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8 Things Lean Requires
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8 Things Lean Requires


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Lean requires certain things to be successful.

Lean requires certain things to be successful.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. 8 thingsLeanrequires
  • 2. Created by Tom Curtis 2011Blog: www.onimproving.blogspot.comOther presentation on www.slideshare.netUnder Onimproving  Email: ideamerchants@gmail.comFollow me on Twitter @onimproving
  • 3. Cost comes in many a form,that is outside our thinking norm.
  • 4. Introduction Lean requires... How would you finish this sentence? Give it some thought. Lean is not free and is often hard. Its simple concepts sometimes lull us into believing it to be easier than reality shows. What follows is eight of my answers and micro-essays. Use them as a thought starter to review what you think Lean requires. Lean holds great promise if we invest properly. If we have a better understanding of what isrequired, we can better plan, implement, and maintain. Enjoy the thought process. I welcome hearing how you completed the sentence. Live Lean. --Tom Curtis
  • 5. Time Lean tools and concepts will yield some early gains and successes, but for the fuller benefits of lean, time must be given in implementation and to allow growth. Lean requires Time.
  • 6. Resources Resources are a key investment of Lean. Withoutthe right skills and amount of coaching and doing, Leangoes from being a promising theory to a source of disappointment. Lean requires resources.
  • 7. Lean is not a single wave, cycles of improvement are required. Efforts must be made to repeat, reinforce, retrain, and review what is taught and implemented. We must be present. Lean requires follow up.Follow up
  • 8. Implementing Lean cannot be a part time thing. Implementing Lean cannot be a surface effort. It cannot be a shotgun spread of activities. We must begin with hawk like eyes on atarget we will ware out and then move on to the next. We must maintain before we move on. Lean requires focus. Focus
  • 9. Patience Lean will, with proper application, show early results. But as a bud peeking through the dirt in Spring is not a flower in full bloom so it is with Lean. You will see beauty through out the growth process but full benefits require patience. Lean requires patience.
  • 10. Effort Improvement rarely happens when an implementation is left to itself.There is a substantial requirement ofenergy and stamina to drive lastingimprovement. We must ensure that ourselves and those we work with are able and willing to work withenough pace and strength to make the right things happen. Lean requires effort.
  • 11. Lean comes with plenty to do, but if done correctly also comes with a lot of planning and thinking. Doing without planning and thinking frequently results in waste. We must think as we plan and as we do. Lean requires thinking.Thinking
  • 12. Lean requires doing the hardthing over and over again. Itwill be resisted often strongly,but sometimes in a quiet butsubservient way. We need to overcome setbacks anddisappointments and provide a steady course to follow. Lean requires resiliency. Resiliency