Child development


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Online School Admissions is India’s first parent’s friendly portal that relieves them from the problems of school admissions. Understanding that timely action can take your child to the dream school, Online School Admissions offers the parents the facility to apply online in the schools of their choice. The procedure of applying is very easy and one needn’t be a tech-savvy person to do it. Register with us using the Parent Registration Form. Just browse through the schools of India to pick up the desired school and fill up the child’s application form for online submission. Parents receive an instant Confirmation SMS which ensures that their form has been submitted successfully. OSA not only saves the time wasted in standing in the queues but also fulfills social responsibility by its eco-friendly way of conducting the business.

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Child development

  1. 1. Online School Admissions
  2. 2.  Child development shows its hand in many forms as a baby grows through those very early years. As all parents know, children have a natural curiosity about them. This curiosity begins at a very early age and from the time your baby can crawl it seems as if things around them will draw their attention. This natural intuition can be a gift, but for parents it can also become a bit of a headache at times. It is rewarding to see a child with a natural curiosity and as parents we should encourage that curiosity, not hinder. Parents need to encourage child development by building self-esteem and teaching values that will aid their children in later in life.
  3. 3.  Strive to be a good role model. When children are young they look up to their parents as role models. How you act and how you react is how they will learn to do the same. As a result, it is imperative that as parents we set a good example for them. Everything we say and do is reflected in how they will think about the world later on in life. If we look at the world with harsh eyes, then our children will grow up with that same attitude toward the world. The greatest imitators in the world are children. Being a good role model is essential in child development.
  4. 4.  Be a good listener at all times. Teach your children that they can come to you anytime they need to talk. So many times parents will become annoyed with their children for asking questions simply because to them they sound silly. However, to a child, what might sound silly to an adult, is actually a very sincere question that they are searching for an answer to. Would you not prefer they be given the correct answer by you, than the wrong answer by someone else? If you develop open lines of communication with your child at an early age, then as they grow older chances are these lines of communication will continue to grow. Giving your child the respect they deserve is another element of child development.
  5. 5.  Share your emotions. Children are like little adults. Whether you want to believe it or not, they can tell when you are happy as well as sad. Do not be ashamed to cry in front of your children. On the other hand, when you are happy allow your children to rejoice in your happiness along with you. Share with your children what has made you happy, which in turn will teach your child about the things in life that are enjoyable.
  6. 6.  Enjoying nature together. Teach your children to respect others as well as nature. The planet is theirs, but it is up to us as parents to teach them how to treat it. This starts with teaching them something as simple as the proper place to throw away their trash instead of down on the ground. Nature can be your childs friend or their enemy and there are many facets to nature that a child should learn to appreciate. As their parent, it is up to you to ensure they enjoy nature at its best by teaching them
  7. 7.  Setting rules and guidelines. Children need discipline in their lives and parents might be surprised to know that many children actually want and need these rules. Rules do not have to be strict, but they do need to be enforced if parents expect children to follow them. This is a huge step in teaching your child right from wrong as well as about boundaries. As they grow, then these rules need to be adjusted according to their age. This is a huge part in your childs development. Taking the time to focus on the elements involved in child development can not only enhance the lives of your child, but also build a bond between the two of you as well. Remember, your child will learn more in their early years from watching you than from anyone else in their life. The early formative years from 0 - 7 years are the most important in the upbringing of a child.
  8. 8.  Thanks for watching Team OSA Online School Admission