La kidzz school


Published on - La Kidzz is located in Sahdullajab, one of the eminent locations in South Delhi. The school is established with a vision of providing quality education to students. It is an English medium and co-educational school.

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La kidzz school

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  2. 2. About La Kidzz SchoolLa Kidzz is located inSahdullajab, one of theeminent locations in SouthDelhi. The school isestablished with a vision ofproviding quality educationto students. It is an Englishmedium and co-educational school. Theschool is dedicated toprovide world classeducational facilities to thestudents and offerseducation from playgroupto class I.
  3. 3. About La Kidzz SchoolThe campus of La Kidzz iswell equipped with themodern infrastructuralfacilities such as spaciousventilated class rooms withthe latest teachingaids, rich library, state-of-the-art computerlab, science labs and playground. To ensure thecomplete development ofthe children, the schoolencourages the students totake part in various co-curricular activities held inschool such asmusic, dance, arts and
  4. 4. Infrastructure of SchoolThe class rooms arebig, spacious and airconditioned. Theseclassrooms are beautifullydecorated with variousarticles that are of interestof these tiny tots. Theseclassrooms also boastvarious audio visual aidsand Montessori equipmentto teach the students in aneffective and interestingway.
  5. 5. Infrastructure of SchoolBased on the variousactivities that are to beperformed by thestudents, the school isdivided into variousactivities areas. The schoolowns a dance room, musicroom, toy room and artroom to cater the needs ofthe students. An activityroom is also there wherekids can go for doing anykind of activity. An AVroom is maintained by theschool with latest audioand video systems for thelittle ones.
  6. 6. Infrastructure of SchoolA library with richcollection of children booksis there in the school whichhelps to inculcate readinghabits in little ones. Midday meals are alsoprovided to the students inthe school. Fresh andhygienically prepared foodis served to the students.
  7. 7. Infrastructure of SchoolA Ball Pool and a toy roomare also maintained by theschool for theentertainment of the tinytots. All the toys arechecked to be child friendlyand will not cause anyharm to the children. Otheractivities include CDwatching, puppetshows, magic showsetc, which are organized bythe school at times.
  8. 8. Infrastructure of SchoolA play area is also there inthe school where a numberof swings and slides arepresent. Students love tospend time in the playarea. A medical room isalso there and regularcheckup of the students isdone by expert doctors.Transportation facility isalso provided by the schoolfor the students.
  9. 9. Directors MessageDear Parents,The greatest service to mankind is through education. Education is a soul searchingexercise, committed towards excellence. The process of fulfilling this commitment hasbeen an evolutionary one.Our school aim is to provide facilitated learning with experimental approach tomeet the challenges of growing minds. La Kidzz has adopted a very dynamic andprogressive attitude to expose children through an educational program which willenable them to face any eventuality in future and be learners throughout the life.I conclude by wishing each and everyone involved in the process of bringing outwhat is internal in a child to an external world, the very best.Mrs.Neha Behl - Principal"Parents can now submit school application form online"
  10. 10. School FacilitiesAC Class RoomLibraryTransportationMid-Day MealDance RoomArt RoomMusic RoomMedical RoomToy RoomActivity Room
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