Open Source Enterprise Service Management (OSESM) System
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Open Source Enterprise Service Management (OSESM) System



Open Source Enterprise Service Management (OSESM) System

Open Source Enterprise Service Management (OSESM) System
John Emerson, President,
Avenue Open, Inc.



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  • Open Source Enterprise Service Management (OSESM) System from Joshua L. Davis on Vimeo.
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    Open Source Enterprise Service Management (OSESM) System Open Source Enterprise Service Management (OSESM) System Presentation Transcript

    • Open Source Enterprise Service Management (OSESM) System
      Open Source Test, Monitoring, and Management System for the Application Tier
      Presentation to MIL-OSS 2010
    • Agenda
      Background – Problem Statement
      Current Research Project
      Full System Vision
      Invitation to Collaborate
    • Distributed Computing and ESM
      • Distributed Computing - Opaque inNature; Requires Application Visibility
      Debug, Test, Monitor, Manage
      • Enterprise Service Management (ESM)Systems Emerged in Response
      First Generation – Actional, AmberPoint, others
      • Market Consolidation – IBM, Oracle, Progress
      Second Generation – Focus on Pinpointing Specific Problems
      • Transactional Analysis (BTM)
      • Infrastructure
      • Code Analysis
    • ESM Market Landscape
      • Ever-Increasing Number of Things toMonitor End-to-End AND Top-to-Bottom
      Services, Distributed Transactions, ApplicationComponents (Java, .NET, others)
      Through ESBs, Process Engines, Supporting Infrastructure
      Extend to Legacy, Military Tactical, other corner cases
      • Significant Need for Cross-Layer Analytics and Root-Cause Analysis
      • The Gap between Customer Needsand ESM Vendor Support isWidening, not Decreasing
    • Imperfect Markets
      • All Market Options today are COTS, Closed Source
      Limited architectural and functional extensibility
      ESM Products can Only be Extended by the Vendor
      • ESM Vendors are the Bottleneck
      Proprietary APIs and Instrumentation - Vendor Must Build
      Instruments Hardwired – No Multi-Purpose or Mix & Match
      Limited Support Outside of Proprietary “Vendor Stack”
      • Analysis is too Narrow and Requires Duplicate Infrastructure
      One Tool for Infrastructure, One for App, One for Code
      Install Different Proprietary Agents for Every System – Even Within Proprietary Vendor Stacks!
      Result – As the Need for Application Monitoring is becoming More Critical to the Success of Distributed Computing, ESM Vendors are Less Willing and Able to Meet Customer Needs
    • A New Way of Thinking….
    • Open Source Enterprise Service Management System (OSESM)
      Commoditize Proven Capabilities
      Advance the State-of-the-Art
      Dramatically Drive Down Cost
    • What We Are Researching (“R&d”) Today
      Initial OSESM Framework
      Mechanisms to Collect Application Tier Data – Various Types and Forms
      System to Disseminate Data to the Appropriate Processing points
      Analysis - Correlation and Root Cause Analysis System
      Foundation for Comprehensive Application Runtime Test and Monitoring System
    • Research Specifics
      New and varied forms of Application Tier Instrumentation
      Collectors – Collect Raw Data from Application Infrastructure and underlying Components – from Application Server, OS, and related
      Project to result in the development of Agents or similar
      When the Mission has control of the Technology
      When deep, detailed information is required
      Reflectors – Collect Raw Data from Network Devices and related
      Non-invasive – Can be used when Mission does not own technology end-to-end
      Higher level data, useful for Visualization, Message Tracking, Inter-System Analysis
      Data Dissemination Techniques
      From Instruments to appropriate Analytical Engine(s)
      Foundation for Federation, needed for “Mission Thread” scale
    • Advancements in Data Analysis Techniques
      Specifically Targeted to Understand Mission Thread Errors and Breakages
      Researching Sophisticated Correlation System
      Correlate Interesting and Related Data Across All Tiers
      What Happened at Each Level at Any Given Point in Time
      Operating System
      Runtime Infrastructure
      Root Cause Analysis Applied to Correlated Data
      What Broke?
      Where, Why, How - Specifically
      When - Proactive Notification, not post-facto Analysis
    • Project Deliverables
      Open, published APIs – Instrumentation and Analytical Servers
      Various forms - SOAP/WSDL/XML, REST, Binary (for Low Resource, Low Bandwidth situations or Legacy)
      Various Levels – Application Layer and Supporting Resources
      Reference Implementations and Affiliated Documentation
      Instruments – Collectors and Reflectors
      Intermediary Message Processor
      Analytical Servers – Root Cause and Correlation
    • Benefits
      Dramatically Lower Cost - Estimated TCO is 10% of today’s COTS Solutions
      Flat Out - A Better ESM
      Faster Resolution for Problems that fall between OS, Hardware, Network, Application, and Mission Layers
      Extensible - by the Community
      Instrumentation from the Community – Inexpensive, Accessible
      Build New Instruments as Needed – Info Readily Available
      Adaptable – Legacy systems, Packaged Applications, Tactical Military, Hardware Appliances, Cloud Computing, others
      Decouple Instrumentation from Analysis
      Mix-and-Match best-of-breed solutions
      New or Expanded Uses – Possibilities include
      Testing & Development - Debugging Distributed Applications
      Application Security Monitoring – New or non-standard Usage Alerting, Intruder Tracing
    • Vision and Future Objective
      Framework is a Foundation, a Starting Point
      Full Vision – Complete System for Testing, Monitoring, and Managing Applications at Runtime
      Additional Requirements for Full System
      Metrics Processing
      Discovery Mechanisms
      Visualization Engine
      Logging Facilities
      User Portal
      Administrative Console
      Ultimate Objective – Full Open Source System, with a Repository for New Contributions
      Open Licensing
      Open Repository for New Contributions
    • Notional End-State Functional Architecture
      UI / Portal and Reporting Engine
      Root Cause Analysis
      Correlation Engine
      Persistence Store /
      Intermediary Message Processor
      Network Switch
      Service B
      Service E
      Service D
      Service A
      Service C
      • Collector
      • Reflector
    • Current Research and Development
      UI / Portal and Reporting Engine
      Root Cause Analysis
      Correlation Engine
      Persistence Store /
      Intermediary Message Processor
      Network Switch
      Service B
      Service E
      Service D
      Service A
      Service C
      • Collector
      • Reflector
    • Invitation to Collaborate
      Net Centric Computing is growing Increasingly more Complex
      OSESM Sorely Needed
      We Need:
      Transition Partners – Programs or Organizations Interested in using the Results of the efforts of Current Project
      Collaboration Partners – Willing to Fund and/or Contribute to development of Full Vision System
      Interested? Please Speak to me After the Presentation
    • Wrap Up
      OSESM will Dramatically Improve the ability to Field and Manage Net Centric Applications and Mission Threads
      Gather and Analyze Application Tier Data at Runtime
      Proactive Notification when Mission Thread Breaks
      What Broke, Where, How, Why
      At Every Level – Application, Operating System, Runtime Infrastructure, Code
      At Far Lower Costs – Estimated TCO 10% of COTS
      Initial Framework Under Development Today
      Transition and/or Collaboration Partners Strongly Encouraged!
    • Contact Information
      John EmersonPresident, Avenue Open, Inc.301-259-1450JEmerson@AvenueOpen.Com