tax deductible gift today. Name: Name: Address: Address: City, ST, ZIP: City, ST, ZIP: Phone: Phone: Here is my gift for Gloves with Love: Here is my gift to the computer fund. [ ] $18.75 [ ] $46.86 [ ] $93.75 [ ] $_________________ [ ] $250 [ ] $100 [ ] $50 [ ] $30 [ ] $_________________ Send to: Foundation Ministries, PO Box 2151, Garner, NC 27529-2151. Thank You! Send to: Foundation Ministries, PO Box 2151, Garner, NC 27529-2151. Thank You!