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St. margaret school

  1. 1. St. Margaret SchoolDirectors Message Looking back at the years gone by, it seems that we have really covered a long journey. I must confess to all of you, it was a very tough journey, but God’s blessings and the co-operation of our dedicated teachers and parents have helped us to grow to such great heights.
  2. 2. Directors Message The seed of SMS was sowed in 1972 at Dhirpur, a village near Nirankari colony, and as the years rolled by the school has spread its roots to the various areas. Our endeavor has borne fruit which was a great challenge done by our late Mr. P.C. Malik (Founder Chairman). May his soul rest in peace!
  3. 3. Directors Message The effort of our faculty, their support and to produce intellectual individuals who will step forward and transcend the barriers where we could see ourselves as part of the global family, is appreciable. We at SMS feel that our students will represent our dreams and feel pride to work to ensure that our students get right knowledge to face future challenges.
  4. 4. Directors Message For me, I feel that education is not merely to transfer the life of an individual but to shape them with values that would enable them with the choices to fulfill their dreams and become worthy citizens where one can say that the quality of education will determine the destiny of the
  5. 5. Directors Message Throughout my career, I have witnessed in my students that they would have a bright future, to discover themselves as Engineers, Doctor, T eachers or any other position presently they are holding, but without the support of worthy teachers their dreams would not be
  6. 6. Directors Message Thus I along with my team of dedicated teachers aim that we would be committed to bring up the school and build a strong foundation to reach the standards in all aspects, and I assure that we at SMS will always do our level best towards educating our students to the best of our ability and guidance. N.M.Narcis Principal
  7. 7. AboutSt. Margaret School is one of the prestigious schoolsin Delhi, which is run by St. Margaret society. It isvery well connected to Model Town Metro Station. Itis appreciated for the sound, moral, intellectual andphysical education imparted to the childrencommitted to its care and protection.The school, well known for its excellence in everyfield. Its multi-storied building provides spacious andairy class-rooms equipped with Fully Air-conditionedClassrooms and CCTVs cameras with 24 hoursurveillance for hassle free learning and teachingalong with other modern facilities also. Here themodern infrastructure blends with the beautifulenvirons to provide a spectrum of learning activitiesthat focus on integrated development. The schoolconsiders the formation of character the firstessential of any sound educational system, and sogreat stress is laid on the inculcation of highideals, gentlemanly behavior and moral rectitude.
  8. 8. Mission We, the members of Margaret family, having deep faith in God, strive for a union of hearts and minds, which will transform us and lead us to witness and service. We set ourselves firmly for whatever may bring justice, love and hope. We resolve to carry forward the enduring education for the benefit to the poor and for the sake of justice. We shall try to ‘spread the light of knowledge’ and try to keep the flame of knowledge burning always.
  9. 9. Vision The school follows the following objectives. Working towards the holistic development of the personality. Preparing humanitarian citizens committed to social change. Inculcation of all necessary skills to cope up with the challenging times. Developing understanding of the world policies and cultures through various exchange programs that will help prepare global inhabitants
  10. 10. Infrastructure The class room is a place where feeling of camaraderie is instilled. Pupils learn discipline, diligence, tolerance, patience and co- operation. Its environment helps them to grow and empowers them to learn and know. All the class- rooms are installed with ACs. To monitor momentary activities of the students CCTV cameras are also installed with 24 hour surveillance.
  11. 11. Computer LabThe campus has a big computerlaboratory accessible to studentsduring school hours withadvanced infrastructure in termsof hardware and software tocater to the requirements of thecurriculum. Here is easy internetaccessibility available to thefaculty and to students.Enterprising students get achance to gain familiarity withthe Internet and are also able todo comprehensive research fortheir projects and presentation
  12. 12. Library The school library is a vast reservoir of books which aims at the growth of the students and develops self esteem. To imbibe reading habits in students and staff members, the school library offers the following: A wide range of latest fiction, poetry, prose, philosophical books, magazines, comics, newspapers, text- books, audio and video cassettes, CDs, DVDs and other visual aids await avid learners and readers. There are approximately 5000 books in the library. Proper seating arrangement for primary and middle class students. Computerized issue and return of books to the students and staff members. Regular book review presented by students and staff members
  13. 13. Mathematics LabThe Mathematical laboratory is one of the most advancedand unique facilities of the school. The school hasdedication towards greater mysteries of the intriguing andessential subject, learning advanced mathematical conceptswith the help of required instruments.
  14. 14. Physics Lab Physics lab is equipped with all the instruments and gadgets which help the students learn the concepts of physics n a simplified manner and thus making the subject more interesting to learn. The laboratory is spacious and well ventilated The lab is well stocked with sufficient apparatus for 35 students to work together at a time. Sufficient material to be used as teaching aids like charts, models etc.
  15. 15. Biology Lab The lab is well equipped with different models of the various systems of the body. Projection microscope is available which is used extensively by the school teachers to show historical features of plants and animal tissues along with the whole mount of various microscopic plants and animals to a group of 10-12 students at given point of time thereby saving a lot of time. The school has 10-12 micro models and dissectible micro models which give hands on experience to students in knowing each and every organ/part of an organization. Apart from this there is a wide collection of specimens of different species of animals and plants
  16. 16. House System The concept of House System is seen as an opportunity for adoption to life in the group, forming good life long habits and cultivating a voluntaristic spirit. House activities supplement academics and give the students practical training which is required in day to day life. In the school 4 houses viz- Rose, Sunflower, Lotus and Lily are organized giving an opportunity to display their talent. Prefectorial Board of the school comprising of 15 Prefects, One Captain and One Vice Captain in each house, who always strive to discharge their duties to their level best. Head Boy and Head Girl of the School have been elected to look after overall discipline of the school. Class representative are bound to show case their leadership qualities.
  17. 17. Games and SportS.M.S. is an avid participant in various games. ThisInstitution believes in holistic development of thechild. Special attention is taken for sports andgames to develop a child physically and mentally.Here, infrastructure blends to provide opportunityfor indoor games (Chess, Carom, Ludo etc.) andoutdoor games (Badminton, Tennis, Basketball andCricket etc.). Thank you for Watching Team OSA