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OMG food

  1. 1. Franco ArriagadaToni Mejías
  2. 2. Genetically modified food is an aliment in which a gene has been inserted from another species.
  3. 3. -This can produce hybridization, in other words, this can produce other consequences that we don’t know.-This crops can move traditional crops because this are contagious.-Biodiversity is lost, from plants until the animals who eat this plants.- Transgenic crops often becomes more expensive than traditional.
  4. 4. -We don’t know what side effects may have in future.-It can be dangerous for people with allergies because this products are not tagged
  5. 5. The modification of the food attempts to get more production, to be more nutritional food, to produce medicines, vaccines, etc…
  6. 6. There are a lot ofgenetically modified food.CornThe GM is resistant toinsects because it has agene from thebacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis, which produces atoxic protein tothe organism.
  7. 7. POTATOThe geneticallymodified containmore starch and,therefore, to be fried, ittake the goldencolor soon without muchoil.
  8. 8. RICEThere are rice whichare able toproduce vitamin A, whichhelps the view and canserve for visualproblems caused by thislack.
  9. 9. A genetically modified animal has one or more genes that do not belong to the animal to produce any product of interest.The first modified animal was the mouse, in 1982.
  10. 10. -We can insert deseases to produce news medicines.-To obtein organs for humans transplants.-To obtain best nutritional value or more milk with proteins.
  11. 11. -First we create the gene, this gene will produce a interesting product for us.-Next, we introduce this gene into a mammalian cell.-Finally, locate the protein of interest.
  12. 12. They say to have a free trade must be able to trade with GMO products.I think that they don’t know the terrible consequences.
  13. 13. The European Union counter-position is that free trade is not truly free without informed consent. In Europe we use the crops are GMO of: corn, cotton, tomato and potato.
  14. 14. Here in Catalonia we can buy Genetically Modified food but must be labeled if it contains 0.9% modified.The people of Catalonia do not approve genetically modified organisms.More than 105.896 signatures against GMOs were delivered to the catalan Parliament.
  15. 15. The Spanish legislation on GMO labeling orders for products or On April 26, 2003 Spain components that passed the Act contain genetically establishing the legal modified organisms is framework for the determined by marketing of genetically regulation. modified organisms.
  16. 16. Genetically modified corn starch
  17. 17. GM soy