Seeding the Conversation: How to listen learn and respond with content that will spark a positive conversation

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Seeding the Conversation: How to listen learn and respond with content that will spark a positive conversation. …

Seeding the Conversation: How to listen learn and respond with content that will spark a positive conversation.

Once you have a good story and a content strategy, how do you get those stories picked up in the news, blogged about, bookmarked and shared by the right people across the social web? This discussion will encompass everything from Social Media Press Releases to Analytics of pickup and beyond.

* Paolina Milana, EVP, Marketing/Media/Editorial Operations, Marketwire
* Linda Zimmer, CEO, MarCom:Interactive
* Sally Falkow, President, PRESSfeed

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  • 1. Seeding the conversation How to listen learn and respond with content that will spark a positive conversation
  • 2. Contact Sally Falkow PRESSfeed @sallyfalkow Linda Zimmer MarCom:Interactive @lgzimmer Paolina Milana Marketwire [email_address] @pmilana
  • 3. Kai Ryssdal, Marketplace NPR
    • “ Papers and magazines that have been around for decades are barely hanging on. A lot of them aren’t hanging on at all.”
    • “ I don’t think you’re going to find newsstands at airports or anywhere else in 10 years. Print is really on its last legs.”
  • 4. Pew State of the Media 2010 It’s all Snack Media 7%: use a single news platform. SEARCH is news reading habit: headline, byline and first sentence only. News is social activity centered in social networks.
  • 5. CNN President, Jonathan Klein “ The competition I’m really afraid of are social- networking sites.” That threatens to pull people away from us. The people you’re friends with on Facebook or the people you follow on Twitter are trusted sources of information. Well, we want to be the most trusted name in news.”
  • 6. Social Media: Values to Business Customer Insight Activating People Listening to Customers Word-of-Mouth Talk with Stakeholders Building Marketing Relationships Customer Service/Care Socializing News Building a Community Support Customers Collaborating Social Commerce Reputation Management Crowdsourcing Personal Communication Promotion Real-time Communication Location-aware Communication
  • 7. Listening Strategies Finding Relevant Audiences Discovering Technographics Community Needs Promotions On-going Monitoring Message Pass-along Brand Insights Identifying Opportunities Business Values Timing Reputation Risks Relevant Engagement Content Relevant to Behaviors Conversation Topics Community Tags & Keywords Shareable Media Tracking
  • 8. Die, Press Release Die, Die, Die
  • 9. Traditional Press Releases Text-only news written almost exclusively for ‘traditional’ media and other stakeholders
  • 10. New Press Release Format
    • “ Things cannot go along as they are . . . business as usual while mainstream media goes to hell in a hand basket”
    • “… demolition of the press release as we know and hate it today”
    • “ Deconstruct the press release into special sections and tag the information”
  • 11. Social Media Releases
  • 12. What News Outlets Need
    • “ By using news tags, a newspaper/news site could pull together larger numbers of news stories and the PR industry would be helping the news publishers to gather the facts and present them in a near-publishable format.”
  • 13. What Journalists/Bloggers Want
    • News in sections
    • Offer lots of options – images, quotes
    • Tag it - Make it search friendly
    • Add multimedia
    • Give them the embed code
    • Put it in a feed
    • Make it available on social sites
    • Aggregate your news content and social content in one place
    • Make your newsroom social media ready
  • 14. Fresh Air Fund
    • Create compelling content
    • Present it in the Social Media release format
    • Reach out to Long Tail bloggers
    • Online mentions of the Fresh Air Fund increased from 4,000 to 65,000 in one year
  • 15. Social Media 2.0 Elements (content is KING)…Headline, Links, Keywords, Bullet Points…
  • 16. Social Media 2.0 Elements Embedded video, social sharing and bookmarking, live search tracking, and embedded hyperlinks – all for the web 2.0 community
  • 17. Multimedia Gallery
  • 18. Connect and Share
  • 19. Seeding The Conversation What kind of digital camera should I buy? What are you doing NOW? What does EVERYONE ELSE think? Check out how COOL THIS IS!
  • 20. Social Media 2.0: Expanded Reach Twitter 75 Million Users iTunes 70 Million Users Facebook 400 Million Users Photobucket  99 Million Users Top Blog Sites  24 Million Users YouTube 300+M videos viewed daily Second Life 13 Million Residents LinkedIn 50 Million Users Flickr  1.5 Million Users
  • 21. Newsroom 2.0
  • 22.  
  • 23. Make it Easy to Take Your Content
  • 24.  
  • 25. Put Your News in Sections
  • 26.  
  • 27.  
  • 28. You Are The Media
    • “ The walls of the traditional box of PR are falling away. We are at a moment when a lot of the traditional lines between PR and consulting and advertising and broadcasting are blurring.”
    • Richard Sambrook, the former head of BBC News, now Chief Content Officer at Edelman
  • 29. Where Does News Site Traffic Come From?
  • 30. Is Your News in Facebook?
  • 31. WSJ on Facebook
  • 32. AP on Facebook
  • 33. Develop Your Content Strategy
    • Content Analysis – key messages
    • Audience Analysis – social technographics
    • Trends in Social Media
    • Content Audit – what do you have
    • What expertise do you have
    • Resources
    • Create an Editorial Calendar
  • 34. Search Trends Among Consumers
    • 93% of Internet surfers look for company information through search
    • 80% use search to make purchases on the Web
    • Top search engine rankings can generate up to 900% more traffic to a site, potentially increasing exposure up to 80%
    Search Trends Among the Media
    • 98% of journalists go online every day
    • 76% of journalists search for sources/experts
    • 73% of journalists search for news releases
    Source: MarketingSherpa
  • 35. Pick Your Tools
    • Blogs – publish and/or reach out
    • Microblogging – presence (Twitter)
    • Podcasts
    • Video
    • Articles
    • Press Releases
    • Images
    • RSS Feeds
    • Social News Sites
    • Social Networks
  • 36. Adapted from Journal of Interactive Advertising
  • 37.
    • Number of visits to newsroom page.
    • Number of newsroom pages viewed.
    • Number of subscribers to various RSS feeds.
    • Number and relevance of followers on bookmarking sites.
    • Number of views/followers on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
    • Number of “exit” links from newsroom to social media presences.
    • Correct messages passed along.
    • Qualitative assessment of comprehension of issues/positioning.
    • Change in volume, nature or tone of comments on mainstream news sites.
    • Type of and relevance of subscribers (media versus consumer).
    • Assessment of impact on use of specific promoted resources / sales.
    • Physical event attendance.
    • Qualitative assessment of value of monitoring to “stay ahead” of news cycle.
    A Few KPI’s of a Social News Initiative
  • 38. Use the Business Intelligence Available to Track Influencers, Analyze Sentiment, Establish & Manage Relationships
  • 39. Communicate in a Web 2.0 World Image courtesy of Brian Solis Track, analyze, manage Relationships based on what’s being said/what you hear Conversation multi-directional Audience actively participating- including YOU Gatekeepers gone
  • 40.
  • 41.
  • 42.
  • 43. Questions? Sally Falkow PRESSfeed @sallyfalkow Linda Zimmer MarCom:Interactive | Modern Media Leadership Institute @lgzimmer Paolina Milana Marketwire [email_address] @pmilana