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Onlinet - Vodafone Case Study - ENG

  1. 1. F I L E S T O P S E C R E T Document type: Registered as: Date: CASE STUDY ONL/01-10 12-03-2010 ONL01 WHY WILL INVITE HIS CUSTOMERS FOR A COFFEE? VODAFONE CONFIDENTI Order No: 2010/001
  2. 2. F I L E S VODAFONE: THE FINE ART OF CUSTOMER SERVICE INFORMATION IN A TOUCH w w w . o n l i n e t . e u 2. „Customer Services is the place“ says Ferenc Halász Campaign Manager, Vodafone Hungary „ We work hard to get and keep our customers trust. In many cases the Customer Services is the place where we find out, if our efforts has reached it s purpose. ONLINET does a lot, in order to reach them.“ &Figures Vodafone Group Established: Headquarter: Global presence: No. of customers: No. of employees: Global revenue: Vodafone Hungary Established: No. of customers: No. of mobile internet customers: No. of employees: Retail shops: Market share: 1984 (subsidiary), 1991 (independent) Newbury, United Kingdom 27 countries, 40 partner networks more than 300 million more than 79,000 41.02 billion GBP (09/2008) 1999 more than 2 million almost 300k almost 2000 22 own shops, 200 dealer shops 21.91% (05/2009) THE CHALLENGE One of the secrets of VODAFONE Hungary s success is the excellent customer care and service. The retail shops re- presents an important field in the interaction with the customers. The short waiting times and the accurate service was always a major priority. But VODAFONE has felt that the good can be made better. Among the sales reports it would be important to know, what the customers think about the quality of service. The waiting time spent in a useful way, the exploration of cross-sales opportunities was an important purpose too. Above all these, the leading mobile service supplier had a firm idea, about a plus that none of his competitors offer to it s customers. The first installation of the combined ONLINET and CISCO solution was in the VODAFONE retail shop, located in the Alle Mall in Budapest. This will be followed by the the whole VODAFONE owned shop chain. As part of the solution, every ONLINET ticket dispenser with 17" touchscreen installed in the VODAFONE shops since 2003, was replaced with a modern 26" touchscreen ticket dispenser model. The advantage of these models is that can display commercials and and menus in the same time . The next part is the Cisco DMP (digital media player) with which the content on the LCD screens pla- ced in the window display and customer waiting area, can be uploaded and controlled from a central location. THE SOLUTION in co-operation with:in co-operation with:in co-operation with: “ONLINET is a flexible partner“ says Laszlo Gyorgy - CEO, CISCO Hungary “ ONLINET really understands new market needs , and also realized that innovation can turn "simple" products into an effective IT solution.“ Facts , , ,
  3. 3. F I L E S INFORMATION IN A TOUCH w w w . o n l i n e t . e u 3. Waiting for more than 8 min.? Coffee or hot chocolate? The VODAFONE retail shop, operating in the Alle Mall in Budapest, treat his customers who has to wait more than usual, with something unique. At the ticket dispenser termi- nal after selecting a service, each customer can enter his mobile number on the touchscreen. If someone has to wait for more than 8 min., in a text message, will receive a code on his phone, with which can have a coffee or a hot choco- late from the vending machine, placed in the customer waiting area. “WE GET SMILE(Y)“ CONSULTING FOR INCREASED EFFICIENCY It is not enough to have a feeling that your customers are happy, this has to be a matter of fact.From now on, every retail shop owned by VODAFONE, will measure and record the customers „level of satisfaction“. This is done by a desktop touchscreen kiosk and a special application which runs on it. At the end of the admi- nistration, each customer leaves his feedback by selecting one of the three icons on the screen (happy, indifferent and sad face). The selection of the customer is recorded, together with the rest of data related to him and later can be included and displayed in the statistics. The heart of the system is the ONLINET CDS Monitoring and Statistics software. Using this software we can collect a great amount of data from the system which will help not only in taking immediate actions, but also in planning and developing a long-term strategy. ONLINET, through the consulting services, will analyze the data recorded by the Queue Management System, in the 22 retail shops owned by VODAFONE, in order to give strategically important advices. The purpose of the consulting service is to make the VODAFONE retail shops operation more efficient. in co-operation with:
  4. 4. F I L E S INFORMATION IN A TOUCH w w w . o n l i n e t . e u 4. in co-operation with: ONLINET Group in a nutshell ©CopyrightONLINETGroup2010.CreatedMarch2010.ONLINETGroupendeavourstoensurethattheinformationinthisdocumentiscorrectandfairlystated,butdoesnotacceptliabilityfor anyerrorsoromissions.©CisconameandlogoareregisteredtrademarksofCiscoSystemsInc.VodafonenameandlogoareregisteredtrademarksofVodafoneGroupPlc.Allrightsreserved. Success Story in Romania ONLINET closed a contract with VODAFONE Romania in 2007, for delivery and installation of Queue Mana- gement Systems. According to the agreement 33 retail shops were equipped with these systems and another 5 at the beginning of 2010. The main compo- nent of the system is the Smart-Q ticket dispenser terminal. The smallest system manages 3 and the largest manages 13 cashiers. Established: 2005 (former Connex network) No. of customers: almost 10 million No. of retail shops: 167 VODAFONE is the second largest mobile service provider in Romania. Vodafone Romania in figures Equipments: Services: Queue Management System (average no. of cashiers: 7) Multi-Q ticket dispenser with 26" touchscreen ONLINET CDS monitoring és statistics software Client survey/feedback kiosk Cisco DMP media player Cisco DMS media management LCD screens Consulting Site survey Project management Installation Training Maintenance Support Helpdesk Consumables supply Equipments and services provided to VODAFONE HUNGARY ONLINET Group is a European leader in developing, manufacturing Queue & Customer Management Systems and Digital Signage solutions. With branches in 7 countries and resellers on 3 continents we provide solutions in the Financial, Telecommunication, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Transport and Public sectors. Awarded by Deloitte in 3 consecutive years, as one of the fastest growing technology company in the Europe- Middle East-Africa and Central Europe regions, ONLINET through it’s systems manages around 500,000 customers daily in more than 1,200 Customer Services.