Final year Ieee power electronics project titles 2013 2014


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Final year Ieee power electronics project titles 2013 2014

  1. 1. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY IEEE ELECTRICAL PROJECT LIST -2013-2014 POWER CONVERTERS 1) Resonance propagation of parallel-operated dc-ac converters with LCL filters Charging applications 2) Peak current mode bi frequency control technique for switching dc–dc converters in DCM with fast transient response and low emi 3) Single-switch soft-switched isolated dc–dc converter 4) Single-phase to three-phase power converters: state of the art 6) Reducing storage capacitor of a DCM boost PFC converter 7) Scheme for combined multiport dc/dc converters 8) On the limit of the output capacitor reduction in power-factor correctors by distorting the line input current 10) Analysis and design of an ac-dc single-stage buck-boost full-bridge converter 11) Practical design considerations for a LLC multi-resonant dc-dc converter in battery 12) On the limit of the output capacitor reduction in power-factor correctors by distorting the line input current 13) Very high power bidirectional dc-dc converter for aerospace applications 14) Non isolated zv-zcs resonant pwm dc–dc converter for high step-up and high-power Applications 15) Ac/dc converter free led driver for lightings 16) Bidirectional dual active bridge series resonant converter with pulse modulation 17) A comparative study of a new ZCS dc–dc full-bridge boost converter with a ZVS activeclamp converter 18) High-frequency resonant SEPIC converter with wide input and output voltage ranges 19) Analysis of pwm frequency control to improve the lifetime of pwm inverter 20) A low cost fly back CCM inverter for ac module application 21) A novel quasi-resonant three-phase soft-switching inverter 22) Extended range ZVS active-clamped current- fed full-bridge isolated dc/dc converter for fuel cell applications: analysis, design and experimental results 24) Generalized design of high performance shunt active power filter with output lcl filter 25) Direct single-stage power converter with power factor improvement for switched mode power supply 26) Hybrid multilevel inverter using is pwm technique for fuel cell applications 27) A three-phase three-level voltage source inverter with a three-phase two-level inverter as a main circuit 28) A multi-output high frequency cyclo inverter operation for induction-heating cooking appliances - harmonic study 29) Analysis, design and control of zero-voltage switching quasi-resonant-positive output super Lift Lou converter 30) A novel control scheme of synchronous buck converter for ZVS in light-load condition 31) Multilevel inverter for grid-connected PV system employing digital pi controller 32) Bridgeless high-power-factor buck converter No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile –9500139248, 9043350456 Email: website:
  2. 2. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 34) Digital simulation of an interline dynamic voltage 35) Isolated two-transistor zeta converter with reduced transistor voltage stress 37) Dc–ac cascaded h-bridge multilevel boost inverter with no inductors for electric/hybrid electric vehicle applications 38) Analysis and implementation of a fixed-frequency LCLC resonant converter with c capacitive output filter 39) A dual full bridge resonant class-e bidirectional dc-dc converter 40) Isolated Two-Transistor Zeta Converter with Reduced Transistor Voltage Stress 41) Resonance-assisted buck converter for offline driving of power led replacement lamps 42) Control of TI-SEPIC converter for optimal utilization of pv power 43) A novel capacitor-switched regenerative snubber for dc/dc boost converters 44) A low-power asynchronous step-down dc-dc converter for implantable devices 45) A Comparative Study of a New ZCS DC–DC Full-Bridge Boost Converter with a ZVS Active-Clamp Converter 47) A Single-Phase Z-Source Buck–Boost Matrix Converter 48) Average Inductor Current Sensor for Digitally Controlled Switched-Mode Power Supplies 49) Design and Development of Very High Frequency Resonant DC–DC Boost converters 50) Dynamic Response Analysis of DC–DC Converter with Super capacitor for Direct Borohydride Fuel Cell Power Conditioning System 51) High-Frequency Resonant SEPIC Converter with Wide Input and Output Voltage Ranges 52) High-Power Bidirectional DC–DC Converter for Aerospace Applications 53) Interleaved Buck Converter Having Low Switching Losses and Improved Step-Down Conversion Ratio 57) Reducing Storage Capacitor of a DCM Boost PFC Converter 58) Sensor less Current Estimation and Sharing in multiphase Buck Converters 59) Single-Stage, Universal-Input AC/DC LED Driver with Current-Controlled Variable PFC Boost Inductor 60) A Design Procedure for Optimizing the LLC Resonant Converter as a Wide Output Range Voltage Source 62) A High-Dimming-Ratio LED Driver for LCD Backlights 63) A ZVS Interleaved Boost AC/DC Converter Used in Plug-in Electric Vehicles 64) Analysis on Center-Tap Rectifier Voltage Oscillation of LLC Resonant Converter 68) Efficiency Optimization in Digitally Controlled Fly back DC–DC Converters over Wide 73) Distortion Behavior Analysis of General Pulse-Width Modulated Zeta PFC Converter Operating in Continuous Conduction Mode 74) Harmonic Distortion Optimization of Cascaded H-Bridge Inverters Considering Device Voltage Drops and Non-Integer DC Voltage Ratios 75) Leakage Current Reduction in a Single-Phase Bidirectional AC–DC Full-Bridge Inverter 77) Single-Phase Dual-Output Inverters with Three-Switch Legs 78) Tapped-Inductor Buck HB-LED AC–DC Driver Operating in Boundary Conduction Mode for Replacing Incandescent Bulb Lamps 77) A Five-Level Inverter Topology with Single-DC Supply by Cascading a Flying Capacitor Inverter and an H-Bridge 78) A new Hybrid Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel inverter - Performance analysis No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile –9500139248, 9043350456 Email: website:
  3. 3. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 79) A ZVS Interleaved Boost AC-DC Converter Used in Plug-in Electric Vehicles 80) A Voltage-Balancing Controller in Single-Phase Cascaded Multilevel Converters with Coupling Effect Reduction 82) Single-Switch High Boost-up Converters by using Transformer Voltage Multiplier Cell 83) High Step-Up Non isolated ZVZCS Resonant PWM DC–DC Converter for and High-Power Applications 84) Dynamic response improvement in H-bridge enhanced buck converter 85) Cascade dual-buck full-bridge inverter with hybrid PWM technique 86) Z-source three-phase four-switch inverter with DC link split capacitor and comprehensive investigation of z-source three-phase four-switch inverters 87) Three-Phase Dual-Buck Inverter With Unified Pulse width Modulation 88) An customized PWM Method for DC-DC converter Based Modular Multilevel Converters 89) A New Modulation Method for the exemplary Multilevel Converter by using Fundamental Switching Frequency 90) A cascaded Five-Level Inverter Topology with Single-DC Supply by a Flying Capacitor Inverter and an H- Bridge POWER DRIVES CONTROL 1) speed control of induction motor using fuzzy-pi controller 2) reduction of emi in ac drives through dithering within limited switching frequency range 3) soft computing technique for double boost converter fed PMDC drive 4) A simple position sensor less control strategy for Four-switch three-phase brushless dc motor drives 5) Input Admittance Expressions for Field-Oriented Controlled Salient PMSM Drives 6) A Simple Startup Strategy Based on Current Regulation for Back-EMF-Based Sensor less Control of PMSM 7) Analysis and Mitigation of Torsional Vibration of PM Brushless AC/DC Drives with Direct Torque Controller 8) Low-Cost Direct Torque Control Algorithm for Induction Motor Without AC Phase Current Sensors 9) Simulation of SVPWM based FOC of CSI fed induction motor drive 10) Improvement of startup torque of three phase induction motor operating with single phase supply 11) Loss-Minimizing Flux Level Control of Induction Motor Drives 12) Sensor less variable speed single-phase induction motor drive system 13) Speed control of induction motor drive using universal controller 14) A simple and low-cost method for three-phase induction motor control in highspeed applications 15) Z converter control of a V/f induction motor drive 16) Three-level inverter fed induction motor 17) A new approach for efficiency optimizing of single-phase induction motors No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile –9500139248, 9043350456 Email: website:
  4. 4. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 18) A Five-Level Diode-Clamped PWM Inverter With a DC-Voltage-Balancing Circuit for a Motor Drive 19) Dynamic Response Analysis of DC–DC Converter using Super capacitor 20) Seamless Boost Converter Control under the Critical Condition for a dc Power Conditioning System 21) Interleaved Buck Converter with Low Switching Losses and Improved Step-Down 22) Conversion Ratio 23) High Efficiency AC–AC Power Electronic Converter for Domestic Induction Heating applications 24) No-Load Power Reduction Technique for AC/DC Adapters 25) PI and Sliding Mode Control of a CUK Converter 26) fuzzy sliding mode speed controller for pm synchronous motors with a load torque observer 27) dc bus voltage clamp method to prevent over-voltage failures in adjustable speed drives RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCE 1) Enhanced Decoupled Double Synchronous Reference Frame Current Controller for Unbalanced Grid-Voltage Conditions A Stationary Reference Frame Grid Synchronization System for Three-Phase Grid-Connected Power Converters Under Adverse Grid Conditions 2) DC Offset Error Compensation for Synchronous Reference Frame PLL in Single-Phase 3) Grid-Connected Converters Robust Predictive Current Controller Based on a Disturbance Estimator in a Three-Phase Grid-Connected Inverter 4) Battery Energy Storage for Enabling Integration of Distributed Solar Power Generation 5) High efficiency switched capacitor buck-boost converter for pv application 6) modified grid-connected current source inverter for multi-string pv system 7) digital simulation of single and interleaved soft switching boost converter for pv 8) interleaved soft-switching boost converter for photovoltaic power-generation system 9) single-phase seven-level grid-connected inverter for photovoltaic system 10) multilevel inverter for grid-connected pv system employing digital pi controller 11) an integrated four-port dc/dc converter for renewable energy applications 12) A Five-Level Single-Phase Grid-Connected Converter for Renewable Distributed Systems 13) An Adaptive Control System for Three-Phase Photovoltaic Inverters Working in a 14) Polluted and Variable Frequency Electric Grid control Scheme for Photovoltaic ThreePhase inverters to Minimize Peak Currents During Unbalanced Grid-Voltage Sags 15) Full Feed forward of Grid Voltage for Discrete State Feedback Controlled GridConnected Inverter With LCL Filter 16) Design and performance analysis of water pumping using solar PV 17) Smart grid adds value to solar photovoltaic’s 18) Smart Solar Home System with Safety Device Low Voltage Alert 19) Single-stage boost inverter reliability in solar photovoltaic applications No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile –9500139248, 9043350456 Email: website:
  5. 5. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 20) A comprehensive assessment tool for solar PV impacts on low voltage three phase distribution networks 21) Increasing the efficiency of steam power plant with the help of solar energy 22) Modeling of DC-DC converter for solar energy system applications 23) Wide input range hybrid DC-DC conversion system for solar energy harvesting 24) Solar photovoltaic power conversion using modular multilevel converter 25) A monitoring system for the use of solar energy in electric and hybrid electric vehicles 26) A High Efficiency Solar Array Simulator Implemented by an LLC Resonant DC-DC Converter 27) Solar integrated current-fed quasi-Z-source inverter with power buck-boost 28) Power-electronic grid supply of AC railway systems 29) Modular single-phase trans-Z-source inverter for multi-input renewable energy system 30) Single-stage boost inverter reliability in solar photovoltaic applications 31) Single-Phase Grid-Connected DC Offset Error Compensation using Synchronous Reference Frame PLL 32) A ZVS Grid-Connected Three-Phase Inverter 33) Design and Tuning of a Modified Power-Based PLL for Single-Phase Grid-Connected Power Conditioning Systems POWER SYSTEMS 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) single phase unified power flow controller (UPFC): simulation and construction voltage sag/swell compensation in an interline dynamic voltage restorer Control and testing of a dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) at medium voltage level Emergency Control in Distribution Systems power flow assessment in transmission lines using simulink model with UPFC unified power quality conditioner (UPQC) with voltage dips and over-voltages compensation Capability 7) Modeling and digital simulation of the UPFC using IDVR 8) A New Approach to Multifunctional Dynamic voltage Restorer Implementation for 9) A Novel DC Capacitor Voltage Balance Control Method for Cascade Multilevel STATCOM 10) Probabilistic Worth Assessment of Distributed Static Series Compensators No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile –9500139248, 9043350456 Email: website: