10 Tips to Get More Clients and Improve Your Online Reputation by Answering Questions


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Want to get more leads, site traffic and improve your online reputation? Use these 10 tips to answer questions and be known as an expert in your field.

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10 Tips to Get More Clients and Improve Your Online Reputation by Answering Questions

  1. 1. RecoverReputationHow to Get More Leads and ImproveYour Online Reputation?Answer Questions!
  2. 2. RecoverReputationAs Google shifts towards answeringquestions
  3. 3. RecoverReputationImproving your onlinereputation to be an industry expert
  4. 4. RecoverReputationCan lead to more customers.
  5. 5. RecoverReputationSites such as Quora and Yahoo! Answershave gained popularity because of user’sdesire to post questions.
  6. 6. RecoverReputationBeing the perceived expert in your fieldbuilds trust.
  7. 7. RecoverReputationWhich in turn brings customersbecause they want to deal with expertswho know their problem and how tosolve it.
  8. 8. RecoverReputationBy putting good content online
  9. 9. RecoverReputationand answering potential clients questions
  10. 10. RecoverReputationnaturally draws inquires, site traffic andclosed deals.
  11. 11. RecoverReputationWhich answers do you trust or what onesare best for you?
  12. 12. RecoverReputationAn answer from the perceived expert couldbe most useful and trusted.
  13. 13. RecoverReputationBut how does one become the go-toindustry “answer expert”?
  14. 14. RecoverReputationBuilding or boosting your online reputationby engaging with your audience is key
  15. 15. RecoverReputationas well as creating excellent content in theform of blog posts, videos, presentationsand whitepapers.
  16. 16. RecoverReputationHere are 10 tips.
  17. 17. RecoverReputation1. Read current blog posts or articles bytrusted sources
  18. 18. RecoverReputation2. Narrow and know your nicheBe THE expert.
  19. 19. RecoverReputation3. Make a list of common questionsExpand this to include additional questions thatindustry experts are asking.
  20. 20. RecoverReputation4. Write answers.These could be brief, general sketches or verydetailed.
  21. 21. RecoverReputation5. Search online and see the results.Are there many answers?Most importantly, what questions are not beinganswered?
  22. 22. RecoverReputation6. Optimize for Search EnginesSEO is very important because it helps get youfound by Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  23. 23. RecoverReputation7. Post your answers online, in questionform, to LinkedIn, Facebook, Blog posts
  24. 24. RecoverReputation8. Create YouTube video answerVideo is ranked highly by Google and givesviewers a chance to see what you look like,providing an additional level of trust.
  25. 25. RecoverReputation9. Answer similar or related questions.LinkedIn, Quora, provide great opportunities toanswer a range of related or existing questions.
  26. 26. RecoverReputation10.Google AlertBe notified when ever a key phrase or questionis posted
  27. 27. RecoverReputationQuestions?Steven W. GiovincoRecover Reputation347-421-7598steve@recoverreputation.comwww.recoverreputation.com