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Adriel High School - Nursery Schools in Rohini, Schools in Rohini
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Adriel High School - Nursery Schools in Rohini, Schools in Rohini


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Adriel High School welcomes and encourages diversity in the school community and seeks to provide an environment which supports students, regardless of gender, race religion or ethnic background. …

Adriel High School welcomes and encourages diversity in the school community and seeks to provide an environment which supports students, regardless of gender, race religion or ethnic background. Immerse yourself and your child in an atmosphere of intellectual excitement, challenge and vigor created by the educators and students. It s an English medium, co-educational school, affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education.

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  • 1. Online School Admissions
  • 2. Adriel High SchoolAdriel High Schoolwelcomes and encouragesdiversity in the schoolcommunity and seeks toprovide an environmentwhich supports students,regardless of gender, racereligion or ethnicbackground. Immerseyourself and your child inan atmosphere ofintellectual excitement,challenge and vigorcreated by the educatorsand students. It s anEnglish medium, co-educational school,affiliated to Central Boardof Secondary Education.
  • 3. About Adriel High SchoolAdriel High School is locatedin Rohini, Sector 24, Pocket –2, approximately 2 kms fromthe Rithala Metro Station. Theschool’s elementary wing islocated at ND Block,Pitampura. Adriel Highprovides all aspiring studentsacademic excellence, moralcredibility and a child friendlyenvironment stressing on theholistic development of thechild. Student learning is theprime focus of the school. Thecommitment to continuousimprovement is imperativeand our school will enablestudents to become confident,self reliant and interactivelearners.
  • 4. Motto Adriel High SchoolThe school motto “PotensAd Factum has been verycarefully designed andchosen, encompassing ourvisionary focus whichstates “Create Your OwnHistory”. Discovering thepotential in every child isour earnest endeavor andall our classroom teaching,co-curricular activities andhands-on opportunities arefocused towards thisobjective. The schoolpromotes four basicslogans, which are: ToConquer (Tigris), To Dare(Aquila), To Rule (Leo), ToWin (pavo).
  • 5. Mission of Adriel High SchoolAdriel High School’s mission is toprovide quality education and toencourage lateral, creative andinnovative thinking which wouldprepare students for a world of changeand empower them to manage theirfuture.At Adriel High we follow a logicalmodel of education which measuresuccess by the accomplishments andattitudes of our students. We believethat all our students can succeed andtheir success spurs them on to greaterheights. We ensure this byincorporating the following measures:Developing clean statements inmeasurable terms of what thestudents will do to demonstratelearning.Providing the time and resourcesneeded for each student to attain thismastery.Ensuring that students engage inlearning at a level which is challengingand yet a level for which each studenthas the pre-requisite skills necessaryfor success.
  • 6. Infrastructure of Adriel High SchoolScience Laboratories IT Infrastructure At Adriel High School, science is taught  Although myriad approaches through direct experience, with have been proposed for improving students making meaning of the world education in India, one common as a result of their discoveries. Children and effective element of many are encouraged to inquire, observe, such plans is more extensive and hypothesize experiment, collect, record effective utilization of the and analyze data and come up with computer. Adriel High is conclusions and generalizations about committed towards achieving the best use of technology. the phenomenon under study.  It maintains ample resources to The school boosts well maintained and support this curricular program. fully equipped science laboratories Technology is not taught for its which cater to the needs of the own sake, but used to enhance students. These include Biology Lab, students learning experience. Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab and Computers and internet access Mathematics Lab. They are places are used in a variety of ways and where students can carry out the each use may have an experiments as per the curriculum that independent effect on student is followed in the school. learning.
  • 7.
  • 8. Infrastructure of Adriel High SchoolArt Room Music Art is vital part of the  Music is a multifaceted curriculum at Adriel High program designed to allow School for children of all ages. children to experience music by Through art, children can singing, playing instruments, recreate and integrate listening, creating and moving curriculum experiences to it. Children acquire a including concepts of subjects workable knowledge of like social studies, language, musical concepts and theory, arts, science and mathematics. together with a level of skills They create art in their that enables them to generate classrooms and the art room, music with their classmates. where they share their  Educators encourage all wonderful ideas both visually children, regardless of their and verbally. They learn to ability to acquire listening, value their uniqueness as interpretive, rhythmic and creative individuals and learn melodic skills. For the same, a from and respect the diversity fully equipped music room is of other’s art work. maintained by the school.
  • 9.
  • 10. Infrastructure of Adriel High SchoolMedical Room CafeteriaThere is a trained nurse and a There is a cafeteria in the school medical room which caters to campus. This area will serve as a routine medical problems. This relaxation zone for students and is an extension of the school’s will serve to foster good philosophy of providing a safe interpersonal relations among peers. A healthy and nutritious and secure environment where menu will be available for the every child is cared for. In case students. Students may buy of ill health or accidents, the eatables and soft drinks only medical supervisor would during the recess hours. Canteen administer first-aid and coupons will be available for authorities would immediately purchase by students and parents. inform the parents/guardians Children will not be allowed to about the same. All children will bring money to school. This is to undergo an annual check up incorporate the healthy practice and a health file will be where money does not create unwarranted problems in case it maintained for each student. is lost.
  • 11. TransportThe school providestransport facilities onselected routes but isunable to guaranteeany extension ofexisting facilities. Carewould be taken toensure that thestudents areaccompanied on theroutes by a responsibleadult.
  • 12. School FacilitiesSmart Classes Table Tennis Medical RoomAC Class Room Dance Room Medical RoomLibrary Art Room Toy RoomTransportation Music Room Activity RoomPlay Ground Conference RoomScience Park Physics LabAuditorium Blocks ToysCafeteria Chemistry LabSafety And Computer LabSecurity Systems Mathematics LabGymnasium Biology Lab