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PP International School is located in Pitampura, one of the eminent locations in North Delhi. The school is established with a vision of providing quality education to students. It is an English medium, co-educational school affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The school is dedicated to provide world class educational facilities to the students and offers education from Pre-nursery to Class VIII.

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P.P. International School

  1. 1. Online School Admissions
  2. 2. www.onlineschooladmissions.com P.P. International School
  3. 3. PP International School is located inPitampura, one of the eminent locationsin North Delhi. The school is establishedwith a vision of providing qualityeducation to students. It is an Englishmedium, co-educational school affiliatedto Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE). The school is dedicated toprovide world class educational facilitiesto the students and offers education fromPre-nursery to Class VIII.
  4. 4. PP International School is a new age,proposed senior secondary school. Theschool is centrally air-conditioned withthe total area of 7200 sq m. Ourconstant effort is to empower ourstudents and create leaders fortomorrow. We believe in teaching ourstudents “how” to think rather than“what” to think so that they can makeinformed choices. We aim to create astimulating and engaging atmospherewhich will enhance a child‟s latentpotential. Backed by a curriculum thatintegrates the best of the eastern andwestern systems of education, theschool is committed to enabling eachchild find his or her true calling in life.We aim to add extra brilliance toevery facet of a child‟s personalitywhich will help him to stand apart.
  5. 5. AboutAt PP International School innovation is the buzzword. We believein learning things by gaining hands on experience by doing,thinking, problem solving, listening, talking, reading, playing,sharing and role playing making learning a joyful experience.The school supports an education system that emphasizes“Experiential learning”. The focus is on challenging the studentsto explore new ideas and hone their capabilities and skills. Withwell-equipped and state of the art laboratories, the students areprovided opportunities to question, explore, examine,hypothesize and draw inferences thus building a scientifictemperament. At PP International School children are encouragedto forge ties with nature and our activities are designed to helpstudents realize the role of sustainable development.
  6. 6. We aim at promoting psychologicaland physical development of eachchild by providing a suitableeducational environment. Thisincludes various educational activitiescentered on play. Our curriculumstresses on, “Healthy life”, “Sociallife”, “Expressive life”,“Communication life” and “Enquirylife” to develop the social, intellectualand emotional quotient of a child. Ourclassrooms and activities are designedin such a manner that they put a childat ease and stimulate learning. For us,it is imperative that the school be aplace where a child is happy.
  7. 7. At PP International School, ourconstant effort is to empower ourstudents and create leaders oftomorrow.We believe in teaching our students„how‟ to think than „what‟ to think sothat they can make informed choices.We aim to create a stimulating andengaging atmosphere which willenhance a child‟s latent potential.Backed by a curriculum that integratesthe best of the eastern and westernsystems of education, the schoolenables each child to find his or hertrue calling in life. We aim to add thatextra brilliance to every facet of achild‟s personality which will help himor her to stand apart.
  8. 8. We as a school endeavor to ensure allround development of our students andare committed towards setting highstandards which is reflected in theattitude of our staff. At PP Internationalstudents are valued for their effort andpositive behavior and achievements arecommended and reinforced throughincentives. The school aims to provide abroad and balanced curriculum whichfocuses on the physical, intellectual,social, emotional and spiritual growth ofa child.We hope you enjoy going through oursite and visit us again.Anuradha RaiPrincipal
  9. 9. Every classroom, equipped with interactive Digiboard systems is a technologyenabled classroom where the classroom teaching is enhanced through the use oftechnology. The teachers‟ computers in all smart class rooms are connected to adedicated server engine which allows teachers to use the large repository ofcurriculum based digital content in order to create a multi sensory learningexperience for the students.Our Playstation area for kids is a unique combination of rubber granules and acushioned layer surface with critical fall protection for children. Microsoft Surface –A technology to reckon with has brought a paradigm shift in the way education isimparted. PP International School is the first Microsoft surface based school in PPInternational school.Library PP International School has a well-stocked and well-furnished computerized library.To nourish the intellect we have books, periodicals and journals on every imaginabletopic. Every student is encouraged to read and discuss what he or she has read.Apart from this, we have a library in every classroom where a child is allowed topick up a book of his choice once he has completed his assigned task. This not onlyacts as an incentive but also teaches children to structure their time better.
  10. 10. Well-equipped computer studios withhigh end computers and ancillary printersand carefully monitored internetconnectivity prepare our young learnersfor the IT driven world. The school alsohas a friendly online system that providesstudents, teachers and parents withinformation at the click of a mouse.
  11. 11. For the Little Ones For our pre-schoolers – Pre-nursery, Nursery and Kindergarten – we aim at promoting psychological and physical development of each child by providing a suitable educational environment. This includes various educational activities centered on play. Our curriculum stresses on, „Healthy life‟, „Social life‟, „Expressive life‟, „Communication life and „Enquiry life‟ to develop the social, intellectual and emotional quotient of a child. Our classrooms and activities are designed in such a manner that they put a child at ease and stimulate learning. For us, it is imperative that the school be a place where a child is happy.Mid Day Meal The students are provided nutritious, healthy and delicious meals, the weekly menu for which is available on our site. The idea is not only to provide healthy meals and nourishment but also train the students in the basic etiquette of eating right. After they are done the students are encouraged to segregate the waste, thus inculcating in them the right ethos regarding hygiene and environmental sanitation.
  12. 12. Science Labs The school supports an education system that emphasizes experiential learning. The focus is on challenging the students to explore new ideas and learn by doing. With well equipped and state of the art laboratories, the students are provided opportunities to question, explore, examine, hypothesize and draw inferences thus building a scientific temperament. We use innovative equipment from CPO Science to teach difficult concepts like light and optics, motion, composition of an atom and so on. For us innovation is the buzzword and learning has to be hands on.Lobby PP International school has a unique architectural design, Ergonomically constructed, state-of-the-art furniture and furnishings with an elegant reception hall. It is the only school in India to have a Microsoft surface placed at the school lobby, a multi- touch product from Microsoft, which is developed as software and a hardware combination technology that allows user to manipulate digital content by the use of gesture recognition.
  13. 13. Experiential LearningHappy is he who can discover the causesof things. The school supports aneducation system that emphasizes„Experiential learning‟. The focus is onchallenging the students to explore newideas and hone their capabilities andskills. With well-equipped and state ofthe art laboratories, the students areprovided opportunities to question,explore, examine, hypothesize and drawinferences thus building a scientifictemperament.At PP International School innovation isthe buzzword. We believe in learningthings by gaining hands on experience bydoing, thinking, problem solving,listening, talking, reading, playing,sharing and role playing making learninga joyful experience.
  14. 14. Sports We believe that sports is not just a good exercise but also teaches valuable lessons in team spirit, respect for others, fair-play and discipline. Sports forms a very important part of our daily routine and every student is encouraged to choose and participate in at least one sport and students can choose from a wide array of activities. The school offers specialized coaching in basket ball, tennis and cricket. An indoor gym area with a climbing wall and vaulting horse and special outdoor play equipment provide our young ones opportunities to have fun in a safe and secure environment. Auditorium The school has well furnished auditorium with latest audio and video equipments. The area is used for holding various seminars and celebrating various events and festivals.
  15. 15. First Aid FacilityIn our endeavor to provide wholesome educationthat caters to every need of the child. Webelieve in providing World class heath carefacilities to our students. In this regard we haveas our partner the Max Hospital Pitampura thatwill be providing medical cover to our students.Recognizing that a child‟s thought needs andbehavior is different from that of an adult,comprehensive health care will be provided toour students. As part of this endeavor we have afull time nurse from Max Hospital and a visitingdoctor who will take care not just of the day today emergencies but also help students inproblem solving, building self esteem andhandling anger.In addition to that there are special schemes forour parents. Under the healthy neighborhoodscheme our parents will be issued cards that willentitle them to discounts on certain services.This also covers Senior Citizens so Grandparentsrejoice too.
  16. 16. TransportThe school offers transport facilities for the students. The schoolowns buses that fulfill the transport facilities for the students. Thank you for Watching Team OSA www.onlineschooladmissions.com