Three Popular Myths of Online Accredited Colleges


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Online accredited colleges are becoming more popular to lots of students around the world. Institutions such as the Cappella University and the University of Phoenix are very popular and lots of degrees online are awarded to students every year.

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Three Popular Myths of Online Accredited Colleges

  1. 1. Online accredited colleges arebecoming more popular to lots ofstudents around the world. Institutionssuch as the Cappella University and theUniversity of Phoenix are very popularand lots of degrees online are awardedto students every year.
  2. 2. Despite this popularity, lots of myths surroundthe online learning process. These mythsabout online accredited colleges spread likebush fire through the internet, but they are justspeculations. But these negative thingsdamage the online accredited colleges’reputations and discourage potential learnersfrom applying. Here are some of these myths.
  3. 3. Online Accredited Colleges arePriceyMany potential students are scared bythe cost of earning online degrees thatpopular online accredited collegesoffer. But these high costs are veryreasonable when it comes to highereducation. Traditional colleges costfour times more than the cost ofearning a degree online.
  4. 4. You can compare the cost of a credit atonline accredited colleges to that fromtraditional colleges. This is the notion thatgives potential learners the idea that onlineaccredited colleges aren’t cost effective. Butin fact, online students save money as theywill not spend for board and room. If you aregoing to skip the daily expenses ofliving, those online students can earn theirdegrees for a much lower cost than going toschool. In addition, some online accreditedschools cost lesser than the others.
  5. 5. Degrees from Online Accredited Colleges arenot Valuable in the Manpower MarketLots of students assume that degrees earnedonline are less valuable compared to those earnedfrom traditional colleges. But that is not true. Today,it is a common thing that degrees are earned fromonline accredited colleges. Employers nowadaysrespect and familiarize themselves with lots ofonline degrees. In fact, lots of employers are alsograduated of online accredited colleges due to theexponential growth of alumni databases.
  6. 6. But degrees from top of the line onlineaccredited schools are not lookedupon compared to their obscurecompetitors as reputation plays a greatrole making it more costly to study atthese schools.
  7. 7. You Cannot Access Professors from OnlineAccredited CollegesLots of people often assume that professors atonline accredited colleges are inaccessiblewith limited and difficult contact due to the factthat classes are done online. But lots of onlineaccredited colleges have done their part tofight this perception as they offer accessibilityto all staff and faculty.
  8. 8. A great example of these onlinecolleges is University of Phoenix. Youjust have to email your teacher orprofessor and you will get theirresponse within a day. Compared tothose diploma mills institutions, theydo not offer you this guarantee andthe professors are inaccessible.
  9. 9. Many online accredited colleges conduct classdiscussions and seminars virtually which providesgreat accessibility for students. Virtual classroomsalso provide boards for message and classdiscussions.It’s important that potential students shouldconsider the whole spectrum of these myths aboutonline accredited colleges. Choosing a school is avery important decision and although there arespeculations that circulate about online schools,they’re less expensive and more flexible when itcomes to time or budgetary concerns.