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Social Media Inside The Brand: DuPont Case Study - Gary Spangler
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Social Media Inside The Brand: DuPont Case Study - Gary Spangler


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Social Media Inside The Brand: DuPont Case Study …

Social Media Inside The Brand: DuPont Case Study

Learn first-hand about the internal battles, struggles and success you can expect in the Wild West world of Social Media. Hear about the legal aspects of Social Media, how to develop a proper Social Media Marketing policy, and how to sell a "word of mouth" project internally.

* Gary Spangler, eMarketing, DuPont

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Social Media Inside The Brand: DuPont Case Study Gary Spangler, Corporate eMarketing Philadelphia, PA July, 2010 Presented to:
  • 2. 2 Take Aways Internal battles, struggles and success you can expect in the Wild West world of Social Media. Hear about the legal aspects of Social Media How to develop a proper Social Media Marketing policy How to sell a "word of mouth" project internally.
  • 3. 3 A New Way To Measure WOMM Word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20-50 percent of all purchasing decisions. Digital influentials – notably bloggers – have disproportionate power. Marketing-induced peer-to-peer word of mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising. Source: McKinsey Quarterly April 2010
  • 4. 4 B2C and B2B Behavior Convergence Testimonials, Peer to Peer Referrals Search Opt-in (e.g. email) B2B Web Experience B2C (e.g., password resets) New Media (blogs, video)
  • 5. 5 From CRM* to Trusted Advisor Company Channel Management Collaboration/Conversation Converter Traditional Distributor Social Media Media Including End User Web Consumer What We Make Who We Are *Can’t Remember Me
  • 6. 6 Trend is Social “Digital marketing and new media marketing dominates demand generation and advertising spend allocation priorities for the coming year.” CMO Council, March 2009 Seventy six percent (76%) of businesses surveyed agree that Social Media is changing the way companies communicate. Marketing Sherpa, December 2008
  • 7. 7 Participation in social media continues to grow
  • 8. 8 Marketers plan to invest in social media
  • 9. 9 B2B Lead Management The Rule of 45 45% of all inquiries purchase within 12 months from date of initial inquiry. • Not necessarily from you. Inquiry Follow-Up On average, only 20% of all inquiries get a response. Nurturing Prospects It can take up to six touches between prospect and supplier through the buy cycle before prospect will consider a purchase.. Source: B2B Marketing Conference, DMA
  • 10. 10 BtoB New Media Plans B-to-b marketers were asked which of the following newer media platforms they were using or are planning to use. Source:, July 20, 2009 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 2007 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% E-mail marketing SEO-organic Online SEM -paid keyword Webinars Social ads/banners/etc. networks/social media
  • 11. 11 An Explosion of Social Media Choices
  • 12. 12 Some Basics Have Not Changed New Channels Old & Good Communication Best Practices Blogging Microblogging • Twitter Video Sharing • YouTube Photo Sharing • Flickr Social Networking • Facebook Wiki’s • Wikipedia Virtual Events Advisory Panels Community Outreach …
  • 13. 13 Business Objectives Marketing and Demand Generation • Building Awareness • Building Network of Advocates • Lead Generation • Selling Down the Value Chain PR • Setting the Record Straight • Issue/Crisis Management • Reputation Management • Creating Positive Share of Voice
  • 14. 14 Building E-Marketing Competency: The Elements Relationship of a Center of Excellence. Marketing Word of Mouth Advocacy • Word of Mouth Marketing Referrals Corporate Promotion • Community E-Marketing Marketing Center of Excellence • Search Engine • Social Networks Marketing • Facebook, • Search Engine MySpace Contact Optimization • Wikis Sales • Phone • Webinars • New • Wikipedia • Forms • Mobile Marketing • Repeat • Twitter Content • Surveys • ePR • Virtual Worlds . • Call Center • Display Ads • Website • Second Life Editorial Boards • Inquiry Handling • Affiliate Marketing Web • Blogs (W.E.B.’s) • Linking Strategies • Lead Development Management • E-Mail Marketing • Global, • E-Mail Marketing Regional • Gen Y • Info Architecture • Nurturing • Trade shows • Rich Media • Customer • Corporate • User experience • Offline promotion (e.g. video) Satisfaction E-Strategy Standards • E-Mail, Surveys • White Papers, • Marketing eBooks •eCRM, Sales • Net Promoter • Target Messages Applications; User Force Dot Com Scores and Audiences experience • Offline content • Roadmap • Local Language • Interwoven Content Mgt. • Market Research •Web Metrics • Digital Asset • Reputation • DuPont Direct, Mgt. Management Yahoo Store • Policies and guidelines
  • 15. 15 Key Risks Social Media relies heavily on transparency, honesty and relevance. A business risks its reputation and potential sales if it markets using social media channels an other way. Examples: • Bloggers with large audiences can be notified instantaneously about a marketer’s missteps. • Large well known companies (especially multinationals) who use the power of outreach to large networked audiences can attract greater attention from detractors and generate new negative commentary. • Marketers who attempt to “sell” using social media channels will be ignored and discounted. • Infrequent interaction with social media audiences by the marketer will be perceived as arrogant, uninterested and selfish.
  • 16. 16 A Brand Under Attack: Kryptonite® (2005)
  • 17. 17 A Brand Under Attack: Motrin (2009) Saturday (11/14/09) Ad Posted on Website Saturday night Most Twitted Subject on Twitter Sunday YouTube Video Screen Shots of Twitter Posts Sunday afternoon Tweeters and bloggers telecon with Ad Agency Sunday night Ad Removed with public apology from company and email to bloggers
  • 18. 18 Developing a Social Media Marketing Plan
  • 19. 19 Listen People are talking with or without you. • Markets • Issues • Products • Brands • Companies
  • 20. 20 Finding the Conversations Source: Motive Quest
  • 21. 21 Adding Voice: DuPont Science Stories Tell compelling stories about DuPont science with video Pilot as proof-of-concept Run on eight blogs as ad unit so company voice is transparent Place videos on video distribution networks (YouTube, Google Video, Collaborate with bloggers before release Unleash viral: Embedding code and send-to-friend on Adhere to Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Code of Ethics, Measure sentiment
  • 22. 22 Enabling Word of Mouth Start of video featured "freeze screen" that encouraged users to initiate video play Other Options Accessible via Player Menu Email to a Access Direct Add to Blogger or Access Embed Code Friend Link to Player Typepad Blog to Post Player
  • 23. 23 ROI 18-24 Company that Cares About 81 People Leader in Scientific 87 R&D 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Percent rating 8, 9 or 10 on 10-point scale Listed below are several attributes that have been used to describe science-based companies. We’d like you to indicate how well you think each of these attributes describes the firm listed. 10-point scale BASE = 258
  • 24. 24 Measures of Success What is my digital share of voice or digital footprint today? Did I increase my digital share of voice? If yes, declare success. Benchmarking competition: Who cares?
  • 25. 25 Conversations and Sales Net Promoter Scores • As net customer satisfaction increases, so do sales. Online Net Sentiment • Online Net Sentiment that trails positive results in increased sales. • Ref: Motive Quest Conversations • The more conversations a customer has, the more likely he/she will recommend the product. • Consumers that have more than 6 conversations per month result in a spike in NPS
  • 26. 26 A Few Do’s Listen to social media conversations before executing any proactive outreach. • Use insights from conversations to inform web content, search optimization and outreach. Staff and resource any outreach appropriately. • Partner with knowledgeable, ethical agencies who understand and have experience in social media communications and marketing. • Have a content managing process. • Hold employee “ambassadors” accountable; Educate and train. Monitor posts for language and sensitivity. Protect IP. • Work closely with your commercial attorney Adhere to the Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s (WOMMA) Code of Ethics ( Get proper approvals. Be honest in your opinions and truly transparent on your identity and who you represent.
  • 27. 27 A Few Don’ts Do not go into social media without first taking care of basics. • Web content and content managing process. • Email capability • Search optimization Do not “sell” into social media. • Be an information partner. Demonstrate value to your audiences by providing quality, helpful content. Do not cut and paste. • Be natural in your voice; except where there are legal considerations to the content.
  • 28. 28 WOM Ethics Honesty of Relationship • We say who we are speaking for. Honesty of Opinion • We say what we believe. Honesty of Identity • We never obscure our identity.
  • 29. 29 Quick Start Guide 1. Listen 2. Using insights from listening, edit website content and optimize for search of keywords that are relevant to online conversations. 3. Increase your social media “share of voice.” 1. Add videos to website and YouTube. 2. Add documents to ScribD and Docstoc. 3. Add photos to Flickr. 4. Use social media press releases for business and product communications to the market. 5. Selectively post comments on relevant and credible blogs and forums. 1. Enhance and reinforce your positive messages. 2. Set the record straight on misleading or negative comments.
  • 30. 30 Social Media Marketing is Also . . . Web Content Search Optimization Email Marketing
  • 31. 31 Social Sites and Search Search Engine Strategies Website Website Blog News Blog 64% Website Blog Wikipedia Website YouTube Social Media Website Linkedin
  • 32. 32 People Do Not Want to Search
  • 33. 33 Engagement = f [Reach, Relevance] keywords search content/links/keywords Your Voice Others’ Voices Facebook Facebook Twitter Twitter Relevance Reach YouTube YouTube Slideshare Slideshare Flickr Flickr Blog Blog Marketing PR
  • 34. 34 Negative Word of Mouth
  • 35. 35 Selling Inside – Five Tips Declare and promote yourself as the WOM/Social Media expert. • Join WOMMA; become your company’s representative and champion • Get visible Mine online conversations for insight and direction • Free tools like Google Blog search, blog pulse, technorati • Justify agency support for more critical/important work Pilot ideas online • Create a proposal for an online pilot tied to a marketing opportunity, key communications objective or “crisis” • Limit scope, contain, risk mitigation Sell to individual stakeholders • Secure a budget Enlist experts – but do not give up control • Use your experience to direct and guide any agency partners • Company reputation is your responsibility
  • 36. 36 “Social Media is Now A Regulated Industry*” FTC Disclosure Rules for endorsements and testimonials • Samples, gifts, other considerations * Anthony DiResta, attorney, address to WOMMA Summit, November, 2009
  • 37. 37 Developing a Company Policy Cross Functional Steering Team • Legal, HR, Marketing, eBusiness, IT, Privacy, Corporate Communications Authorize Company Sponsored Use • Monitor • Audit • Track and share progress/learnings Reinforce Employee Responsibility for Personal Participation Include Third Party Representation
  • 38. 38 Conclusions 1. It’s Not going away 2. It’s happening with or without you 3. Important but not urgent to act 4. How to Start • Education • WOMMA, Conferences, Online • Preparation • Start Listening • Develop a robust web base (e.g. content managing process, email, websites) • Execution • Engage qualified experts
  • 39. 39 Questions?