Online Business Bootcamp India


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Online Business Bootcamp India

  1. 1. ONLINE BOOTCAMP TRAINING Join Us & Dream Big in 2014
  2. 2. Hello there! Here at the Online Bootcamp HQ, our team is excited to see you. As time progresses, we do hope to get to know each other better and welcome you to our ever growing community of online entrepreneurs. The mission of this bootcamp is simple. To empower you and your business with strategies, tactics and training for doing business online. Whether you’re currently managing a family owned business, starting something new of your own or bringing your existing business online. We have empowered businesses around the world with the know how and we will accomplish the same for you. Let’s Get Started! Cheers, Gaurav & Stanley
  3. 3. ONLINE BOOTCAMP Week 1: Master The Basics Week 2: Research Your Market Week 3: Craft Your Sales Funnel Week 4: Traffic Generation Week 5: Traffic Generation (contd.) Week 6: Tying It Together
  4. 4. Join a revolution of business owners growing their business online...
  5. 5. How Am I Going To Learn? Your training is released in weekly modules within our private, member only website. Each module is filled with step-by-step training videos, done-for-you templates, resource lists and action guides. You will watch and learn from your computer, or stream it on your tablet! Our goal is to make your online learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible!
  6. 6. Grab & Go Training Downloadable Content Bootcamp Forum Our core modules are digestible, 20-30 minutes training videos Each module is released weekly within member’s only dashboard. With our multimedia training, you’ll get access to informative videos, PDF handouts, cheat sheets, transcripts, action guides, templates and resources. Get expert answers to your specific question from the team at, connect with fellow bootcamp members, share, discuss and learn 24/7.
  7. 7. What Exactly Will I Know After Completing The Bootcamp? Our bootcamp is fairly intensive yet presented in an intuitive manner ensuring you will be able to implement all the tactics, tools and strategies closely held by the most successful online business pros. You can expect to continually increase your customer base by drawing new leads. Automate parts of your sales process while increasing your sales conversion rates. Increase loyalty. both your brand and customer Gain new market share in your industry. Raise your average lifetime customer value as well as your bottom line profits. Dramatically business. increases the value of your
  8. 8. This Is What Our Community Have To Say… “When I launched my studio, I had no idea how to use social media to get clients. These guys helped me out and now I run my own Social Media Campaigns .” – Manvi Jain “Dealing with this company was an absolute pleasure, communication was brilliant and they did more than was expected” – Peter C.A. “I took my website online thanks to the guys at They have always been well ahead of the curve when it come to online and business in particular” – Sharan S “Online Business are my go to guys for anything online. They have helped me learn whatever is new as it happens. I then offer it out to my customers.” – Rishika “These guys deliver even more than agreed upon..They are responsive, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I recommend them without reservation.” – Iqbal Chaney “Online Business have been market leaders in their niche ever since I can look back. I have enjoyed working with them and I endorse their knowledge.” – Kunal G
  9. 9. Team At
  10. 10. Who Can Benefit From Online Bootcamp?  Whether you’re a start-up, small business or an aspiring entrepreneur. Whether you want to take offline business online, enhance an existing online business or even start a fresh business over the Internet. Whether you’re selling a product or a service. You’ll learn skills and strategies to build and implement a successful business online.
  11. 11. Do You Really Want To Learn How To Grow Your Business Online In 2014?
  12. 12. An Overview OF WHAT EXACTLY IS INSIDE Online Bootcamp A weekly break-down of the course
  13. 13. MASTER THE BASICS: : MASTER THE BASICS: Domain Selection Basics Of Building A Website MASTER THE BASICS: MASTER THE BASICS: MASTER THE BASICS: Keyword Analysis Analysis Of An Existing Website Hosting & Email Configuration Week 1: Master The Basics MASTER THE BASICS: Outsourcing
  14. 14. Get Started • What makes a good domain name • Introduction to the Boot-Camp and house-keeping rules • Selecting the right extension • Using vanity domains creatively Keyword Analysis • Learn how to identify the most profitable and converting keywords for your online business • How to have a keyword list ready and keep it updated regularly • Get estimates of traffic volume even before you begin Basics Of Building A Website • Having an objective for your website • Building a website using CMS (appealing & converting themes) • The right website structure from Google’s perspective • Website maintenance with CMS Domain Selection • Domain name selection tips Week 1: Master The Basics
  15. 15. Website Analysis Outsourcing • Suggested tweaks & improvements • Things you can outsource • Request for professional website analysis • Building your virtual team Hosting & Email Configuration • Clear guidelines on hosting so you don’t spend too much • Importance of having a professional email address •Learn how to create a domain email address Week 1: Master The Basics • What are the best platforms for you to find quality outsourcers • Pitfalls to watch out for while working with outsourcers.
  16. 16. MARKET RESEARCH: MARKET RESEARCH: MARKET RESEARCH: MARKET RESEARCH: Identifying Your Target Market Analyze Your Competition Week 2: Research Your Market Ideal Buyer Persona SWOT Analysis
  17. 17. Identifying Your Target Market • Know who your target market is and have a full description of your market • Focus on your primary market • Learn how to position yourself Ideal Buyer Persona • Importance of creating a customer avatar. • Ideal potential customer with similar needs. Analyze Your Competition • Differentiate your business from your competition • Know your closest 3 competitors • Stand out in a crowded marketplace and claim top position in your niche SWOT Analysis • Resources to be used for competitive advantage • Exploit opportunities to avoid potential threats. • What you should avoid Week 2: Research Your Market
  18. 18. SALES FUNNEL: SALES FUNNEL: Create Your Offer Build Your List SALES FUNNEL: Email Marketing 101 Week 3: Craft Your Sales Funnel SALES FUNNEL: Landing Pages SALES FUNNEL: Auto Responders
  19. 19. Create Your Offer • Understand how to create an appealing offer • Learn the differences between top, middle and bottom of the funnel offers Build Your List • Build your list the right way • Tips to build your list of loyal subscribers • Best practices for collecting leads for your list Landing Pages • Anatomy of a landing page •Learn how to structure the content of your landing page • Why a clear call to action is important Email Marketing 101 • Convert your warm leads into instant sales • How to create, deliver & monitor emails sent in large numbers • Discover the various management software for Email Marketing Auto-responders • Automate your email marketing with Auto-Responders • Get accurate analytics about the effectiveness of your email campaigns Week 3: Craft Your Sales Funnel
  20. 20. TRAFFIC GENERATION: TRAFFIC GENERATION: Overview SEO TRAFFIC GENERATION: Social Media Week 4: Traffic Generation
  21. 21. Overview • Understand what is traffic • The need for qualified traffic Social Media • Understanding the various social media platforms • The relationship between traffic & sales • Gaining traffic and attention through social media SEO • White-hat SEO practices for online marketing • Learn how to get website listed among the top search engines. • Enable Google and other search engines to index your website periodically (using Sitemaps & Robots.txt) Week 4: Traffic Generation • Using the power of social media for brand recognition & lead generation • How to boost your fans, followers and connections to maximize your social reach
  22. 22. Continued From Week 4.. TRAFFIC GENERATION: Guest Posting Week 5: Traffic Generation TRAFFIC GENERATION: Paid Traffic
  23. 23. Guest Posting • What is Guest Posting Paid Traffic • The difference between paid & organic traffic • Why guest posting is good for search engines. •Resources to find good authors for guest posts • The different sources you can purchase traffic from - Advertising with search engines - Advertising with social media • Increasing authority & credibility by leaving guest posts on relevant blogs • The pros & cons of purchasing traffic Week 5: Traffic Generation
  24. 24. TYING IT TOGETHER: TYING IT TOGETHER: Market Leadership Advanced Ninja Strategies TYING IT TOGETHER: Making It Big Week 6: Future Business Path
  25. 25. Market Leadership • Maintaining your position as a market leader Tying It Together • How the different modules come together • Best practices for enhancing brand value • Putting the strategies learnt into real world applications Advanced Ninja Strategies • Strategies that will help you go to the next level in online business • Tips & tricks learnt from experience Week 6: Future Business Path
  26. 26. Bonus Week Affiliate Marketing Video Marketing Affiliate Marketing Video Marketing • Understanding the concept of affiliate marketing • How to make quality videos with minimal cost & efforts • Recognizing the best affiliate programs • Methods for effective distribution of videos • How to promote affiliate products • Setting up affiliate programs for your own products • Simple guide to YouTube strategies
  27. 27. Gets The Newbies Started. Keeps The Pros Going!
  28. 28. Learn At Your Own Pace Absolutely! You’ll go through the training as it’s released over six weeks. We get that you’re busy and may have to take a break. Do not worry about lagging behind . You’ll be able to go through the training at your own pace, convenience and comfort with Online Bootcamp’s video trainings. The training materials are yours to keep. You can revisit and review them at any time.
  29. 29. BONUS As a special bonus, our Online Bootcamp members will receive access to the same state of the art online tracking and reporting dashboard software we use, to run all our online businesses. If you were to buy access to this software for just one year, you would have to spend more than 8x times the cost of your enrolment to Online Bootcamp.
  30. 30. ONLINE BOOTCAMP TRAINING INVESTMENT? We’re offering the online bootcamp, helping you supercharge your business with the power of online marketing for the unbelievably low price of Rs. 7997/Enter the coupon code “earlybird” before 18th January, 2014 and get the course at a discounted price of Rs.4997/Online Bootcamp is available all across India.
  31. 31. Dream Big in 2014 So what are you waiting for? Enroll in Online Bootcamp Training program before its too late and we will see you soon. We dedicate ourselves to your success!