OMI afternoon workshop at SES 2009 with Hallie Janssen of Anvil Media Inc.
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OMI afternoon workshop at SES 2009 with Hallie Janssen of Anvil Media Inc.



OMI afternoon workshop at SES 2009 with Hallie Janssen of Anvil Media Inc.

OMI afternoon workshop at SES 2009 with Hallie Janssen of Anvil Media Inc.



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  • According to Erik Qualman at SearchEngineWatch, his observations of social media use in countries where Facebook is NOT currently the predominant platform, it is quickly moving up in the ranks and becoming more favored.
  • If social media users are frequently talking about your brand or news relevant to your brand in another language, invest resources or enlist the help of an employee who also speaks that language. Following these conversations, regardless of their language, and engaging non-english speakers can give your brand instant credibility with a vast international audience.
  • Google Ad Planner – choosing demographics (should match info from Facebook and YouTube)
  • Google Ad Planner – choosing demographics (should match info from Facebook and YouTube)
  • Maggiano’s restaurant case study: $100 to gain 2,000 followers
  • – Land Rover used hashtags to track campaign metrics
  • Analytics in general
  • Analytics in general
  • Analytics in general

OMI afternoon workshop at SES 2009 with Hallie Janssen of Anvil Media Inc. OMI afternoon workshop at SES 2009 with Hallie Janssen of Anvil Media Inc. Presentation Transcript

  • A How-To Guide to Social MediaAugust 10, 2009
    Hallie Janssen
    Vice President
    Twitter: @hallie_janssen
    Anvil Media, Inc.
  • Agenda
    1:00-1:15pm: Introductions and Expectations
    1:15-1:45pm: Overview of Social Media
    1:45-2:00pm: How to Lurk and Listen
    2:00-2:30pm: Retrevo Case Study
    2:30-2:45pm: Twitter
    2:45-3:00pm: Facebook
    3:00-3:15pm: LinkedIn
    3:15-3:30pm: YouTube, Flickr, Digg, delicious, & more
    3:30-4:00pm: PC World & Macworld Case Study
    4:00-4:15pm: Oregon State University Case Study
    4:15-4:30pm: Tracking and Analytics
  • About Instructor
    Optimized first site in 1998
    Technology and consumer background
    Lead agency and in-house teams
    Teach courses at Portland State University
    Lead social media and search engine trainings
    SEMpdx board member
  • About Anvil Media, Inc.
    Search engine marketing agency
    Specialize in SEO, PPC & SMM
    Founded in 2000
    13 employees
    40 clients
    PBJ 10th Fastest Growing Company 2007
    PBJ 10th Most Philanthropic Company 2007
  • Anvil Media, Inc. Clients
  • What is SoMe?
  • What is Social Media?
    Social = relating to humans and society
    i.e. consumers
    Media = medium used to store and deliver information or data
    i.e. Wordpress, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, etc
    Social Media = Internet-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings.
  • Social Media: Categories
    Forums: Google Groups
    Networking: LinkedIn, Facebook
    Blogs: WordPress, Typepad
    RSS: Bloglines, Newsgator
    Media Sharing: Flickr, YouTube
    Bookmarking: Delicious
    Expert Communities: Yahoo! Answers
    Wiki: Wikipedia, AboutUs
    Microblogging: Twitter
  • Social Media Marketing Statistics
  • Social Media Marketing Statistics
  • Social Media Marketing Statistics
  • Social Media Marketing Statistics
  • Fun Facts
    • 13 hours of video uploaded on YouTube per min
    • 412 years to view all videos on YouTube
    • 100,000,000 videos viewed on YouTube per day
    • 13,000, 000 articles on Wikipedia
    • 3.6 billion photos on Flickr
    • 3 million Tweets per day
    • If Facebook were a country – 5th largest
  • Social Media Marketing Statistics
    Worldwide unique visitors (June, 2009).  Source: comScore
    • Google Sites: 844 million
    • Microsoft Sites: 691 million
    • Yahoo! Sites: 581 million
    • Facebook: 340 million
    • Wikimedia Foundation sites: 303 million
    • AOL: 280 million
    • eBay: 233 million
    • CBS Interactive: 186 million
    • Amazon: 183 million
  • Source: Universal McCann
    World Wide Activities
  • Social Media Saturation
    Source: Universal McCann
  • Engaging an International Audience
    #1: Know the predominant platform & use it.
  • Engaging an International Audience
    #2: Speak their language – literally.
  • Engaging an International Audience
    #3: Tailor content based on local language & culture.
    Clean & Clear on China’s social media powerhouse
  • Benefits of Social Media
    Added Benefits
    • SEO
    • ORM
    • Insights into demographics
    • Reach initiators
    • Reach influencers
  • Where Marketers are Putting Budget
  • Insights Into Demographics
    Choose demographic data based on Facebook and YouTube stats
  • Insights Into Demographics
    Based on demographics data chosen, display advertising recommendations
  • Insights Into Keywords
    Facebook Lexicon
  • Insights Into Keywords
  • Insights Into Keywords
  • Retrevo Case Studyw/ Robb Lewis
  • Lurking & Listening
  • Lurking and Listening
    • Brand monitoring: brand, products, key execs
    • Buzz monitoring: overall noise
    • Define insights: topic and tone
    • Define audience: key influencers, demographics
    • Competitive recon: topic and tone
    • Industry recon: overall noise
  • Social Listening Tools
    Real-Time Alerts :
    Influencer ID:
    Basic Monitoring:
  • SM2
  • Employee Engagement Guidelines
    • Corporate representatives
    • Those already active
    • Everyone encouraged
    • Sample Guidelines: Intel and IBM
    Graph Source: Hutch Carpenter
  • Employee Engagement: Organizing
  • Employee Engagement Guidelines
    • Stick to your area of expertise and provide unique, individual perspectives on what's going on at Intel and in the world.
    • Post meaningful, respectful comments—in other words, no spam and no remarks that are off-topic or offensive.
    • Always pause and think before posting. That said, reply to comments in a timely manner, when a response is appropriate.
    • Respect proprietary information and content, and confidentiality.
    • When disagreeing with others' opinions, keep it appropriate and polite.
    • Know and follow the Intel Code of ConductFiletype/Size: PDF 596KB and the Intel Privacy Policy
  • Employee Engagement Guidelines
    • Be transparent
    • Be judicious
    • Write what you know
    • Perception is reality
    • It’s a conversation
    • Add value
    • It’s a responsibility
    • Create some excitement
    • Be a leader
    • Acknowledge mistakes
    • Pause and then send
    Bonus Guidelines
    • Be timely
    • Be relevant
    • Be informative
    • Be entertaining
  • Twitter
  • Twitter Overview
    • Micro blog
    • 140 characters
    • Mainstream early 2009
    • Fewer users
    • High profile abandonment
    • River, not a lake
  • Twitter 101
    Replies: “@” used when you want to respond to someone else’s Tweet.
    Direct Message: “DM” private message seen only by the person you specify
    Hashtags: Used to group topics & easily find conversation threads using Twitter Search
    Retweet: “RT” sharing someone else’s tweet with your own followers
    URL Shortners: Due to character limits, shrink lengthy URL’s using or another service.
  • Profile Configuration & Optimization
    • Choose handle/user name
    • Register other variations
    • Use multiple to humanize
    • Logo or photo
    • ClickableNow background
    • Optimize bio
    • Include location and link
    • Promote for inbound links
    • Use keywords in Tweet
  • Content Strategy
    • What is being said and by whom?
    • What kind of resources do you have?
    • What questions can you answer?
    • What else are people talking about: WhatTheTrend and BingTweets
    • Use Twitter Advanced Search
    • Go for the RT or retweet
    • Balance responses and tweets
    • Link blog to Twitter
  • Syndication & Promotion
    • Syndicate on blog, site, Facebook
    • Twitter Badge
    • Promote across all marketing
    • Add to Twitter directories
    • Sponsored Tweets
    • Find friends, make friends
    • Twitpic, Yfrog & Twitvid
    • Retweet button
    • Contests
    • Coupons
  • Twitter Analytics
    • Followers, Retweets, Hashtags
    •,, and BackTweets
    • Tweetmeme
    • Custom profile in Google Analytics
    • Twitalyzer integration with Google Analytics
    • Omniture’sSiteCatalyst Twitter Plugin
  • Twitalyzer – What is your influence?
  • Twitalyzer – What is your influence?
  • Twitter Tools & Resources
    • Mobile Apps for on the go
    • Clients: TweetDeck, Seesmic, Twhirl, TweetR, HootSuite
    • Search: Twitter Search, TweetScan, Twitterverse
    • Conversations: Quotably
    • Aggregation: FriendFeed
    • Tagging:
    • Location: TwitterLocal
    • Services: CoTweet, TweetLater,, Twitterapps
    • List of Who to follow
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Overview
    • Personal, Pages, Groups
    • Personal Portal
    • Pictures, Video
    • Recent increase in Boomers
    • Lake, not a river
  • Page Configuration & Optimization
    • Customize via FBML
    • Set landing page on Facebook
    • Set landing page off Facebook
    • Wildfire and Involver
    • Add all relevant business info
  • Page Content
    • Videos & pictures
    • Events
    • Discussions & Questions
    • Reviews
    • Polls
    • Contests & giveaways
    • Coupons
    • Newsletters
    • PDF’s & whitepapers
    • Offline content
    • Blog and Twitter Syndication
    • Shoplet from Alvenda
  • Facebook SEO
    • Keywords in User Name
    • Address, City, State, Zip for local
    • Use “raw link” – don’t attach link
    • Keywords in photos, event descriptions and discussion forum
  • Syndication & Promotion
    • Active participation and updating – news feeds
    • Promote page with an ad
    • Badge and link from website, signature file, other SoMe profiles
    • Send gift functionality
    • Offline promotion
    • Promote other pages through Favorites
  • Facebook Advertising
    • Location
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Education
    • Relationship status
    • Workplaces
    • Keywords
  • Facebook Analytics
    What to track?
    • Likes
    • Wall Posts
    • Comments
    • Fans & unsubscribed fans
    • Page views
  • Tools & Resources
    • Facebook Connect
    • Facebook Apps
    • Mashable
  • LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Overview
    • Personal & Company Profiles
    • Groups & Q/A
    • Build biz via networking
  • Profile Configuration & Optimization
    • Keywords in User Name
    • Bio, link to web site
    • Promote for inbound links
    • Free apps to enhance profile
  • Profile Configuration & Optimization
    Company Profile
    • New beta feature
    • Services and statistics
    • Employees should connect
  • Content Strategy
    • Electronic resume
    • Status updates for freshness
    • New connections
    • Recommendations for dimension
    • Utilize applications
  • Syndication & Promotion
    Syndication & Promotion
    • Join a group
    • Start a group
    • Request an introduction
    • Q& A
    • Advertise
  • Groups
    • Monitor activity
    • Post jobs and news
    • Manage members
  • LinkedIn Analytics
  • Others
  • YouTube
    • What: Video sharing site
    • SoMe: awareness, engagement
    • SEO: file names, titles, descriptions, tags, Universal Search
    • Promotion: advertising on site & videos
    • Metrics: views, ratings, subscribers, comments
    • Tools: YouTube Insights, TubeMogul
  • Flickr (Picasa too)
    • What: Photo sharing site
    • SoMe: awareness
    • SEO: file names, titles, descriptions, tags
    • Metrics: comments, favorites, views
    • Tools: Flickr Pro Account
  • Delicious (StumbleUpon too)
    • What: Social bookmarking tool
    • See latest trends on what people are reading via tags
    • Let others see your tags via public profile
    • SoMe: awareness
    • SEO: keyword research, citation
    • Metrics: # people saved, # notes made, types tags & notes
    • Tools: subscribe to RSS feed for brand and keyword tags
  • Digg (Reddit too)
    • What: Social news voting site
    • See latest trends on what people are reading via Diggs
    • SoMe: find your influencers, awareness
    • SEO: citation, do have nofollow tag
    • Metrics: # diggs, profile views, comments, friends, links
    • Tools: subscribe to RSS feed for brand and keyword tags
  • PC World & Macworld Case Studyw/ Alexa Wriggins
  • Oregon State UniversityCase Study
  • Case Study: Oregon State University
    Increase engagement & awareness in creative way
    Find a low cost way to reach audience
    Engage in all social media forms
    Test concept before announcing
    Use crowd sourcing techniques to test
    Find passionate & affordable talent to manage content
    Learnings Along the Way:
    Don’t need an expert on the front lines
    Already had Facebook presence, had to create second page
    Already had LinkedIn group, more successful
  • Case Study: Oregon State University
    Coverage from Mashable
    EduStyle award
    Increase in admissions
    Increase in fans, followers, subscribers
  • Tracking
  • Social Media Tracking
    • Google Analytics & WebTrends w/ Radian6
    • Yahoo Pipes
    • Tealium
    • Trendrr
    • Clicks with or
  • Custom Filter in Google Analytics
  • Custom Filter in Google Analytics
  • Custom Filter in Google Analytics
  • Q&A
    Hallie Janssen
    Anvil Media, Inc.