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Richmondd Global School for kids is located in Paschim Vihar, New Delhi. The school is full of greenery and gardens where the children can interact with nature. It also focuses to make the children intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically strong. It also believes in value based education. The motive of the school is to create learning environment for the children with safe, caring, eye-opening and full of opportunities. The mission of the school is to impart dynamic knowledge through excellent and full-fledged teaching.

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Richmondd global school

  1. 1. Online School Admissions
  2. 2. Richmondd Global School
  3. 3. AboutRichmondd Global School for kids islocated in Paschim Vihar, New Delhi. Theschool is full of greenery and gardenswhere the children can interact withnature. It also focuses to make thechildren intellectually, socially,emotionally and physically strong. It alsobelieves in value based education. Themotive of the school is to create learningenvironment for the children with safe,caring, eye-opening and full ofopportunities. The mission of the schoolis to impart dynamic knowledge throughexcellent and full-fledged teaching.
  4. 4. AboutThe Richmondd Global School hasentered into Internationalcollaboration with Internationaleducational institutes of UK andAustralia. The Australian basededucation pattern followed at theRichmondd Global School is the onlyinternational curriculum thateffectively meets the challenges ofglobalization. Driven by project basedlearning and implementation, itencourages its students to be creative,imaginative and expressive where theylearn from their own experiences.
  5. 5. AboutThe Richmondd Global School is committed to provide a completelybalanced environment focused on shaping its students into the leaders oftomorrow. It is a school of diverse student body with a global faculty andan international curriculum. They believe in the process of turningexperience into lifetime learning. Designed in close association with theinternational standards, Richmondd Global School provides theinfrastructure and environment required to effectively implementeducational programs with a well-trained faculty and administration.Besides the academic curriculum, Richmondd Global School lays specialemphasis on workshops and co-curricular activities. These not only helpthe students to recognize their creative potential but also bring out theirtalents and boost their confidence. By providing these creative outlets, weensure that the children not only get theoretical knowledge, but alsopractical, skill-based experiences.
  6. 6. InfrastructureClassroomsRichmondd Global School, being an international school,houses the best classrooms with exclusive facilities. Airconditioned, well lighted, well ventilated andaesthetically painted, the classrooms are equipped withbiodegradable and non degradable waste bins, publicannouncement systems and smart boards for audio visualmethods of teaching.Wi-Fi CampusRichmondd Global School is well equipped with Wi Fi thatallows the deployment of local area networks (LANS)making it suitable for latency sensitive applications.Useful recent developments, be it in technology oreducation, world over, are available to the teachers &students. A soundWi-Fi campus strengthens the foundations of a GlobalSchool.
  7. 7. InfrastructureE-LibraryThe school also houses a generously stocked learning Resource Centre with computerizedcatalogue system and internet facility. The library has a large pool of Literature in Science,General Knowledge, fiction, novels, encyclopedia in addition to periodicals, journals andreferences and CDs to keep the students updated.Intellectual Development Centre It is extensively used for the intellect to develop among parents and children. Everyindividual is given an opportunity to question, share experiences and value opinionsglobally.RGS children use interactive technology to take part in discussions with schools abroad.Richmondd Global School believes that each child is a unique persona who has thepotential to be the best that he can be. The loving, conducive and nurturing environmentat child development centre created by teachers brings the best in every child. It providesearly childhood education and school reinforcement experiences.
  8. 8. InfrastructureDay Boarding CentreRichmondd Global School provides day boarding facility for its students up to standardeighth. For the convenience of working parents, it is an extended day school facilitywhere a considerate group of teachers facilitate assistance to students for their homeassignments, extra classes and co-curricular activities. Taking special care of their dailydiet requirements, the school provides for highly nutritious meals for the day boarders.The Day Boarding concept is introduced to provide added-benefits not only to thestudents but also to their parents The school provides breakfast, lunch, juice and snacks to all the day-boarders. Specialcare is taken for preparation of food under the supervision of teachers.Table manners and proper group behaviors are taught through real life experiences. Studies and activities are taken care of by subject experts and activity in chargesThe long hours at school are converted into a joyful experience. Completion of most ofthe homework at the school gives the children more leisure time to play and relax withparents, siblings and friends at home.
  9. 9. InfrastructureMid day MealsRichmondd Global School has a specialprovision for the mid day meals. These mealsare planned by nutritionists and prepared invery hygienic conditions considering thebalanced diet requirements of the growingchildren. The vision is to make healthy andactive younger generation and the mission isenabling children to get maximum benefitsfrom the learning environment by increasingtheir activeness and by maintaining therequired nutrition level appropriate for theirage.
  10. 10. InfrastructureObjectives To promote good health To provide a balanced meal which improvesconcentration and learning To minimize the existing high rate ofmalnourishment among school children To upgrade the nutritional level of childrenin economically marginalized families To give children a sense of security andstability through regular meals and anestablished routine To expose children to the enjoyment ofvariety To provide guidance to eat a balanced diet To inculcate Table Manners
  11. 11. InfrastructureMedical RoomThe Health Care Center at RichmonddGlobal School makes sure that thechildren are well so that they can learnwell. Our experienced primary caredoctors and nurses are all trained andready with medical services for anyemergency care the child mightrequire. The school also provides forENT and general health check-upregularly for every child.
  12. 12. InfrastructureCounseling SectionRichmondd Global School also holds special counseling sessions for the children and theirparents. The school counselor pays special attention to the children, especially those withspecial needs and provides remedial measures to them. The following initiatives are takenby the school, with regard to counseling: Life Skill Education: The school has a structured programme for Std. I-VIII. It is alsosupplemented by inviting specialists Career Counseling: Talks and sessions by professionals are organized for senior students.They are sent for field visits to industries for first hand experience Interaction with Parents: Being an inclusive school a full time counselor is available forstudents and their parents. Eminent counselors are invited for talks and interactions toprovide an extra edge to the parents.
  13. 13. InfrastructureBal KendraRichmondd Global school, a paradise for children in Paschim Vihar, is growingwith leaps and bounds in all spheres for their all round development.Being impressed with the approach of RGS towards academics and co–curricular activities, National Bal Bhavan, Delhi opened a Bal Kendra in schoolpremises.The BAL KENDRA caters to the creative talents of the students of the school aswell as provides hobby classes in Art & Craft and Music to children of nearbyareas after the regular school hours and during vacations.
  14. 14. InfrastructureScience (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) LabRichmondd has excellent Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs that provide allthe different types of equipment, resources and aids for conductingexperiments and giving a practical insight to its students.Language LabLanguage is essential for communicating, expressing ideas, opinions and views.The language lab is designed to encourage children to excel their oral ability byproviding speaking and listening exercises with audio and video, interactivegraphical activities, traditional essay questions and quizzes.
  15. 15. IT CentreIn the times of booming technology, our technicallyequipped Computer Lab with complete LAN connectivityand internet facility along with complete multimediastorage provides the appropriate platform to the studentsto be the future technocrats.
  16. 16. InfrastructureAudio Visual LaboratoryThe school boasts of a newly designedaudio-visual hall with the state-of-the-art sound and multi-media facilities.The audio-visual hall offers acomfortable air conditionedenvironment for various activities.Moreover, the LCD projector makesteaching more interactive andinteresting.
  17. 17. InfrastructureMaths LabRichmondd Global School places theunderstanding, application of numbersand operations, algebra, geometry,measurement, data analysis, problem-solving, and reasoning skills as a toppriority. This well equipped MathematicsLaboratory is dedicated to masterpractical applications of Mathematics.Simple board games, puzzles andactivities encourage better attitudes andstronger mathematical skills in youngchildren.
  18. 18. InfrastructureTransportRichmondd Global School gives utmostpriority to comfort, security andconvenience of students. The schoolhas a fleet of comfort driven, airconditioned buses well managed withfirst aid facility, latest equipment,speed regulators and experienceddrivers.
  19. 19. Directors MessageDear Parents, At Richmondd Global School, we strongly believe in learning by doing. To put this to practice, the academic curriculum is strongly supported by a host of activities which develop physical efficiency along with mental alertness, perseverance, team spirit, leadership, obedience and sporting spirit. The Time table is planned in a way that students get an opportunity to enjoy the various activities like: Gymnastics, Yoga & Meditation, Aerobics, Taekwondo, Skating, Archery, Horse Riding, Badminton, Cricket, Rifle Shooting, Volleyball, Basketball, Chess, Lawn Tennis, Art & Craft, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Western & Classical Dance and Computers.
  20. 20. Directors MessageAt Richmondd Global School we are taking a giant leap to provide an environmentto the children suitable for nurturing dreams in a world class environment wherethey become confident and independent learners, and are well equipped for lifelonglearning.We promote stimulating and interesting activities by which every child’sachievement can be fully recognized, developed and celebrated. It is achievedthrough a happy and secure environment. Children, supported by dedicated staff,learn to care for each other and value their needs and contributions as well.We aim to bring glory to the institution, the community, the state and the country atlarge and to shine as the best example of imparting an all round education. I inviteall parents to join hands with us in making a better tomorrow for our children."Parents can now submit school application form online"
  21. 21. FacilitiesSmart ClassesAC Class RoomLibraryTransportationPlay GroundScience ParkCafeteriaSafety And Security SystemsDay BoardingMid-Day MealGymnasiumVolley Ball GroundBasketball Ground
  22. 22. FacilitiesBadmintonCarromDance RoomArt RoomMusic RoomMedical RoomToy RoomActivity RoomPhysics LabChemistry LabBiology LabMathematics LabComputer LabBlocks ToysToysStory Session