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Franz marc 1

  1. 1. The Yellow Cow by Franz Marc 1880-1917
  2. 2. Franz Marc devoted himself almost exclusively to painting animals in nature.
  3. 3. In 1911 Franz Marc married a lady called Maria Frank. Maria had a happy personality. The frolicking yellow cow may be a symbol of Maria Frank.
  4. 4. The triangular blue mountains in the background could represent Marc. Notice that the cow is in the shape of a smile and that Franz Marc has placed diagonal lines behind the cow to give the picture a more energetic feeling.
  5. 5. Franz Marc believed that animals were pure in nature, not like people who are capable of doing terrible things. Dog Lying in the Snow 1910.
  6. 6. Marc developed a theory of colour Symbolism. Fighting Forms 1914.
  7. 7. For Marc, different colors could represent different emotions. What emotions do you think his paintings convey? Look at the images that appear and try and place an emotion with each one. The Lamb 1914.The fate of Animals 1913Foxes 1913 The Tiger 1914
  8. 8. At the time that these works were painted World War one was taking place. This war effected millions of people and for the first time many people were touched by the senseless killing of so many innocent people on such a large scale.
  9. 9. Marc not only used colors to symbolised emotion he used the animals themselves to symbolise aspects of peoples personalities to show how people felt in the war as well as at other times What emotion is the deer feeling? How does he convey this feeling? How does this relate to how people were feeling in the world at that time? The Frightened Deer. 1913
  10. 10. Colors, lines and shapes can symbolise emotion Feeling Color Shape/Line RED Angr y
  11. 11. Your task. Look closely at the picture of The Yellow Cow. Think of how you could use the same objects in the picture but by changing their line, shape and color you can change the feeling and the meaning of the work. Now Copy the picture carefully using outline only but change the picture so it will convey another emotion.
  12. 12. The colours in this picture tend to be more red so it will convey a feeling of anger or energy. Also the cows shape has been distorted so it follows a diagonal line therefore giving a sense of movement.
  13. 13. You must follow this criteria. • Marking criteria. • Total marks 30. Date due week 4. term 2 • Materials to be used. Pencil to draw outlines. Watercolour to fill in the picture. Must be as big as the page with a 5cm boarder around the picture, • The picture must be neatly presented in your art book. • You will be marked on how well you use line, shape and colour to symbolise an emotion. (10 marks) • and • how well you draw and paint the image. You will be expected to use chiaroscuro to make the picture look 3 dimensional.