March 2009 Newlstter.


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The latest printed newsletter for our ministry that will be mailed this week. Read about Leroy, the Jewish man who met his Messiah on Bourbon street in New Orleans.

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March 2009 Newlstter.

  1. 1. Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved. For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge. Romans 10:1-2 (KJV) April 2009 Dear Friend, ICE team member Wally Babb and I were standing on the corner of Bourbon and St. Peter’s Street around 8:00 PM. We were handing out tracts to the ever growing crowd of drunken revelers and party goers. Already, we had seen women flashing their breasts to men in an effort to collect more purple, green and gold Mardi Gras beads. The men gladly obliged by giving them beads and snapping photographs of the exposed body parts. One thing you learn quickly while doing street evangelism in New Orleans during Mardi Gras is that when you hear a big shout from the balcony, look the opposite direction as fast as you can! Otherwise, you will see some things you don’t need to see. Someone in our group had brought some silver dollar sized coins with John 3:16 imprinted on one side and “Where Will You Spend Eternity?” imprinted on the other. They reminded me of the doubloon coins that are often tossed from the floats during the famous Mardi Gras parades. I reached in my side bag and pulled out a few coins. I noticed that people were taking them and slipping them into their pockets. I gave out a coin to a tall, college aged man. He stopped dead in his tracks about 5 feet away from me and read the coin. What happened next was a total surprise. “I’m Jewish. Do you think Jews are going to heaven?” he asked. I found out his name was Bobby. I knew why he asked the question. Often at events like this, a group of people will show up to “preach” the gospel. They preach a message of judgment to everyone they meet. I call them the “bad news crowd.” They are not very compassionate towards the lost or other Christians for that matter. Some of our ICE team members have had run-ins with this group before. They condemn us for giving out Southern Baptist literature and not using the KJV. I’m sure this young man had bumped into them at some point. I responded with a question, “What do you think?” Bobby said, “I think I’m a pretty good person.” Immediately, I started asking Bobby the 10 commandments questions: “have you ever lied, have you ever stolen anything regardless of value…” He soon realized through these questions that he was not a good person. I continued to witness to him along those lines pointing out that God must judge all sin. I then told him the good news that Jesus Christ died for sin so that we could be forgiven. Foundation Ministries P.O. Box 2151 Garner, NC 27529 (919)647-4565
  2. 2. It was a great conversation. Bobby thanked me and moved on. Less than a minute later, another tall, college-aged man came to me and asked, “I’m Jewish. Can I get one of these coins?” Leroy was his name. He took the coin and said, “I like that.” So I asked, “Leroy, will you go to heaven when you die?” “I think so,” was his reply. So I started to ask him nearly the exact same questions I had asked his friend Bobby. When I came to the point of decision, I pulled a tract out of my pocket and showed Leroy the prayer for salvation. I read it to him and asked, “Does this sound like something you want to say to God?” Leroy said, “Yes, it does.” Standing on Bourbon Street around 8:30 PM, Leroy met his Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ. I wished I could have heard the rejoicing in heaven at that moment. I think there might be a little extra rejoicing in glory when a Jewish person comes to faith in Christ. Immediately, I began to disciple Leroy. I offered him a New Testament but he said he already had one just like the one I offered to him. That means that someone else had already been laboring and God allowed me to take part in that person’s labors. All in all, the Mardi Gras outreach was an awesome experience for me. I plan to return next year and stay through Fat Tuesday. Thousands of gospel tracts were distributed and many other conversations took place in New Orleans that week. To God be the glory, great things He hath done! Thanks for praying and supporting this mission and the other ministries that we take part in. You are storing up treasures in heaven through your prayers and financial gifts to this ministry. God bless you. Until the Net is Full, Darrel P.S. Keep praying for the thousands of seeds that were sown in New Orleans during the outreach. Foundation Ministries P.O. Box 2151 Garner, NC 27529 (919)647-4565