Your university needs an i phone app!


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Increased engagement and social media integration are just two of the reasons for a university having an iPhone app.

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Your university needs an i phone app!

  1. 1. Your university needs an iPhone app!
  2. 2. Why an iPhone * app? * Your app will also work on most iPods and iPads
  3. 3. Apple is the brand of choice for students and graduates across all backgrounds Your target audience loves Apple
  4. 4. <ul><li>Stats from StudentBeans & YouGov </li></ul>43% of UK students would choose an Apple handset if they were to buy new tomorrow 38% Percentage of students using the internet on their mobile phones at least once a day 14% of worldwide smartphone sales in the 2 nd quarter of 2010 were attributed to Apple
  5. 5. Employer Career Talks Club & Society Sign-up Events Student Induction Talks Campus Buildings, Library, SU, Sports facs Student Services Open days Student Union Events Careers Events Graduation Ceremonies End of Year Prom Increase engagement with students, graduates, campus visitors and the local community by listing latest events and points of interest:
  6. 6. Why an iPhone app from Prospects?
  7. 7. Cost effective Our research shows that the cost of our app is at least 3 times lower than other iPhone app providers, despite having the most innovative functionality (more about that later) Yet another advantage of working with an organisation like Prospects, who works closely with the UK Higher Education sector
  8. 8. Reach a variety of audiences International students Clubs and societies Alumni Postgraduate Students Can also be used by... And any other audience you can think of... [ ]
  9. 9. Augmented reality - our USP “ Augmented Reality refers to a display in which simulated imagery, graphics, or symbology is superimposed on a view of the surrounding environment” In other words...
  10. 10. ...the app enables users to see on-campus places of interest by looking at the world through the camera on their phone and find directions via Google Maps increasing engagement * * engagement is loved by 98.9% of students, graduates and universities
  11. 11. Easily shared via <ul><li>iTunes </li></ul>QR codes Target email from Prospects Via email and texts University profile on Your website ...and any other channels that you can think of
  12. 12. Drive traffic to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts via the Social Media page “ With an average of two social media accounts per person, an individual with 50 or more friends, depending on their willingness to tout a favourite brand, product or service, could potentially message as many as 100,000 other people. This potential media multiplier makes marketers salivate” Social Commerce Today Social media integration
  13. 13. In summary... Students and graduates love Apple Prospects app is cost effective Reach all of your target audiences App features augmented reality functionality Increase engagement with target audiences App is easily shared Integrated with social media channels
  14. 14. Make it happen