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Tumblr Bought by Yahoo: What Does This Mean to You—and Your Online Reputation?
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Tumblr Bought by Yahoo: What Does This Mean to You—and Your Online Reputation?


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Tumblr Bought by Yahoo:What Does This Mean to You—andYour Online Reputation?Recover ReputationSteven W. Giovinco
  • 2. Yahoo Buys Tumblr:Impacts Online Reputation? Yahoo just bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion. Why does this matter? Could it impact your online reputation?
  • 3. Yahoo Buys Tumblr:Impacts Online Reputation? Well, a little background first.
  • 4. About Yahoo Yahoo has been struggling to define itselfand redefine its mission.
  • 5. About Tumblr Tumblr is a visually oriented site with 100million members. Is especially popular in the 18 to 24 agegroup. More trendy and less restrictive than abehemoth such as Facebook.
  • 6. Tumblr Helps Online ReputationManagement Besides being fun and easy, Tumblr is reallyhelpful in building, repairing and managingyour online reputation. Why? Because it is ranked highly by searchengines such as Google.
  • 7. Example How Tumblr Helps OnlineReputation Management For example:– Let’s say a disgruntled ex-employee defames youby creating harmful posts.– A site such as Tumblr can be extremely helpful incombating the negative item.– Publishing good, interesting and fresh contentmoves the bad blog post off the first page ofGoogle.
  • 8. What Does This Mean to Me? Back to the original question: what does thismean to me?
  • 9. Changes at Tumblr? If you are already a Tumblr user, there couldbe changes. With every a merger or corporate purchase,changes are a possibility. Yahoo’s case, past history might be apredictor of what’s to come.
  • 10. Changes at Tumblr? Flickr, the photo sharing site, was bought byYahoo in 2005. It was considered revolutionarily at the time. Flickr seems to be lost in Yahoo. It’s facing other competitors that are easier touse or are geared towards mobile devices.
  • 11. Tumblr and Online ReputationManagement If you are using Tumblr as a way to help buildyour online reputation or repair it, this mergercould also impact you. Maybe not now but down the road.
  • 12. Tumblr and Online ReputationManagement For example, Yahoo could:– Monetize Tumblr– Tweak its success– Restrict its current adult content– Make other changes
  • 13. Tumblr Could Loose Members Current loyal followers could bolt for anotherplatform.
  • 14. Tumblr Could Loose Members This could diminish Tumblr’s search rankingon Google. In turn result in impacting your reputation too.
  • 15. How Tumblr Could Impact Your OnlineReputation For example:– The Tumblr post that was sitting on the first pageof a Google search result for your name, nowcould show up on the second or third page.– This moves the negative post to move back to thefirst page.– Becoming more visible means impacting youronline reputation.
  • 16. How Tumblr Could Impact Your OnlineReputation Naturally, it’s too early to tell what impact theYahoo purchase will have for Tumblr. There could be unintentional implications toyour online reputation as a result.
  • 17. About Recover Reputation Boutique online reputation firm,focused on professionals 20+ years IT, writing experience Personal, hands-on approachSteven W. GiovincoOwnerRecover Reputation
  • 18. Recover Reputation Questions for Steven W. Giovinco? Connect! Call 347-421-7598 Email