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How To Create Highly Engaging Videos Without Appearing On Camera
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How To Create Highly Engaging Videos Without Appearing On Camera


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For More Tips Go To - …

For More Tips Go To -

In this presentation you'll learn How To Create Highly Engaging Videos Without Appearing On Camera

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  • 1. How To Create Highly Engaging Videos Without Appearing On Camera
  • 2. Create Highly Engaging Videos In Just 4 Easy Steps
  • 3. 1. Write A Script
  • 4. If The Content Is Solid
  • 5. Whole Video Will Look Professional
  • 6. Make Sure That The Script Contains Quality Content
  • 7. & Is Written In A Way That Addresses Your Video Viewers
  • 8. 2. Record & Edit Audio
  • 9. Use Your Microphone To Record The Audio Using Audacity
  • 10. Once The Recording Is Finished Do The Audio Editing To Get A Professional Sounding Audio
  • 11. & Export The Audio As MP3
  • 12. 3. Video Editing
  • 13. I Then Pass On The Audio To My Team That Does The Video Editing
  • 14. I Used To Do Video Editing Myself Using Screenflow On Mac
  • 15. My Team Now Does Video Editing Using Camtasia Studio On PC
  • 16. You Can Create Your Professional Looking Video On Both Devices
  • 17. Find High Quality Images That Matches The Script
  • 18. Use Those Images With Standard Text While The Audio Runs
  • 19. Where the Viewer Clearly Understands The Core Content Of The Video While At The Same Time Doesn’t Get Bored
  • 20. Once The Video Is done, The Video Is Exported To The Computer In The Right Web Ready Format
  • 21. 4. Publish Video
  • 22. Finished Web Ready Video Is Uploaded To The Web
  • 23. Everyone Can Watch The Video By Clicking A Website Link
  • 24. This Kind Of Videos Are Much Easier To Create & Can Be Easily Outsourced
  • 25. Because The Only Step Where Your Personalization Is Required Is The Audio Part
  • 26. I Do Both Script & Audio Myself
  • 27. So That My Message Is What Comes Out Through My Voice
  • 28. These Videos Are More Engaging & Look More Professional
  • 29. Changing Images Grabs The Audience Attention Throughout The Video
  • 30. Making Your Viewers More Engaged
  • 31.
  • 32.