Senior Leaders Adapting to Social Technologies


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Kane McLean,
BRTRC-Strategy and Communications Group

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Senior Leaders Adapting to Social Technologies

  1. 1. Senior Leaders Adapting to Social Technologies ━━ A User Experience Challenge by Kane McLean Military Open Source Working Group OSFA | MIL-OSS WG2 | 03 AUG 2010
  2. 2. Why Focus On The Outgoing? Obvious Reasons ● Improve Collaboration and Situational Awareness ● Improve Quality of Thought, Input, and Feedback ● Record Asynchronous Discussion for Future Reference Less-Obvious Reasons ● Future Leaders’ Use ● Saving Time ≈ Saving Money ● Saving R&D Time and Money Obstacles Perceptions ● “I’m not using anything at work that my daughter plays with at home!” Un-named Lt. General ● Poor Security (OPSEC Primarily) Security ● OPSEC - Keep Classified Conversation Off-Line ● CAC Protected ● No New Security Concerns Overcoming Obstacles Targets ● Who are we focusing on? ○ There are Three Primary Types of DoD Leaders ■ Warfigher (Not Likely to Easily Adapt) ■ Bureaucrat (Not Likely to Care About Adapting) ■ Entrepreneur (Highly Likely to Adapt, but May Not Continue Long-Term) ● When are we focusing? ○ Long-Range Perspective - Prepare for Tomorrow’s Leaders ○ Success Tomorrow Depends on Not Being Rejected by Today’s Leadership ○ To Prevent Immediate Rejection, Work with Legacy Systems Go for the Legs (Win the “Minions” and the Rest Will Follow - Star Wars AT-AT Video) OSFA | MIL-OSS WG2 | 03 AUG 2010
  3. 3. Take Aim at the Objectives ● Work-Like Interface Needs to be “Professional” Yet Inviting ● Don’t Focus on a Specific Technology (as Best You Can) ● Focus on User Experience. This is a Prime ‘DON’T MAKE ME THINK’ Scenario ● Provide a Way Forward (from Where They are NOW) ○ Email, Phone Calls, and Meetings are the primary tools of senior leaders interaction ** Make Sure Theses Systems Can Continue Being Used ○ Eventually, the Majority Will Migrate to the Social Paradigm. ** Some will never adapt and phase out naturally ○ Combine Legacy Technologies and Practices with Tomorrow’s Technologies SEAMLESSLY ■ Example: Reply to Message Thread in Email ■ Example: Click-to-Call Like Features ■ MS Office File Upload and Import/Export (Yes, Just Like Google Docs Does) ■ Make It Compatible with PowerPoint (It’s Going to Wind Up There Anyway) Current Efforts ● SMS (Not a true social platform, but built on concept of rolling-up data from sub communities) ● Stepping Future Leaders into professional social collaboration ○ PlatoonLeader Forum (Young Audience) ○ CompanyCommand Forum (Mid-Career Audience) ○ Orion (Senior Leader Audience) ○ MilSuite (Everyone) ** NOTEWORTHY: Google Apps for Government (now FISMA-Compliant) OSFA | MIL-OSS WG2 | 03 AUG 2010