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(6/6)One Planet Solutions Booklet

  1. 1. Onsol eP uti lanefor ons t as ust ain abl e fu tur e One Planet Living case studies from around the world demonstrating that a sustainable low carbon future is achievable, attractive and affordable.
  2. 2. One Planet Communities 6One Planet Companies 16 One Planet Regions 20
  3. 3. One Planet solutionsfor a sustainable futureA sustainable future is not just an aspiration.Around the world One Planet Living is becominga reality as communities, companies and regionschange the way they work to meet the challengesof resource depletion and climate change.BioRegional is working in partnership with forward-thinking organisations around the world to demonstratethat sustainability is attractive, affordable andachievable. Using the One Planet Living frameworkthese pioneering real life projects are making asustainable future a reality today.This booklet gives an introduction to this approach andthese inspiring projects. 3
  4. 4. One Planet LivingGlobally we’re consuming resources and polluting the planet at alevel forty per cent higher than the earth can renew or absorb.Ecological footprinting shows that if everyone in the world consumed as manynatural resources as the average person in western Europe, we’d need threeplanets to support us. If everyone consumed as much as the average NorthAmerican, we would need five planets. In China and South Africa the overallaverage is one planet, but this disguises considerable variations between differentregions and lifestyles. Carbon emissions account for around fifty per cent of ourglobal eco-footprint.One Planet Living is our vision of a sustainable world, in which people everywherecan enjoy a high quality of life within the productive capacity of the planet. It usesten principles of sustainability as a framework. The ten One Planet 1 Zero carbon Living principles 2 Zero waste 3 Sustainable transport 4 Sustainable materials 5 Local and sustainable food 6 Sustainable water 7 Land and wildlife 8 Culture and heritage 9 Equity and local economy 10 Health and happinessThe approach we have found to be effective in delivering truly sustainablecommunities, organisations, regions and lifestyles is to: • measure where our carbon and ecological footprint impacts arise based on what we are consuming, not just on what we are producing, • develop a One Planet Action Plan to enable users to reach the globally sustainable level of consumption, using the ten One Planet Living principles as a framework. • work together in partnership to create solutions, monitor outcomes and share lessons learned with others.4
  5. 5. Around the world the One Planet Living approach isbeing used by communities, companies and regions,such as here in Guangzhou, China.BioRegional’s One Planet initiative is a global partnership of innovativeorganisations, delivering cost-effective solutions to the sustainability challengesthat we face.Our partners not only share their knowledge and expertise, for example throughconferences and online tools, but also work together to develop joint projects,such as the Pay as You Save project – a collaboration between B&Q, LondonBorough of Sutton and BioRegional.BioRegional promotes the work of our One Planet partners internationallythrough the media and at high-profile events such as the United Nations ClimateChange Conferences and the Earth Summit 2012. Our aim is to change policy andpractice by demonstrating these real life sustainability solutions. 5
  6. 6. One Planet CommunitiesThe places we live and work shape our lifestyles. If your houseneeds lots of energy to stay warm, and you need to drive a car tothe nearest shops or school, you will struggle to live within yourfair share of the earth’s resources. One Brighton, UK BioRegional Quintain and Crest Nicholson Riverside One, UK Petite Rivière, Canada One Brighton, UK BioRegional Quintain Groupe Pacific BioRegional Quintain and Crest NicholsonPetite Rivière, CanadaGroupe Pacific Sonoma Mountain Village, USA Codding Enterprises Sonoma Mountain Village, USA Codding Enterprises Mata de Sesimbra, Portugal Mata de Sesimbra, Portugal Pelicano Pelicano These developments are fully-endorsed One Planet Communities. Others are in These developments are fully-endorsed One Planet the process of becoming Communities. Others are in the process of becoming endorsed or have used the One Planet Living framework in their design and construction. endorsed or have used the One Planet Living framework in their design and construction. 6
  7. 7. By working with partners around the world, BioRegional is coordinating an international network of sustainable communities that are using the One Planet Living framework. Leading developers are rising to the challenges of creating places where people can dramatically reduce their ecological footprint while leading happy and healthy lives. BedZED, UK Peabody Masdar City, Abu Dhabi Mubadala Jinshan, Guangzhou, China China Merchants Property Development Barangaroo, Australia Lend LeaseIvory Park and Sibaya, South AfricaJohannesburg EcoCity Trust / Tongaat Hulett Developments 7
  8. 8. BedZED, UKBedZED was the UK’s first large-scale mixed usesustainable community, with 100 homes, office spacefor 80 workers and community facilities. Completedin 2002, BedZED is still the inspiration for low carbonneighbourhoods across the world.BedZED was developed as a partnership between BioRegional,Peabody and BDa ZEDfactory. Residents at BedZED can reduce thecarbon emissions of their whole lifestyle by nearly 50%, includingenergy use in the home, transport and embodied carbon in food andconsumer goods. Provided that government and business reducecarbon emissions from services and products, BedZED and theother featured case studies demonstrate that the 80-90% carbonreductions needed in Europe can be achieved cost effectively.Carbon emissions from energy use in the home are reduced by 72%compared to similar homes built in 2002, photovoltaics supply 20%of electricity, and a new biomass energy plant and off site renewableenergy will mean zero carbon emissions from energy use in thehome in the near future.Research among BedZED residents shows:• a higher reported quality of life, with a strong sense of community,• significantly lower use of energy for heating (77% lower than local average), and electricity usage (45% lower than local average),• reduced water consumption – 58% lower than local average,• a lower rate of car ownership and annual mileage reduced by half compared to local average,• further lifestyle changes driven by a strong community, including high recycling rates (60%) and sustainable food choices.8
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. Sonoma Mountain Village, USACodding Enterprises is developing North America’s firstendorsed One Planet Community at Sonoma Mountain Village,combining new urbanism with deep sustainability in this$1 billion redevelopment of an industrial site.The 81 hectare site, forty miles north of San Francisco will house 5,000 peoplein 1,900 homes. There will be some 50,000 m2 of office, retail and commercialspace, providing 4,400 jobs.Sonoma Mountain Village aims to emit zero carbon, produce zero waste, and usezero ground water. Codding Enterprises has already installed the largest privatelyowned solar array in Northern California - a $7.5 million, 1.5 megawatt, 8,361 m2array that will power 1,000 homes. Full construction is underway, and the firstresidents will be moving in during 2010. Sonoma Mountain Village is home to a 1.5 megawatt solar array – the largest privately owned array in Northern California. It will help power homes, businesses, and a zero carbon data center – the first of its kind in the world. Among the new businesses at Sonoma Mountain Village is Codding Steel Frame Solutions. The on-site factory will supply 20% of the development’s building materials and create long-term employment for local residents. The new factory creates steel wall, roof and floor panels. It produces no waste and runs on 100% solar power.10
  11. 11. A sustainable communityCodding Enterprises is using the One Planet Living framework to ensure that theentire 1,900 home community will thrive in 2020, with a sustainable ecologicalfootprint. No resident will be more than a five minute walk from groceries,restaurants, day care and other amenities that will in turn offer local, sustainableand Fairtrade products and services. Construction impacts are reduced with zerowaste supply chains for construction materials and 1,900 jobs being created. Anon-profit business incubator and other investments in long-term managementwill carry this benefit forward past 2020. A natural home for sustainable businesses Commercial, office and industrial space occupies over 55,000m2 within the 10 hectare business centre at Sonoma Mountain Village. There are currently 600 employees employed in 21 businesses, including AT&T, Comcast, Codding Construction and Codding Steel Frame Solutions. The non-profit Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster is 60% full, with over 25 sustainability- oriented technology start-up companies and social enterprises. 11
  12. 12. 12
  13. 13. One Brighton, UKBioRegional Quintain and Crest Nicholson are the developersbehind this award-winning 172 home One Planet Community,plus cafe, training centre and commercial space.The ten One Planet Living principles were used as a framework for developingsustainable solutions for design, construction and lifestyles at One Brighton.Construction includes the greenest concrete frame in the UK, natural clay blocksand wood fibre insulation. An on-site biomass boiler and PV panels provideapproximately 50% of energy requirements with the remainder purchased asguaranteed green electricity through One Brighton Energy Services company.The first residents moved in during summer 2009, benefiting from green lifestylefeatures including roof top allotments, communal sky gardens, a car club anda green caretaker. By saving costs on expensive underground car parking, itwas possible to build better quality greener buildings, enabling a profitabledevelopment without charging more to the customer. This is a real breakthrough,as it shows that building sustainable communities does not need to cost more.One Brighton incorporates the greenest concreteframe in the UK, using 50% cement replacementand 100% recycled aggregate. Green lifestyle features include roof top allotments, a car club and a green caretaking service. 13
  14. 14. Jinshan, China BioRegional worked with China Merchants Property Development to develop a One Planet Action Plan for the 5,000 homeChina Merchants Property Jinshan development in Guangzhou.Development was recently The first phase has now been completed and itawarded one of five UN-Habitat green business integrates many features from the Action Plan,awards for the Jinshan resulting in a 65% reduction in energy consumption,development. solar hot water for 500 homes, and waste water treatment on site which will reduce water consumption by 36,000m3 per year.Masdar City, Abu DhabiIn September 2008, building began at Masdar City, a zero-carbon zero-waste and car-free community in Abu Dhabi.Masdar will house approximately 50,000 people and up to 1,500 businessesfocusing on sustainable products and services.Masdar City is being developed by Mubadala and masterplanned by Foster &Partners, and aims to enable One Planet Living through a range of infrastructureand design features set out in the One Planet Action Plan, developed in a processled by the One Planet Communities team at BioRegional.Barangaroo, Australia Barangaroo is a 22ha site in the heart of Sydney, the development of which is split into three stages. BioRegional is working with Lend Lease, the developer of stage one, to draw up a One Planet Action Plan that includes targets such as a zero carbon site, 75% reduction in energy demand, and 87% diversion from landfill of operational waste.14
  15. 15. Mata de Sesimbra, Portugal This €1 billion integrated sustainable building, tourism, nature conservation and reforestation programme by developer Pelicano, was the world’s first endorsed One Planet Community.South of Lisbon, the 5,300 hectare site contains a 4,800hectare nature reserve and native pine and oak forestrestoration project – the largest private forest restorationproject in Europe. Alongside this is a 500 hectare tourismdevelopment comprising around 5,000 units.Ivory Park and Sibaya, South AfricaAt the World Summit on Sustainable Development In 2002,BioRegional supported Johannesburg EcoCity Trust to createa demonstration of eco-houses and a community centre atIvory Park Township.More recently BioRegional has been working with Tongaat Hulett Developmentsand eThekwini municipality to apply the ten One Planet Living principles tothe proposed Sibaya development north of Umhlanga in Durban, creating anoverarching ‘one planet’ strategy for the entire 850 hectare site including 6,000residential units, 6 hotels and commercial space. Building the community centre at Ivory Park Township 15
  16. 16. One Planet CompaniesAround the world, as legislation and consumer demandencourages a more sustainable approach to business, companiesand other organisations are increasingly demonstrating theirgreen credentials.BioRegional is supporting businesses, charities and other organisations in takinga holistic approach to carbon reduction and sustainable business by applyingthe One Planet Living framework. Some organisations, like B&Q, have formallyadopted the programme to become endorsed One Planet Companies, whilemany others simply use the One Planet Living framework to inform theirbusiness operations.For example, BioRegional worked with Nokia to carry out ecological and carbonfootprint analysis and develop sustainability strategies for their factories inHungary and Copenhagen. The strategies will help Nokia to reduce the impact ofbuilding emissions, waste, transport, materials, water and food as well as engagestaff and influence suppliers. BioRegional’s free One Planet Action Plan toolkit is helping businesses around the world to use the One Planet Living framework to work more efficiently and reduce their environmental impact. The toolkit can be downloaded at www.oneplanetvision.org16
  17. 17. 17
  18. 18. One Planet Home by B&QB&Q, the UK’s largest home improvementand garden retailer and part of theKingfisher Group, is working withBioRegional to reduce the environmentalimpact of its activities, leading to a 90% cutin direct emissions by 2023. To meet thisstretching target, all stores will need to bezero carbon and emissions from transport cut by at least 50%.The company has already made impressive progress: Based on reporting in2009, B&Q has made an absolute saving of 16% CO2 compared to its emissionsin 2006. This was achieved even with an increase in turnover and without anyoffsetting or green energy tariffs. Further achievements include smart watermetering which has reduced water consumption by 13.6 million litres perannum, and a 58% recycling rate, from a 2006 baseline of 29%.Using the One Planet Living principles, sustainability is embedded into thecompany’s governance structure. Sustainability is one of B&Q’s seven keybusiness plans and progress is reported to the Board of Directors. Managersacross the company have specific sustainability targets and actions relating totheir day to day responsibilities, from lighting refurbishments through to foodprocurement and employee engagement. B&Q has already reduced absolute CO2 emissions from its logistics fleet by 22% against the 2006 baseline. To make further carbon savings B&Q is now introducing a number of double-deck trailers which carry 50% more stock.18
  19. 19. B&Q is also helping its customers to reduce their carbon and ecological footprintthrough the One Planet Home product range and an ecological footprintcalculator, developed with BioRegional. The One Planet Home products areassessed against the ten One Planet Living principles, while the calculator allowsB&Q customers to see where their impacts arise and get a personalised eco-action plan. Small businesses, big carbon savings BioRegional has also developed its own working supply chains and products which demonstrate low carbon, resource-efficient enterprise in action. BioRegional Charcoal Company supplies locally-produced charcoal and wood products to national retailers in the UK using a decentralised, network production model. This reduces carbon emissions in delivering the product to the store by 85%. The Laundry, a kerbside recycling collection service for small businesses in London, was formed by BioRegional. The Laundry collects paper which is sent to the local paper mill for recycling. Customers then buy back the recycled paper. This local loop reduces the ecological footprint of paper use by 93% and energy use by 78% compared to virgin imported paper. 19
  20. 20. One Planet RegionsWith the power to effect change through planning decisions,retrofit programmes and influencing behaviour, local authoritiescan lead the way towards a sustainable future.While developers and retailers are well placed to influence their own customers,suppliers and stakeholders, it requires commitment and action from central andlocal government to encourage and enable sustainable lifestyles on a large scale.BioRegional is supporting government organisations in the UK and internationallyin using the One Planet Living framework to promote sustainability acrossregions and municipalities. Some organisations, like the London Borough ofSutton, have formally adopted One Planet Living targets and are part of theendorsed One Planet Regions programme, while many others use the One PlanetLiving framework to inform their own sustainability strategies. Middlesbrough Council has adopted the One Planet Living model to provide a new sustainability framework for council activities. It has published a draft One Planet Living Action Plan to present a programme of short, medium, and long-term actions and provide a focus for consultation throughout the Middlesbrough community.20
  21. 21. 21
  22. 22. One Planet SuttonOne Planet Sutton is a major initiative thatis helping local people, business and councilservices within the London Borough of Suttonto live and work within their fair share of theearth’s resources.As a typical London commuter suburb with 80,000 homes and 186,000 residents,One Planet Sutton will have a major impact, both in its own right and through thelessons that can be applied to other regions.With BioRegional’s support, Sutton Council developed a One Planet Action Planthat sets targets for council operations and a series of interventions that willenable Sutton residents and businesses to achieve one planet living by 2025. Thetargets include for all council buildings to be zero carbon by 2017 and the wholeborough “enabled” to be zero carbon by 2025.Activities will also be focused on a 2,500 home pilot area, reducing energydemand through a retrofit programme and supplying renewable energy to makethe area zero carbon. The project will tackle the key issue of behaviour change todemonstrate by 2012 how a whole neighbourhood can live and work sustainably.Other projects launched as part of One Planet Sutton include a community farmand mobile local food market, and a business engagement project to help localsmall businesses save energy and operate more efficiently. Sutton is one of 32 London boroughs. BioRegional and the London Sustainable Development Commission recently completed a study, Capital Consumption , which benchmarked London’s consumption-based CO2 emissions and modelled how they could be reduced by the required 90% by 2050. In showing how it can be done, we hope this will be taken up in London and used in other cities. The report can be downloaded from www.bioregional.com22
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  24. 24. One Planet solutionsfor a sustainable futureBioRegional is working with forward-thinking organisations aroundthe world, that are committed to demonstrating that a sustainablefuture is not simply possible, but actually happening right now.With encouragement and commitment from governments,together with clear and challenging targets, we can work togetherto achieve a sustainable future today.Visit www.bioregional.com or call +44 (0)20 8404 4880 for moreinformation about our work and to find out how we can help you.“BioRegional are pioneers inreinventing our economy”Achim SteinerExecutive DirectorUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeBioRegional is very grateful for thegenerous support of our funders Photo credits:and partners, including the Skoll Cover, p2-3 • Marcus LyonFoundation, Ashden Trust, The Body p5 • China Merchants Property Development p12 • Feilden Clegg Bradley StudiosShop Foundation, and The Rufford p13(L) • Greg King, Construction NewsMaurice Laing Foundation. p13(R) • Crest Nicholson/BioRegional Quintain p18 • B&Q24Published by BioRegional, BedZED Centre, 24 Helios Road, Wallington,Surrey, UK SM6 7BZ Registered charity no 1041486