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PPT embedded in Collaborate during session.

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  • Show to them!
  • Student, meeting atendee
  • Very brief demo.
  • So easy, let’s just do it.
  • Unraise hands.
  • Publish poll.
  • Remind how to do.
  • Remind how to do.
  • Use timer here.
  • Moderator is your live role --? Also a supervisor; Notice that you have many more options available to you now – you can nontrol the class
  • Remind how to do.
  • Remind how to do.
  • Remind how to do.
  • Remind how to do.
  • Remind how to do.
  • Bit of demo here.
  • Use Timer Here: 20 minutes
  • Collabroate ppt

    1. 1. Today’s Agenda9:00-9:15: Welcome/Log In9:15-10:00: Poof: You’re a Participant!10:00-10:10: Break10:10-10:55: Poof: You’re a Moderator!10:55-11:05: Break11:05-11:50: Poof: You’re a Supervisor!11:50-12:00: Collaborate Help/Training Evaluation
    2. 2. What IS Collaborate?
    3. 3. Poof: You’re a Participant!Participant = Anyone Who CAN’T Control the Presentation
    4. 4. Participant PrivilegesChat Send EmoticonsRespond to Polls Stream VideoTalk Edit WhiteboardStep Away Raise Hand
    5. 5. Let’s Play!Send me a chat.
    6. 6. Let’s Play!Using the whiteboard tools, leaveme a message anywhere on this page.
    7. 7. Let’s Play!Using the participant tools, sendan emoticon and raise your hand.
    8. 8. Let’s Play!Respond to this poll: This is my first time ever seeing Collaborate.
    9. 9. Let’s Play!If you are off-campus, try talking – we want to hear your voice!
    10. 10. Let’s Play! If you are on-campus, trystreaming video – off-campus folks want to see you!
    11. 11. Let’s Play! Take 5 minutes for free exploration. Note anysurprises, questions, comments, or concerns.
    12. 12. Questions or Comments?
    13. 13. BreakCome back at 10:10.
    14. 14. Poof: You’re a Moderator!Moderator = Anyone Who CAN Control The Presentation
    15. 15. Moderator PrivilegesLoad Content Create QuizzesRun Web Tours Do PollsRun Application ControlSharing WhiteboardCreate Breakout Control PrivilegesRooms
    16. 16. Let’s Practice!Raise your hand if you want to run a web tour.
    17. 17. Let’s Practice!Raise your hand if you want to share an application.
    18. 18. Let’s Practice!Raise your hand if you want to practice giving privileges.
    19. 19. Let’s Practice!Raise your hand if you want to take a poll of the class.
    20. 20. Let’s Practice!Raise your hand if you want to create breakout rooms.
    21. 21. Questions or Comments?
    22. 22. BreakCome back at 11:55.
    23. 23. Poof: You’re a Supervisor! Supervisor = Anyone Who Can Create Meetings
    24. 24. Supervisor PrivilegesCreate Meetings Invite Guest ModeratorsEdit Meetings Control RecordingsPreload Content View StatisticsEdit Clip Art And Much More…
    25. 25. Your Mission1. Get into your groups. Are you a Moderator or Participant?2. Moderator: Login to the BB Collaborate Website (check your email for your credentials).3. Moderator: Create a new meeting with help from your group.4. Moderator: Enter your meeting space and check it out.5. Moderator: Using “Tools  Invite”, send the link to your partners.6. Moderator and Participants: Free Play!
    26. 26. Questions or Comments?
    27. 27. If You Need A Little Help… GHC’s BB Collaborate Moderator’s Guide
    28. 28. Evaluation Time!Please click the url in the chatbox and take our very short evaluation. Thank you!