Heart disease facts


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http://health-treatment.com/heart-disease-facts Major heart disease facts that are highly responsible for heart failure including higher blood pressure, high cholesterol level, diabetes and smoking

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Heart disease facts

  1. 1. http://health-treatment.com
  2. 2. Heart disease facts  Heart disease facts are responsible for heart disease. Higher blood pressure, high cholesterol level, diabetes, smoking are major heart disease facts.  Heart disease is a feeling that your heart is beating too hard or too fast, skipping a beat, or fluttering. Source: http://health-treatment.com/heart-disease-facts/
  3. 3. Heart disease facts Source: http://health-treatment.com/heart-disease-facts/
  4. 4. Major Heart disease facts Age: Simply when you getting older increases your risk of damaged and narrowed your arteries and weakened and thickened heart muscle, which then contribute to heart disease. Sex: Men have greater risk to develops heart disease and also earlier in life. After menopause women also have great risk of heart disease. But normally men are always high risk to develop heart disease. . Source:
  5. 5. Major Heart disease facts  Family history: People those parents or close relative have heart disease is more likely to develop this disease. Family history of heart disease that may increases your risk of coronary heart disease, especially if parent developed this at an early age.  Smoking: Smoking is one of the major heart disease facts. Especially cigarette smoker have great risk for develop heart disease. Source: http://health-treatment.com/heart-disease-facts/
  6. 6. Major Heart disease facts  High blood pressure: High blood pressures increasing the heart’s workload, that causing the heart become thicken and become stiffer. It may also the risk of kidney failure, heart attack, liver failure, stoke etc.  Diabetes: Diabetes may increase the risk of heart disease. Patient that having diabetes, seriously increases your risk to developing cardiovascular disease. Source: http://health-treatment.com/heart-disease-facts/
  7. 7. Heart disease facts Source: http://health-treatment.com/heart-disease-facts
  8. 8. Heart disease facts Obesity: Obesity is another risk factor. Excess weight sometime may increase heart disease. People who have excess body weight have a great chance to heart disease. High cholesterol diet: People who intake high lipid rich food or cholesterol is greater risk to heart failure. Diet that containing rich in fat, salt and cholesterol, which can contribute the development of heart disease.
  9. 9. Most common heart disease facts  Stress: Blood pressure can also be high due to stress and some hormones that are associate with stress are also increase.  Excessive alcohol consumption: Excessive level alcohol consumption can increase your blood cholesterol level and also responsible for high blood pressure. Source: http://health-treatment.com/heart-disease-facts/
  10. 10. Most common heart disease facts
  11. 11. Most common heart disease facts  Lack of exercise: People who do exercise regularly have a higher chance to heart disease and blood cholesterol level become high. Blood pressure also becomes increase if you do not exercise regularly.  Sex hormone: Sex hormones also play great rule for heart disease. Heart disease is rear women who are younger than 40 Source: http://health-treatment.com/heart-disease-facts/
  12. 12. http://health-treatment.com