SAP ABAP Online Training Institutes in Hyderabad India
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SAP ABAP Online Training Institutes in Hyderabad India



Online Training Materials provides the best SAP ABAP online training institutes from India by real time experts. For demo sessions call us to +91 9010214733, +91 9010280922 or else mail to ...

Online Training Materials provides the best SAP ABAP online training institutes from India by real time experts. For demo sessions call us to +91 9010214733, +91 9010280922 or else mail to



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SAP ABAP Online Training Institutes in Hyderabad India SAP ABAP Online Training Institutes in Hyderabad India Document Transcript

  • Online Training Materials Near Image Hospital, Ameerpet, Hyderabad Ph No: +91 9010214733, +91 9010280922 SAP ABAP Online Training Course Content Introduction to SAP SAP architecture System landscape Naming conventions,package,transport requests,package types Introduction to write statement,system variables,editmask,user settings Data types General structure of ABAP program Parameters-simple program Conditional statements Loop statements Exit,continue,Stop statement DATA Dictionary Tables: Domains,Data Elements,KeyFields,Buffer Types of Tables Currency/Quantity fields Structures:Append Structure/include structure Foreign Key Relationship:CHECK table,FOREIGN key table VALUE table,Domain properties Table Maintenance Generator:2 Real Time examples Types of Tables Views: Database, projection view, Help View, Maintenance View 2 Real Time Examples Search Helps Elementary searchships,collective Searchhelps,Matchcode objects Assigning Search Helps Lock objects Data types,Type groups
  • Internal Tables Variables,workares,internal Tables Introduction to SELECT statement Operations on internal Tables Obsolete ways of declaring internal Tables Types of Internal Tables Debugging Break-points,Watchpoints,Filed values etc OPEN SQL R/3 Interface Layer Open SQL/Native SQL List of OPEN SQL Stmts:INSERT,MODIFY,UPDATE,DELETE More about SELECT Statement SELECT with JOINS SELECT FOR ALL ENTRIES SELECT Single/up to 1 Rows Selection-screen Main stages of report Selection screen commands-parameters, select-options, SS format. Variants,Select texts, Text Symbols Messages MODULARIZATION Include programs: standard includes prgs,customized include prgs Function Modules:Import,Export,changing,Tables,Exceptions,Source code Subroutines: Local subroutines,External subroutines, passing parameters Differences Macro’s Class-Methods Classical Report EVENTS A Real Time classical Report1 with all EVENTS A Real Time classical Report2 with all EVENTS A Classical Report EVENT WITH AT Selection screen OUTPUT Interactive Reports Interactive Report using HIDE. Interactive Report using GET CURSOR
  • Interactive Report using AT-USER COMMAND A Real Time Example with all interactive events Menu Painter-Menu Bar,Application Tool Bar, Standard Tool Bar ALV Reports ALV Report with structure ALV with FIeldcatelog ALV with Layout ALV with fieldcatelog-Merge ALV with Totals subtotals ALV with LOGO,TOP-OF-PAGE,END-OF-LIST Interactive ALV Real Time Interactive ALV’s TO calling a TRAnsaction Heirarchial ALV Blocked ALV Miscellaneous Topics Control Break statements Lock objects Runtime Analysis-SE30 Performance Tuning-ST05 String operations SAP-SCRIPTS What is a SAP script Why SAP scripts are client dependant Components of SAP scripts Window Types FunctionModules Using logos,Address,Windows Passing Data b/w Driver program and SCRIPTS Symbols-system symbols/program symbols Control commands:Define,address,TOP…END TOP,Bottom,protectEndprotect,New-page IF-Else-Endif,case…Endcase Standard Text A complete Real Time script development for purchase Order Copying standard scripts and Modifying Modifying standard script without changing driver prog Configuring SCRIPTS IN NACE Debugging scripts/Migrating script to smartform SMARTFORMS What is samrtfom Diff b/w scripts and smartforms Function Module in Smartforms SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME
  • SmartStyle Components of smartform Window types EX ON WINDOW-TITLE/PAGENO EX ON TEXT EX ON GRAPHIC EX ON ADDRESS Passing data b/w driver prg and SF with ex EX ON TEMPLATE EX ON TABLE/CONDITIONS EX ON PROGRAM LINES EX ON ALTERNATIVE/CONDITIONS EX ON LOOP EX ON FOLDER A REAL TIME EX ON INVOICE DEBUGGINF SF CONFIGUARATION BDC What is BDC Types of Data Transfer Various methods in data transfer Direct input method Call Transaction Session Method LSMW Application server Files Module pool programming Introduction Events in MPP Structure of MPP prog EX on Text Field EX on Input Field/Button/Box Simple and Real Time Ex on Tabstrip Ex on Table control Ex on editable Table control Navigation b/w screens Call screen/set screen/Leave screen Using POV&POH events Object oriented ABAP What is a class,object,instance, Components of class Types of instances Visibility of components EX on instance/static Attributes
  • Ex on Methods-using importing,Exoorting,Table Types,TYPES Constructor and its types Real Time Ex on constructor Using Interfaces,Aliases,Inheritence,abstart class Using local classes for all the above concepts Object Oriented ALV Reports OO-ALV with structure OO-ALV with FieldCatelog OO-ALV with FieldCatelog_merge OO interactive ALV’s Real Time OO interactive ALV’s with 2 grids on a single screen Real Time OO-ALV with Tree Real Time OO-ALV with Splitter control Real Time OO-ALV with LOGO/Top of page User –Exits What are user exits A Real Time example on user exit Customer-Exits What are customer exits Types of customer Exits A example1 on Function Module exit using CALL CUSTOMER A example2 on Function Module exit using SMOD A example on MENU EXIT A example on SCREEN EXIT A example on Field exit BADI’S What is a BADI Diff b/w Exits and BADI’S Single Implementation BADI Multiple Implementations BADI FILTER BADI/Custom BADI 3 REAL TIME EX on BADI Enhancement spots What is an Enhancement spot Types of Enhancement spots Ex on implicit spots BAPI What is BOR
  • What is BAPI,Rules Diff b/w RFC and BAPI Various scenarios of BAPI Creating a custom BAPI Real Time ex for uploading BAPI Real Time reports using BAPI ALE-IDOC What is ALE and Types of Data transfer What is EDI What is idoc and Real time example of IDOC Runtime components of IDOC Message type Step to create segment Step to create IDOC’S/segments Structure of Data transfer Outbound program,configuaration settings Table for message types/IDOC types/outbound program/process codes FILTERING IDOC filtering Segment filtering Custom IDOC’S Custom IDOC’s Extended IDOC Reduced IDOC Changing pointers A REAL TIME SCENARIO ON EXTENDED IDOC FUNCTIONAL EXPOSURE SD(Sales & Distribution):Business Flow,Tcodes,Tables,Reports MM(Material management):Business Flow,Tcodes,Tables,Reports For more details please click on this site: