Digital Governance in Complex Organisations philly13


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A slide deck from my tutorial on Digital Governance at J. Boye 13 in Philadelphia May 2013.

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Digital Governance in Complex Organisations philly13

  1. 1. Digital Governance incomplex organisationsTutorial Philadelphia 13, J. Boyeconferences
  2. 2. Facilitator… more thananythingI come from a small organisation thatfocusses on knowledge sharingbetween digital professionals. We arevery driven by customer demand andsteered by our ambitions and our boss’vision. Decisions aren’t madeparticularly long term but the salesprocess is always long.Our HQ is in Jutland, that is differentfrom Sealand where I operate from.
  3. 3. Agenda09.00 – 09.10 Short introduction09.10 – 09.40 What is governance and how much do you need?09.40 – 10.10 Excercise perspective10.10 – 10.25 Reflections on excercise10.25 – 10.40 Break10.40 – 11.00 What is management?11.00 – 11.20 Leadership11.20 – 11.40 Culture eats strategy for breakfast...11.40 – 12.00 Some next steps to get going, and some great tips from otherswho have done it
  4. 4. TechnologyMarketingSalesDesignUsabilityUser TestingPeople ManagementCustomer ServiceCommercially astutePortfolio ManagementPartner Mngt.Stakeholder Mngt. &EngagementEducation and trainingVisionaryAnalysis –impact ofdigital inoffline worldPresentation andcommunicationCompetitor analysisCreative and think-out-of-the-boxRisk and ComplianceawarenessChange ManagementStrategicResult-orientedLIKE SUPERHEROES – WE AS A DIGITAL PEOPLE RELYUPON SPECIAL WEAPONS, POWERS, SKILLSeCommerceMulti-channel/deviceTeam/org.DevelopmentLead digitaltransformationalchangeManage BAU whilebeing strategic
  5. 5. The stakeholdersWhen isGo-Live?How hardcan itBE?!!!I needmorelayoutsLunch?HelpI justdon’t likethiscolourWhat doyou meanit’s thefont inour brandmanual?What doyouthink?I wanted aweb site,NOT agovernanceproject
  6. 6. Your definition of (digital) success?
  7. 7. New Standards,New normal
  8. 8. Head achesToo much contentThe wrong contentThe wrong technical platformThe technical platform is owned by the wrongpeople (or disowned by the right people)Don’t have the right teamDon’t have the right mandate over the teamDon’t have control over project portfolioSpend too much time doing the wrong things
  9. 9. But...not everyone are equally frustratedSome have a planSome have a management that understandsthe importance of digitalSome just seem to get the job doneSome have a better understanding andacceptance of management and executivedecision processes than others- So, how do you know that you need moregovernance?- And what is it that you need?
  10. 10. It starts with play
  11. 11. Survival
  12. 12. Support systems and people who break them
  13. 13. Infrastructure problems
  14. 14. Make sure that therules are a help, not justsomething tocircumvent
  15. 15. Your governance structure?Line of command?Support systems?Measures to enforce?What are the weak spots?
  16. 16. Speed networking1.Choose a challenge you are currentlydealing with2.Ask for advice from 3 different people, oneby one (you get 4 minutes with each)3.Then change from asking for advice togiving advice
  17. 17. Reflections?Did you get different input from differentpeople?What suprised you?New input?
  18. 18. Getting the right decision throughManagement and power structures
  19. 19. There is always governance somewhere• Brand and identity strategy• IT Governance• Growth strategies• Consolidation strategies
  20. 20. How are executive decisions made?Logic?Rarely long termGut feeling
  21. 21. Authority
  22. 22. Organization type
  23. 23. Safe choices
  24. 24. Prestige
  25. 25. Who has authority in yourorganisation?
  26. 26. What is good leadership?How is your role model doing it
  27. 27. Leadership DNAHard work and lot’s of insight, constant double checkingTrust, but follow upAlways demand a little more, but not too much – push outside the comfort zoneCommmunicate, communicate communicateBe visible and networkSet the right team and work itWhat are the best qualities in your leaders?Prioritisation is always possible
  28. 28. Do you lead?
  29. 29. Looking for a model...?Slides from J. Boye 12, Philadelphia, KristinaPodnars Governance cook-book
  30. 30. Culture eats strategy for breakfast
  31. 31. Culture“…that complex whole which includesknowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, andany other capabilities and habits acquired byman as a member of society…”EB Tylor 1871
  32. 32. Culture in your organization• How are decisions taken?• Who can overrule• The role of a specialist versus manager• Looking for perfect?• Consensus driven?• Idealistic?• Materialistic?• History or Future?
  33. 33. Factor in cultureBeware of trigger points that are different fromyour ownDefinition of leadershipDouble check common understanding andsense:How is your manual read differentlyWhat is an order?A complaint?Is there a conflict, or isn’t there?Gender
  34. 34. Next steps to get going – tipsfrom your peers
  35. 35. Organisations in general coordinatetoo little and publish too muchThere is too much contentContent is a liabilityNot enough accountability, in the necessarypositionsWe can see how centralization could be anoption but what if:The decentral organization is a political headcount game?Centralization takes more time than we thinkWe have decentralised the web editing to make sure content ismaintained by the subject matter experts and always updated andcorrectWe want a CMS that is more user friendly so the responsible peoplewill do a better jobWe need to spend less time on first line supportWe need to do more trainingWe have no control over our message and brandWe can’t do SEO because we don’t know our contentWe want to be more proactive and spend more time on developmentnot maintenance
  36. 36. Your elevator speech?The problem seems to be thatour editors spend too little timeworking with digital media tohave any chance of stayingabreast with how to write forGoogle, or handle imagery, textetc. Furthermore they get norecognition for their work and itbecomes impossible for me toargue that they need to prioritizeonline. When they actually DOsomething on the website thequality is usually sub standardand they often reinvent thewheel because they havent readthe manual. I do a terribleamount of first line support andhaven‘t got enough time to getour other projects finshed onMake the problem easy tounderstand
  37. 37. Make sure you have a plan andstakeholder buy-inAcknowledging that the central digital strategistshould do more than administrating thecommon platform would change the powerstrucureCreating a digital strategytakes 3 months (give or takea year)
  38. 38. Fill the voidDon’t loose momentumChoose visible projectsCommunicate successes and resultsCommunicate risksLimit your message to stakeholdersAlways look and ask for solutions
  39. 39. Look at the real reasons?Hidden headcounts?Politics?
  40. 40. Don’t show the tools?Source: uxforthemasses.comWho will use it, Think carefully beforeyou show a ”non-digital” your tool
  41. 41. Be tactical about showing design
  42. 42. Action plan and road map
  43. 43. Det politiske spil?
  44. 44. Don’t talk about tools
  45. 45. What they needed to know to invest in SMLSave money on focus groups, reports and othermarket analysisCrisis managementBudget share between PR and Research dpt’sCALL IT SOMETHING ELSE... ”ONLINE LISTENING”
  46. 46. What management needed to know aboutyour content problemsMassive amount of the editors are infrequent (response rate: around300 /perhaps 1000 editors to online questionnaire):- 45 % of the respondents work less than 4 ours /week with digitalcontent, homepage and intranet- 41 % of the respondents work less than 1 hour/week on digital contents,homepage and intranet- 24 % are responsible for 1-5 pages in total, the rest moreProgress indicator:Decreased page countFewer editors with more responsibilityFreed central resources spend time on projects looking forward
  47. 47. When things change rapidlyHelena Hed, Digital Manager at Assa Abloy:”We were just about to really roll out our newstrategy with CMS upgrades, editor training,new identity and new team members, and theneverything froze because of a merger... What todo?”Focus on product marketingin it’s smallest building blocks
  48. 48. Don’t be afraid toknow better, but don’toverspend and don’t overcommunicate!And if you can’t get the formal GO to do theright thing, find another job or do it anywaybecause What is there toloose?Talk more?:Twitter: onlineredinLinkedin: sr@jboye.dkPhone: 4530277990