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Lee Gallagher, Ricoh-IBM
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Lee Gallagher, Ricoh-IBM


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • Ricoh/IBM Internal PPT Template InfoPrint Solutions Company SZ starts, drive – lee wraps loyalty is para mont and who you want to be loyal Slide 1 We are in unprecedented times. As you know, the world economy is (arguably) in one of the most challenging phases since the Great Depression. Economic pressures are intense, there is a high level of uncertainty around the globe and we, as a world economy, collectively face multiple challenges on multiple levels. In order to flourish in these times, all companies and individuals are forced to do more with less and use our resources more wisely to maximize our investment returns. That requires innovation and new ways of doing business. In addition, the mantra to simultaneously Be Green as we implement our optimization efforts is further shaping many business decisions and approaches.
  • epicenter is your website. you have to now integrate, prioritize, and then no one off campaigns where to go where to start and optimize the mix
  • Transcript

    • 1. Driving Loyalty Online and Offline Sandra Zoratti VP, Global Solutions, InfoPrint Solutions Company Lee Gallagher Direct Marketing Solutions, InfoPrint Solutions Company
    • 2. agenda
      • economy
      • making it happen on a shoestring budget
      • connecting online with offline
      • examples and case studies
    • 3. sos Today, it’s all about the sos Economy (e)merging media, (c)ustomer retention, (o)nline tactics, (n)egligible budgets, (o)ffline tactics, social (m)edia, and lo(y)alty
    • 4. Loyal customers buy more . Loyal Customers spend more and buy more than non- loyal customers mandate: keep customer’s loyal, re-energize past customer’s, and acquire new customers…within budget.
    • 5. Direct Mail 1:1Marketing Advertising TV BLOGS Newsletters
    • 6. Step 1 measure, measure, and measure ROI is everything
    • 7. If you can’t measure your marketing success, good luck. Know your business impact. ROI Email, website, search engine, direct mail, social media, mobile marketing, etc.
    • 8. Step 2 Know your customers Turn purchasing behavior into profit with highly-targeted marketing which builds loyalty
    • 9. this is what marketers see slide coutesy of
    • 10. Photo: unaesthetic – slide from this is what your customers see slide coutesy of
    • 11. So Y2K: One message to everyone Very 2009 and beyond: More targeted messages to one
    • 12. 60%* of marketers are introducing better segmentation, profiling, and targeted strategies to better engage core audiences. Know exactly who to target along with marketing analytics and data base marketing systems *Routes to Revenue ®
    • 13.
      • Understand your existing customer data
      • Decide a target segment
      • Look to predictive analytics and modeling
      • Develop the business rules based on behavior
      • Link tactic’s to data
      • Test vs. Control (Pilot)
      • Measure
      • Repeat
      Start with what you have which may be a combination of CRM, Data Bases, lists, monthly transactions. it’s okay to get help here data = customer insight
    • 14. Step 3 Join the conversation It’s about the conversation – not the delivery channel
    • 15.
      • Engage in relevant
      • personalized
      • 2-Way Conversations
      • with your customers.
      • Personalization and relevancy grow communities, and communities grow
      • loyalty.
    • 16. Connect to the conversation www.
    • 17. Summary of steps
      • ROI
      • Data
      • Connect
      • Measure, adjust, measure
      • Repeat
    • 18. Proof Points connecting online with offline.
    • 19. Integrating the new with the old
      • Social bookmarking
      • Social networking
      • Integration LinkedIn
      • Integration with
      • print publication
    • 20. My Magazine, My Way
      • Online to offline
      • Based on Data Analytics
      • Delivery, less than two weeks
    • 21. TransPromo Loyalty Brand Promo DM Data Analytics Online Business Rules Personal offer Up sell
    • 22. 278 % ROI 15% Program Registrations 39% Number of Stays 34% Number of Nights Stayed 30% Revenue Generated 500% Applications, Best Western Rewards MasterCard and 40% savings in paper ccess to the data necessary to personalize their marketing to grow loyalty Results of making your offline – more relevant and “conversational” – like your online
    • 23. TransPromo 27% Brand Promo DM Data Analytics Online Business Rules Regional offer Upsell
    • 24. Summary
      • Loyalty is important, especially today visit for inspiration
      • Know your customer
      • Leverage your data to deliver more targeted promo’s and build loyalty
      • Test and measure
      • Get into the conversation – link your online and offline
      • Leverage new Routes to Revenue ® or download at or (pick up the executive summary here)*
    • 25.
      • Thank You
      Lee Gallagher [email_address] Skype: glee.gallagher blog: Sandra Zoratti [email_address] Skype:Sandraz27 blog: