There is always governance somewhere


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Presentation from Intranetvark in Gothenburg, May 2013.

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There is always governance somewhere

  1. 1. There is always GovernancesomewhereBut has it reached your intranet?Sara Redin, Senior Analyst and Facilitatormail:, twitter: onlineredin, cell: +45 30 27 79 90
  2. 2. Facilitator… more thananythingI come from a small organisationthat focuses on knowledge sharingbetween digital professionals. Weare driven by customer demandand steered by our ambitions onbehalf of our clients.Our HQ is in Jutland, and mostdays less than 20% of theemployees are sitting together.Our intranet can be edited by allstaff, including the frontpage.We have thousands of intranetpages of which we use around 20.
  3. 3. Why do you need governance?What would be possible if only you hadit?IT!
  4. 4. Too much contentWrong contentLiable contentWrong technical platform- owned by the wrong people- disowned by the right people)Wrong teamNo mandate over teamNo control over project portfolioTime wasted on doing the wrong thingsThe right technology is taken hostage by a threateneddepartmentBU’s take their business critical projects elsewhereOrganisations in general coordinate toolittle and produce too much
  5. 5. But not everyone are equallyfrustratedPossible fixes?
  6. 6. Some tools
  7. 7. Ownership and expiration dates
  8. 8. Great service
  9. 9. Business model- save costs- customer service- process optmization- compliance
  10. 10. Sanctions on rule breakers
  11. 11. Intranets are more difficult towork with than most externalpages
  12. 12. The intranet challengeWhen is Go-Live?I need to putthis moneyon sales,right nowI need morelayoutsLunch?I’ve heardwe aregetting areally crapintranetIt has to beSharepoint,or I will missthe trip toVegas.I wantGoogleforsearchWhat do youthink?I wanted a newintranet, NOT agovernanceprojectPeople haveto read mytop stories!
  13. 13. You deal with opinionated amateurs
  14. 14. Quote from a member:”Intranets are great for tasks of high frequencyand low complexity.Managers deal with tasks of high complexity,infrequently”
  15. 15. At the core of Governance isleadership
  16. 16. Know your facts and doublecheckTrust, but follow upPush outside the comfort zone, juuust...Commmunicate, communicate communicateBe visible and networkSet the right team and work itPrioritisation is always possible
  17. 17. Loose yourdefinition of perfection
  18. 18. Some answersFrontpage real-estate always have to be dealtwith politically, numbers work but there are stillfeelingsManagers don’t care about content andfunctionality if it isn’t for themIf you know Search doesn’t stink, it doesn’t. Itjust takes time for your users to realize. A badRap is a really bad investmentIt takes time to understand the business, and wenever spend enough time neither listening orinforming
  19. 19. Join our international community/Linkedin group for practitioners, moderated online discussionAbout our groups:
  20. 20. And come to another great conference: