Is Knowledge Power ???


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Is Knowledge Power ???

  1. 1. Is Knowledge Power?True education is training of both he head and theheart. We need to compete for knowledge andwisdom and not for grades. As it is very rightly said,that knowledge is piling up of facts, and wisdom issimplifying it. A student can have good grades anddegree and still not learn much. The most importantthing one can learn is to “learn to learn”. And this isapplicable to all, not just to students. People confuseeducation with the ability to memorize facts. Buteducating the mind without morals creates just robotsthat are lead by instructions and not moralresponsibilities.People say “Knowledge is Power”, but I don’t feel so.Knowledge is just information. It is potential powerand it can become power only when acted upon.Learning is a lot like eating, it is not how much u eatsmatters, what matters are how much you digest.If knowledge is potential power, then Wisdom is realpower.Education is a process; it is not just grades and adegree.It is…
  2. 2. A process to cultivate your strengthLearning Self- disciplineLearning to ListenI would like to share a few lines, written by my friend;“A very thin line, but it surely separatesThe meaning of being educated & being literate.People confuse with the two being the same thing,But the two differ hell n heaven as per my ruling.Literacy only means u know how to read and write,But education teaches u , what’s wrong and what’sright.These days people are more attached to degrees thanknowledge,Guess! That’s the reason for their mind’s hollowness.Be the one to know what’s best for humanity,Running after money is just insanity.
  3. 3. A literate is one , who knows the meaning ofeverything and value of none,Without morals n ethics , you’re education is just half-done.So its time guys, you strive for true wisdom,& then you’ll have the world as your kingdom.”“ t.j”The tragedy of today’s world is that there are manywalking encyclopedias who are living failures.So all you people around the world, what do you thinkabout yourself?Are you literate or educated as well?
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