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PCOS is a disorder that affects 5 to 10% of women of child bearing age that causes multiple cysts in the ovaries. It is a condition in which an woman has an imbalance of female sex hormones, which may lead to menstrual cycle changes, cysts in the ovaries, trouble getting pregnant, irregular periods that may come and go and may be very light to very heavy, thinning of hair and acne gets worse.

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Pcos treatment

  1. 1. TREATMENT FOR PCOS http://www.homeocare.in/pcos-polycystic-ovariansyndrome.html
  2. 2. What is PCOS? What are its Symptoms? PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is one of the common genetic disease that found in women. It occurred mainly due to heterogeneous disorder of irregular etiology. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is an infection that encloses excess hormone generation by ovaries and the adrenal parts. It affects significant part of women and often at the time of puberty. http://www.homeocare.in/pcos-polycystic-ovariansyndrome.html
  3. 3. http://www.homeocare.in/pcos-polycystic-ovariansyndrome.html
  4. 4. Causes for PCOS 1.) People suffering from PCOS experience diabetes, Hair baldness, and pimples. This disorder cause is not described but it infects an individual in relevance to their food and lifestyle habits. 2.) Even though weight loss is a familiar treatment these days, lean women tend to evidence PCOS , and diet alterations may result in this disease. 3.) Signs may differ from person to the other according to type and its criticality. To examine the state, you may under go some tests. inflammation. http://www.homeocare.in/pcos-polycystic-ovariansyndrome.html
  5. 5. 4.) If you experience insulin immunity, the capability to access insulin gets damaged, and your pancreas has to discharge insulin in excess quantities. This insulin might develop the androgen production leading to PCOS 5.) The white blood cell generates organisms to defend infection to inflammation response. white blood cells generate substances that can result in substances like immune and cholesterol store in blood. Atherosclerosis causes cardiovascular disease. Research has shown that women with PCOS have low-grade inflammation. http://www.homeocare.in/pcos-polycystic-ovariansyndrome.html
  6. 6. PCOS Remedies PCOS has no allied treatment but loss in weight , medicines and dietary alterations like practicing low-fat based nutrition manages most of disease signs . This can be cured by Homeopathy by specialized treatment through online. They prescribe treatments or medicines that helps the victims by reducing disorder signs by controlling blood sugar, hormonal and diet levels, and repairing the ovary cysts and providing relief from PCOS. http://www.homeocare.in/pcos-polycystic-ovariansyndrome.html
  7. 7. Role of Online Homeopathy for PCOS Cure This can be cured by Homeopathy by specialized treatment through online. Online homeocare is one of the best method in these days to solve problem easily and fastly . Here Homeopaths select treatments depending on the effects of body, and works from roots of the disorder by communicating with them and knowing about it completely through online . http://www.homeocare.in/pcos-polycystic-ovariansyndrome.html
  8. 8. Homeocare International Pvt Ltd Begum pet, S.P. Road, Secunderabad – 03, A.P., India. Toll free: 1800-108-1212 E-mail : webmail@homeocare.in http://www.homeocare.in/pcos-polycystic-ovariansyndrome.html
  9. 9. http://www.homeocare.in/pcos-polycystic-ovarian-syndrome.html
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