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If you’re ready to make money online and create a real online business with a passion of yours I’ve got something great for you today. We’re going to show you our make money forever residual income system From Passion to Profit. Work from home to achieve financial freedom!

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Make Money Online - From Passion to Profit

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  2. 2. This ebook is brought to you by Kenny Couling From Passion to Profit Day 1We want to help you make money online with a passion of yours. The old saying goes dosomething you love and the money will follow. Let’s turn something you love into an internetbusiness you love. Now we made this course to EXPLAIN IN DETAIL how to create a ProfitableOnline Business. I keep saying business because I want you to treat it like one. My Goal is to helpas many people as possible create job replacing income. How much money per month do youneed to replace your current income? If you could do “internet marketing” full time how coolwould that be? What would you do month in month out with extra money and time. Now this isgoing to take time because our system is a sustainable business model that will take care of youforever. If you’re going to give up after one stumbling block then leave now but if you’re ready tochange your life let’s get started. Welcome to the wonderful world of Internet Marketing. So many ways make money onlinenow a days that it can be confusing where to even start. There is a lot of hype in this industrypeople promising you can make millions overnight with push button software but that simply isn’ttrue and luckily the FTC is cracking down on such claims. With this training you are going to 2
  3. 3. become an online marketer and gain specific skillsets. A reason to start online could be topromote an existing business or product or for many it will making money from scratch. You canpromote your own products or get paid to promote someone else’s product. In the later scenariothis would make you an affiliate. To simplify making money online you would sendleads/traffic/prospects/visitor whichever you want to call it to an offer where if a sale is made youmake money. The offers you promote can be digital information products such as ebooks, online courses,video tutorials, membership sites or anything digital. You could also promote physical goods suchas items sold on amazon where you get paid for referral traffic as well but they take care ofshipping the items out there are smaller commissions paid on physical goods due to its naturesince digital product costs nearly nothing to duplicate. You want to build an online presence around your passion, send traffic there, and thenmonetize the traffic as in convert it into sales immediately or via follow up. And this course isgoing to show you how to do that. If you don’t take action on what we teach you, then you won’tget any results. And because of that no one can guarantee your success online, only you can.Don’t be afraid to take action and fail, failure is still a result in which you can learn and improvefrom. Every time I reach a new level in my business it is because I failed multiple times to getthere and it is worth it every time. I don’t want you to miss an important piece of the puzzle so be sure to sign up free for ourvideo version of this ebook and check your e-mail inbox each day over the week for an e-mailfrom us Cash Empires and click the link inside to access each lesson. 3
  4. 4. It’s time to help you discover your profitable passion. I want you to answer the followingquestions.  What specialized knowledge do you have?  What is my purpose?  What do you love talking about and sharing?  What do you love to learn about? Think online articles you read, videos you learn from, books and magazines you read.  What are you passionate about, what just gets you excited?  What comes easy to you? Think of your talents  What hobbies do you have?  When you feel your best what are you doing?  What ways do you enjoy helping others?  What would you like to teach others about? Write the answers to these down. You should have some ideas of what you’re passionate about. Which passion do you see yourself creating a business around? The one you choose will be the niche you focus on. It’s good to focus on a sub-niche like if you have a passion for health and fitness your goal isn’t to focus on that as a whole you want to pick a sub niche like nutrition or exercising or weight training or dieting. Which passion has a community that is willing to spend money in that niche? If lots of people have problems in that niche, you can make money solving those problems. If you wouldn’t spend money in that niche why would other people? Is there a community? Google your niche idea + forum are there forums in your niche. When you Google your niche idea are there a good amount of ads. Are there affiliate programs? Google niche idea + affiliate program. VIDEO EXAMPLE 3:13 4
  5. 5. You can make a full time income in just one niche. Is there competition , yes then good. Iam very sure that if you chose a niche and there is no competition then there is no moneyin that niche. Competition is a good thing. And your competition could be your partner incross promotions.I want you now to learn from other marketers in your niche. Find the big players in yourniche opt in to join the email list. See what type of content they have, see what you likeabout what they are doing and what you dislike as well. Here is what you want to takenote of, what are they doing to make you take action. What are they offering or givingaway. What products are they promoting to you and can you be an affiliate for thoseproducts. Video Example 7:16Todays Action Steps1. Answer the finding your passion questions2. Do your niche research on your final few niche choices 5
  6. 6. 3. Eliminate least profitable niches 4. Opt in to the big players email lists in your final niche decision and take note of how they market.Tomorrow were going to show you how to monetize all of your efforts to pull in sales and makemoney. DAY 2 Welcome Back to Day 2, the big question you are probably wondering is how am I going tomake money online? In the beginning it can be difficult to create your own product line, salespages and affiliate programs so we recommend you start as an affiliate. By that I mean promoteother peoples products to earn commission. When you refer traffic to an offer as an affiliate, if asale is made you make money and the product owner now is responsible for customer support forhis/her product. You should be promoting something that has helped you and are you’re familiarwith. In our industry there are product launches every day and affiliates such as yourself jump onboard promoting a product before it goes live if you do this make sure you trust the personlaunching the product and they put out quality products or you will be known for promoting badproducts…not good. Okay lets find something to promote, the easiest place to find digital products,,, Another method is to search your keyword plus affiliate programs and find offers to promotethat way. 6
  7. 7. You can find CPA cost per action offers to promote where you can paid if a certain action istaken usually generating a lead if that is trial offers, free offers where your visitors fill our theirdetails and submit. You can get paid to promote products on amazon through amazon associates program You can make money letting Google AdSense run on your content and you can let peopleadvertise on your web property for extra money. VIDEO EXAMPLES So you have something to promote now here is 5 ways to get people to your offer 1. Hyperlink text in your content, so highlight the text and insert your affiliate link 2. Banners – Have your banners link to your offer you can include them in your header, footer or your sidebar 3. E-mail Marketing – My favorite you can broadcast a message to your list anytime promoting your offer or add an email promotion to your follow up sequence so on a set day after joining your list they will get an email linking to your offer. 4. Product Review – Review a product you have purchased listing the pros and cons. It can be a blog post or YouTube video and you just link to it using your affiliate link. Some people create online business completely around doing reviews 7
  8. 8. 5. Pay-Per-Click – Create a PPC ad that links to your product. Facebook has PPC and allows for super targeting your audience based on likes…which is what I like. The goal here is to make more money than you’re spending. Important things to know when promoting a product, you shouldn’t overlook these.  Conversion Rate – What does your product sales page convert at? If you send 1000 targeted visitors to the sales page how many of them purchase the product. Typically it ranges from 0.5%-4%.  EPC (Earnings Per Click) if you know what the sales page converts at and you know how much commission you get per sale you will know your EPC. Example. If you send 1000 visitors to a sales page and you make 10 sales that’s a 1% conversion rate. If you get 50% commissions on a $50 product that’s $25 per sale x 10 sales is $250. Your EPC would be 1000 clicks divided by dollars earned $250 which is $4 EPC. Now you know how much you could spend per click to stay in profit. If a product owner claims you can get $7 EPC don’t always trust that number because traffic isn’t created equally that could be his/her EPC with their subscriber list where they have built a solid relationship with and that offer specifically caters to his/her subscribers needs.  Just Remember traffic isn’t created equal.Todays Action Steps: 1. Register for an affiliate program such as, 2. Pick a product to promote and get your affiliate link 3. Create a list of affiliate programs in your niche 8
  9. 9. Tomorrow were going to show you our screen how to set up the technical stuff so you can just doexactly as we do. We will help you setup your blog which is your central hub, Help you get adomain which is your website and hosting account to host all your files, Run through how to useWordPress to install a theme, plugins, post content, customize WP makes it easy to create awebsite and post regular content. And we are going to show you how to mask your links so peoplecan’t bypass your link to get to where you’re sending them to ensure you get affiliatecommissions. DAY 3 Welcome Back to Day 3 my friends Mr. Kenny Couling here and today were going to showyou how to setup your website and blog. What is blogging? Blogging is a web log where you postregular entries. We are going to install our blog to be our primary website because it’s easy tocreate posts as well as web pages with Wordpress. Why do you need a website? You need a homefor your content because if you post content on other websites it belongs to them and could becut off at any time. In order to build a brand you should have a central hub you call home. It willbe hard to position yourself as an expert in your niche without a website. Before you can have a website you need hosting. Hosting stores all the files for yourwebsite. You can have multiple websites running off the same hosting account. When getting ahosting account you want one that provides you unlimited domain hosting, unlimited hostingspace, e-mail accounts and an easy to use control panel. We Recommend Bluehost they haveeverything I just mentioned plus you get a free domain when you get started. I really likeBluehost because you can live chat with them whenever you’re stuck doing something technicalthey have always been able to help me. 9
  10. 10. What is a Domain? A domain is your website example is a domain. Easiest wayto get a domain is through your hosting don’t waste your time purchasing a domain from thirdparty domain sellers to save $2 it’s a hassle to link your domain to your hosting. You’re looking at$10 per year for a domain. Choose a domain relevant to your niche and one that will help yourbrand. Once we have a domain and hosting account were going to want to get our website goingand the way I do that is using Wordpress. Wordpress is a blogging tool and content managementsystem. This is an easy way to build a site without knowing any coding. You want to installWordpress to a domain which I am about to show you. Video Example Cool now it’s time to pick a theme for Wordpress this is what your website will look like.Go to Woothemes to grab a theme. Were about to show you how to install your theme onWordPress, install plugins inside wordpress, and how to add content to your blog. Each blog postgets its own page. Video Example The last thing I want to show you how to do today is masking affiliate links. If you maskyour affiliate links people it will be less easy to tell you’re an affiliate because it shows a differentdomain than your affiliate code. This also makes it so people can’t get around your affiliate link.What we do is setup a redirect inside our hosting account where set a page to redirect them to the 10
  11. 11. offer still giving you credit as the affiliate. In todays video lesson we included an attachmentcalled index.php this text file has the proper redirect code so you can just copy and paste youraffiliate link into the file and upload it. Video Example Todays Action Steps 1. Get a Hosting Account – go to Bluehost 2. Choose a Domain for the niche you wish to enter, your first is free with Bluehost 3. Install Wordpress on the domain in your hosting account 4. Choose and Install a theme to your wordpress 5. Familiarize yourself with plugins and posting 6. Setup a redirect to a product you want to promoteTomorrow were going to show you how to setup your automated income stream by getting themost out of your traffic using an auto-responder. This is the best way to capture leads for yourbusiness. DAY 4Welcome to Day 4 of From Passion to Profit. Todays lesson is very important because you want toimplement what you learn today sooner than later. If you have heard the money is in the list thisis what todays lesson refers to. To get the most out of your traffic you want to capture them as a lead so you can createrepeat traffic. In a sense this is now traffic you own. As you capture leads your building an assetfor your business which is a list of people who have expressed an interest in your niche. 11
  12. 12. In order for you to capture leads and build a list you are going to need an auto responder.An auto responder can automatically add contacts to your email campaign which can be anautomated sequence of emails you have already written. At any time you can mail your entire listno matter where any person is at in your follow up sequence. The auto responder service we useis GetResponse which when I show you how to setup this will be the service in example. The onlyother one I would take a look at is Aweber, these are the top 2 services. You want to use one ofthese to ensure email deliverability. To start building your list you want to offer your visitors afree gift with lots of value in exchange for their name and email. Once a visitor opts in to your listthey are added into your marketing funnel where you give them the gift they opted in for. Placehigh importance on all initial emails you want to build a solid relationship with your emailsubscribers right away. In order to capture a lead you will need to create an opt in box from your auto responderaccount which I will show you how to create. We also recommend a Wordpress plugin pop-updomination that creates excellent opt in box for your blog with proven increased conversion ratesfrom visitor to subscriber. Video Examples Let me give you an example of just how profitable email marketing can be and why youshould be building a list immediately. Lets say you have a product you promote to your list thatgives you a $50 commission every sale you refer. If you have a list of 1000 subscribers and 10people which is only 1% of your list, buys the product through the link in your email you justmade $500. If your list had 10,000 people on it and only 1% buys the product, that’s $5000 fromjust one email! This is why you don’t want to just send people to an offer; you want to capturetheir email. 12
  13. 13. Maintaining a relationship with your list will keep your subscribers from opting out ofyour list, continue opening emails and clicking links in your email. So treat your subscribers likegold, provide value often and offer products as a solution not just for the sake of promotingsomething. Now this next video shows you how to add a follow up email. You can split test whichtemplates and emails work best for you. Video Example When creating your freebie you want to over deliver to your audience. Always give it tothem right away Day 0 in your auto responder or once they opt in they can be taken to theproduct page. You can create your own freebie in the format of an ebook, ecourse, a report, a list,videos, audios it’s up to you. Todays Action Steps 1. Sign up for your autoresponder service GetResponse (used in all our examples) or Aweber 2. Brainstorm ideas for your freebie 3. Create an opt in box for your sidebar on your blog and or a pop-up domination box 4. Create a newsletter template and save it so you can reuse it with every email Tomorrow were going to go over coming up with content and writing effectively so your visitors will take your desired action. 13
  14. 14. DAY 5 Day 5 of From Passion to Profit were going to uncover another puzzle piece today vital toyour success online. Today were going to cover Content and Copywriting there go hand in handyou need to remember copywriting when creating content. I am going to cover content first. Thecontent you make can be written articles, blog post, ebooks, or video content can be used onblogs, squeeze pages, or youtube. Maybe your content consists of audios such as a podcasts butno matter which type of content the content itself needs to be top of the line. There is so muchcontent out there to sort through, only the best content will rise above the rest and in turn drivetraffic for you, retain visitors at your blog, keep people opening emails from you essentiallycontent is king. Always choose quality over quantity. You want to create content that your niche isinterested in so stay away from unrelated things that your followers won’t care about. Your content could solve a problem, teach how to do something, be an interview with anexpert in your industry, it could be a review of a product or service, it could demonstrate atechnique, answer your subscribers questions, be a top list like top 10 best…,or be a reflection ofsomething. Your content can come from an outsourcer or guest poster if you really choose to do itthat way but again here it has to be top quality. Ok so what is copywriting and what does it have to do with content. Copywriting shouldn’tbe confused with copyright in the sense of legal rights, copywriting is the use of words and ideasto promote a person, business, opinion or idea. The purpose of marketing copy is to persuade areader/listener/viewer to act – for example buy a product, subscribe to your list, open your emailor read past the headline of your content. 14
  15. 15. Here are some scenarios where good copywriting comes in play in your online business.Writing Headlines, writing sales copy, bullet points and copy on a squeeze page (which is a pagededicated to getting people to join your email list), A forum signature that links back to yourwebsite you want someone to click right? When I talked about gaining skillsets in this businesscopywriting is one of them, always work on improving this. Headlines, the job of a good headline is to compel the reader to check out your content. Thegoal here is to get your first sentence read. In your opening text you should cut to the chase don’twaste time here or goodbye reader. If you write a bad headline you greatly decrease the chanceof a person opening an email, checking out your blog post, clicking on your ads, or reading yoursales pages. Your headline should clearly communicate the benefit the reader will get in exchangefor their time. A few examples of headlines that work;  A “how” or “how to” followed by “benefit” work really well. How to Save Money on your electricity bill. Or How I saved 10% on my electricity bill.  A headline that lists a number of reasons or ways will work well. Example would be 10 Fitness Facts that Everyone Gets Wrong.  Starting with “why” at the beginning of a statement (not a question) is an easy to focus on the benefit of continued reading. Example: Why 2013 is going to be your best year.  Being really direct in your headline like; 50% off my Best Selling Course  Ask a question that involves the reader and makes them want to know more. Example: Do You Make These 6 Blogging Mistakes? 15
  16. 16.  To improve your headline writing skills, become more aware of headlines being used on top content on the web, headlines being used on magazines and newspapers.  Try to include a keyword in your title, for search purposes it will help people find you. Creating Your Call to Action Why would you have the reader go through your content in the first place? Yes to be helpful but what action do you want them to take? At the end of your content include a call to action. In your call to action you want to tell them exactly what they need to do now. If they want the benefit of whatever it is you are offering them then they need to take the action you want them to now. Include a benefit button they can click on with the benefit written on the button like give me access now, or teach me how to play. Clicking the button will take them to the desired action. I wanted to create awareness in you to use copywriting whenever you create content because it is often overlooked. Todays Action Steps 1. Write out 5 headlines for content you are going to create 2. Choose one of them and create a blog postTomorrow we talk about the lifeblood of your online business which is Traffic. We go over free andpaid traffic methods. DAY 6 16
  17. 17. Welcome back my friend to Day 6, Traffic Tactics. Traffic is what makes making moneypossible without any you can’t convert sales. You can have your website monetized, yourmarketing funnel all set up, good content but without traffic you won’t be able to generate anyleads for your business or make sales. I recommend you do have everything in place so you havesomething to send traffic to. In your online business you want your conversions to be in place sowhen you do send traffic to your website you can convert it to subscribers or buyers. If you are generating traffic where do you send them? First importance is to get them tojoin your email list. This is your biggest asset. If you send traffic directly to an offer you couldprofit but then they are gone. If you send traffic to your product you could build a list of buyersand test your sales page conversions. I just don’t recommend spending time getting one timetraffic to an affiliate offer if they don’t buy they are gone and you lost your chance to get them onyour list where you can continually market to them. If you have reoccurring traffic methods inplace you will have fresh leads daily coming in to the front end of your marketing funnel makingyou money automatically. Free Vs. Paid Traffic. Free traffic you pay with time, it takes time to generate freetraffic while paid traffic can be almost instant. If you don’t know the dollar value of every newvisitor you could easily overspend. You can also spend money paying for someone else togenerate traffic via free traffic sources. Paid traffic can be good to test out your new offer, howresponsive people are to your freebie, finding out what your opt in rate is, and finding out thevalue of your visitors. Once you have a result you can pause your paid traffic campaigns. If youhave a healthy budget getting good at paid traffic could be worth any initial losses while you getbetter. If you have a very little budget and a lot of time then free traffic methods could be worthyour time getting good at. 17
  18. 18. I will briefly go over different traffic tactics to aid in your decision on which tactic youare going to focus on. You only want to work on one way at most two until you really have thatmethod down pact and can generate consistent traffic. I will show you examples of 1 free methodand 1 paid method. Here are the most common traffic sources.FREE TRAFFIC METHODS 1. Article Marketing – with article marketing basically you write quality articles and submit them to article directories and since the directories have authority and traffic there is a chance people will find your article and they will go through your article and you can link back to your website in the content or the authors box and get traffic that way. People could re post your article on their website as long as they leave the author box in tact this could expose your article to their audience and send you traffic that way. If you decide to submit a blog post of yours to an article directory you want to make sure your blog post on your website gets indexed first so the search engines know of its existence and don’t filter it out as duplicate content. There is one way to reuse the same content and avoid duplication by using an article spinner which re words it and changes it so it’s not duplicate content. 2. Forum Marketing – You want to sign up for a forum in your niche and add value to the forum. Get yourself involved in the conversations and start new threads. With forum marketing you just edit your signature to include a link back to your website; with every post you make your signature will be below it allowing a chance for people to visit you. Video Example 3. Video Marketing – Create videos and submit them to video directories such as YouTube, there is a lot of traffic on YouTube. They will host your video for you and you could embed them on your blog as blog posts. You can include a visual link in your video and brand it. 18
  19. 19. Always include a link back to your website under the video so they can click it and visit you. Include keyword tags in your video so people can find your video searching those tags.4. Blog Commenting – If done correctly and with good intentions can drive targeted traffic. Too many people try to spam this tactic with meaningless comments. Most moderators won’t approve your comment this way. Add in your own perspective and opinions; just make sure your adding value to the blog post. Usually you can link to a website in your name so people who enjoy your comment can visit you this way.5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – this is optimizing your posts to rank in the search engines, so when people search relevant keywords in your niche in Google for example your website shows up as close to the number one spot as possible. The higher your rankings the more traffic you will get. Obviously this traffic is very targeted because they have to type in a certain keyword to reach your website. This tactic involves on page optimization and off page optimization.6. E-mail Marketing – If you have been capturing your leads and building a list this is repeat traffic. Every time you have a new blog post you can email your list and send them back to your website. I talked about this in day 4.7. Social Media – There are many different social media sites where you can drive traffic from. You could create a twitter account and tweet every time you have a new post, something to say, a nice little tip. You could create a Facebook fan page around your business and get people to like you there and share content with them there and of course getting them on your email list or back to your website. Do NOT come off spammy on social media sites.8. Yahoo Answers – go answer peoples questions related to your niche, help solve people’s problems and elaborate on your blog post linking back to your blog post for further help.9. Joint Ventures – this is when your partner with other people, one example would be to email your list to promote one another. You can leverage the traffic other people create. 19
  20. 20. 10. Guest Posting – You be the poster on someone else’s website. You create unique content that would be useful to their audience and link back to your website.Paid Traffic Methods 11. Search Engine Pay Per Click – with Google for example the have advertisements on the top or the side and you pay for your ad to show up when people type in a certain keyword. It becomes a bidding war when people are bidding on the same keyword. So you want to bid on keywords less general than say Health. Big companies can afford to pay a lot more on such a broad term. Be more specific with key phrases which are deeper targeting. 12. Facebook Pay Per Click - If you’re on Facebook which everyone is you have seen the ads on the side. It is small picture, a headline and a little description box. Where you can link back to your website or your fan page. You can bid on certain demographics and interests making it easy to target a specific audience. You can target the fan base of other popular people or brands in your niche. 13. Media Buys – when you’re browsing the internet you see banner ads all over the place. You can contact website owners to put your banner on their website. If they generate a good amount of traffic but are not very good at making money with it you could get a good placement deal. Obviously make sure the website is really targeted so you’re driving relevant traffic. 14. Solo Ads – Solo ads is where you pay someone to email their list. It’s not really a joint venture partnership they are selling you an email blast and you can build your email list this way giving away a freebie. 15. PPV Pay Per View – this is a traffic source where the traffic has agreed to being advertised to on occasion in order to get something for free like a screensaver or a game. It will install a toolbar or something like that and trigger your ad when they visit a website you 20
  21. 21. are targeting. You could target and have your ad pop up when these users visit that website. These PPV Networks usually have an entry fee anywhere from $50-$200 or more, which goes towards your advertising. 16. Mobile Marketing – If you have a mobile optimized page or app you could run your ads on a mobile advertising network. This may not be the best traffic source for an online business but this is where the future is headed. 17. Offline Classifieds – any type of offline advertising could fall under this category. You could have an ad run in a relevant magazine promoting an offer and having them visit your website to get it.Todays Action Steps  Choose a traffic tactic that you want to master and get started with it. If you’re doing Facebook PPC go create an ad, set a small budget it’s okay to lose a few dollars to get familiar with it. If you’re going to do video marketing create a video upload it to YouTube add some tags.  E-mail us back letting us know which traffic source you want to master.Tomorrow is the last day of From Passion to Profit. We are going to talk about tracking elementsof your business, scaling up your business and outsourcing things that maybe you don’t want todo or would rather pay someone to do for you. 21
  22. 22. DAY 7 Alright you made it to day 7 of from passion to profit, high five! We have covered a lot ofground for creating an online cash empire especially if you’re just getting started and a lot of thisis new to you. Let’s dive in to today’s lesson. The first element in taking your business to the next level is tracking. If you don’t trackanything in your business it is difficult to determine what is working and what is not. What canyou track in your business?  Website Traffic and Traffic Sources  The amount of traffic you are sending to an offer  Earnings Per Click  Opt-In Rates  Sales  Dollar Per Lead (the value of your subscribers in your marketing funnel)Let’s take a look at how to do this. Video Example The second element in taking your business to the next level is outsourcing. Outsourcing is paying someone else to do a certain aspect of your business. Before you outsource any work 22
  23. 23. I recommend you do the task yourself so you can set the expectations. If you’re really struggling with something it might worth your time to just outsource it and save the headache. Here are some common things you can outsource.  Graphics Design  Programming  Writing  Research  Email or customer support  SEOYou find people with the skills to do these tasks for you at these,, Video Example The third element in taking your business to the next level is Scaling. If you’re taking action and generating results it’s time to scale up. Reinvest the money you make into your business and into yourself. Work on your conversions to get more out of the traffic you’re getting. Reinvest the money into paid traffic building your list bigger. Promote more products and extend your sales funnel. Add a onetime offer following your opt in. Create your own products to promote so you keep all the money or have joint ventures promote it for you and split the money made. Consistently create more content for your marketing to expand your brand presence and drive more traffic. If you have gone really deep sub niche and have time you can consider branching into another passion creating a separate website and duplicate what has proven to work for you. 23
  24. 24. Today’s Action Steps 1. Install Google Analytics 2. Outsource something – Be the Boss! 3. Grab the Video Version of this course, it’s Free All of this can seem overwhelming but if you take consistent action you will results and you cangrow a profitable business that fits your lifestyle. Your short term struggles will be rewarded in thelong run, don’t give up! Have integrity in your business don’t spam or do unethical things. Treatyour internet marketing like a $1,000,000 business because there a lot of people out there whohave reached that level, if you treat it like a hobby you will get hobby like results. If you’re stuckand tried to find a solution, then ask us for help just reply to our email. Most importantly have funyou can do whatever you want in your business you’re the boss. THANKS! For being here, we appreciate your time going through our lessons. I hope we havehelped you turn your passion to profits. We appreciate you being a subscriber and until next timetake care.FROM PASSION TO PROFIT ACTION STEPS 1. Answer the finding your passion questions 2. Do your niche research on your final few niche choices 24
  25. 25. 3. Eliminate least profitable niches4. Opt in to the big players email lists in your final niche decision and take note of how they market.5. Register for an affiliate program such as ClickBank6. Pick a product to promote and get your affiliate link7. Create a list of affiliate programs in your niche8. Get a Hosting Account – go to Bluehost9. Choose a Domain for the niche you wish to enter, your first is free with Bluehost10. Install Wordpress on the domain in your hosting account11. Choose and Install a theme to your wordpress12. Familiarize yourself with plugins and posting13. Setup a redirect to a product you want to promote14. Sign up for your autoresponder service GetResponse or Aweber15. Brainstorm ideas for your freebie16. Create an opt in box for your sidebar on your blog and or a pop-up domination box17. Create a newsletter template and save it so you can reuse it with every email18. Write out 5 headlines for content you are going to create19. Choose one of them and create a blog post20. Choose a traffic tactic that you want to master and get started with it. Be consistent. 25