Unplanned speaking made easy with the Open your Mind framework


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Warwick John Fahy, thought leader on executive communication in China introduces:
How to always be ready for any unplanned speech.
This audio training speech was recorded live in front of Shanghai number one Toastmasters club and features a THREE STEP process that you can use to quickly prepare for any unplanned speech.

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Unplanned speaking made easy with the Open your Mind framework

  1. 1. “Your mind is like a parachute, it only works when it’s open.” Jordan Maxwell Open yOur Mind How to always be ready for any unplanned speechPhoto by Renaude Hatsedakis
  2. 2. What is unplanned speaking? A.K.A: off-the-cuff or impromptu speaking When do we used it? All the time! Especially when we need to express ourselves and our reasoning to other people. “Your mind is like a parachute, For example: it only works when it’s open.” • giving your opinion in meetings • debating a project via conference call Jordan Maxwell one-to-one conversations with your boss • handling a question and answer session after your presentation • being interviewed by a reporter Skills required: • think quick • organise your thoughts • deliver them Why is it important to learn unplanned speaking skills? Many situations require an immediate Open yOur Mind How to always be ready for any unplanned speech answer. We can’t always spend time to prepare.Photo by Renaude Hatsedakis
  3. 3. How to overcome the fear of unplanned speaking? • Anticipate • Prepare your mind • Use a structure Anticipate • Think around your subject. Mindmap it • What experiences do you have in the subject • Link your ideas to motivations of the people you are speaking with • Think like a journalist so that you ANTICIPATE the question • What questions would you ask? Prepare your mind Think through the theme • Key words • Stories • Link to your passion or hobby • Ideas Mythbuster: • Experiences • News • Questions Content is not king. Unplanned speaking is more about certainty, clarity and confidencePhoto by Abel Leemans
  4. 4. 2 Key Message Structure 1 for clarity 3 Tagline Key Message “My answer is super clear.” Open with Metaphor Key Message certainty 2 Hands, 3 Eyes Close with Tagline “I am totally ready for this confidence question.” Tagline “I leave a strong impression.” Metaphor Boxers at the Bell ... come Metaphor rushing out full of energy Chop down with confidence snApshOt Of the “Open yOur Mind” frAMewOrkPhotos by Ken Hackman (Boxers), Alex Bramwell (Two Hands), Cammy Ambrosini (Buddha), Craig Hauger (Chop)
  5. 5. How to project a certain state Two approaches to immediately versus an uncertain state? respond to a question: Project certainty in the opening: Direct answer questions • Confident and direct eye contact • Yes! I agree for two reasons. The first • Smile at the start reason is... • Body posture straight and balanced • No! I disagree for these reasons... • Good energy • Make a powerful statement • Relaxed • Pause for a second Your brain is a supercomputer and only needs a very short time to think of an Avoid showing uncertain state: appropriate answer. When you need a few • Nervous more seconds to think about your answer, • Looking at the floor or ceiling try: • Low energy Kill time and answer question • Immediately try to reply to the question • Thank you for your question • I am glad / happy / excited / surprised to hear your question • I have been thinking about this topic recently, let me tell you about... • This is a good question because it reminds me of a very important time in my life... • As I understand your question, what 1 you mean is...(interpret or paraphrase the question) Open with certAinty “I am totally ready for this question”Photo by Ken Hackman
  6. 6. This is the body of your THREE EYES: 3 part plan presentation. P-S-A: Problem - Solution - Action But why do you need to structure a short • One of the biggest problems is... unplanned presentation? • One solution I have seen to overcome this is... A good structure leads to clear thinking. • My suggestion is that you could try doing this... TWO HANDS: 2 part plan Other examples: • Before-During-After a. Opposites • Past-Present-Future • On the one hand... • 1-2-3 • On the other hand... Other examples: • Male-Female • Young-Old b. Contrasts • East-West • Real-Imagined • Hot-Cold 2 • Now-Then structure fOr clArity “My answer is super clear”Photos by Philip MacKenzie (Pagoda), Alex Bramwell (Two Hands), Cammy Abrosini (Buddha)
  7. 7. Leaving a positive final impression is Final action: important in how the audience regards Handover to the MC, host or event you. organiser and leave the stage with confidence. How do you indicate that you are ready to finish: • Raise your volume a touch • Energy = bring back the certainty • Direct eye contact • Smile • Finish with a powerful phrase or tagline Tagline = Powerful phrase that sums up your message This can lead into your final message: • So, in a nutshell... • To sum up, ... • So, my message / advice is... • So remember when you... always... • In conclusion... Avoid low energy finishes like saying: clOse with cOnfidence 3 • I have finished now. • My speech is finished. • I have nothing else to say. “I leave a strong impression”Photo by Craig Hauger
  8. 8. About the AuthorWarwick John Fahy coaches CEOs, general managers and senior finance executives, whoneed to influence clients, investors, board and team members. Warwick helps shape keymessages into engaging, memorable presentations that help the speaker connect withtheir audiences. His down-to-earth practical approach and deep cross cultural understan-ding have made him a sought after business presentation coach throughout Asia.Warwick is an expert in the art and practice of executive public speaking. Warwick is thepublished author of The One Minute Presenter : an 8 step guide to delivering successfulbusiness presentations in a world of short attention spans. For every book sold, a book isbought for an orphan in China through The Library Project.Contact Us tel. eMAil +86 21 6101 0486 info@oneminutepresenter.com www www.oneminutepresenter.com skype oneminutepresenter