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This is a new analysis on wind generation technology, and in particular, a new device utilised to harness wind energy through vibration and electomagnetic extraction.

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Doyle buehler elli generator presentation

  1. 1. A Fresh Perspective on Energy Extraction by Wind Oscillations Through aMagnetic Pick-up Transducer© 2011 Doyle BuehlerKanzuru, Inc.doylebuehler@gmail.comTHE NEW WIND ENERGY
  2. 2. Wind energy is not just about turbines and it is not just about aerodynamic blades. Itis also about frequency and vibration. It is time to rethink the standard equation ofwind energy and how exactly we extract this energy from the wind. It is time to take afresh look at the same problem... from a different perspective - to arrive at acompletely different solution. A solution that works with the natural rhythms and thenatural harmonics and oscillations of wind.THE CONCEPT
  3. 3. The Electrical Long Linear Inductor (ELLI) Wind Power Generator is a new, green technology thatharnesses wind energy in a unique manner. Like the strum on a guitar, the grass blowing, and the flagflying, this technology is able to transduce the vibrational and oscillatory nature of wind into a useableelectric current to power any electrical system.Utilizing existing technologies, it is a new passive way in which we can generate power in a completelygreen, sustainable manner, without the use of traditional rotary aerodynamic wind turbines.Wind oscillates, and causes objects to oscillate in tune with it. The way trees and grass move in the wind,or the way flags flap about is the inherent characteristic of wind. This is a solution that works with thenatural rhythms and the harmonics and oscillations of wind. It is a fresh look at an age old problem.THE CONCEPT
  4. 4. This is not another new airfoil or airfoil configuration of the age old windturbine with the electrical alternator or generator and the massiverotating blades, nor the supposed “new” vertical wind turbines. We aretaking the turbine, and literally exploding it… and turning it sideways.THE NEW WIND POWER TRANSDUCER
  5. 5. This new wind power generator utilizes existing technology that is merelyreconfigured in a novel manner; a simple faraday generator consisting of amagnetic inductor pickup, a thin electrical wire spanning the thin, lightweight frame. A flag or “flow enhancer” is attached to the wire to increasethe oscillations of the wire caused by the wind. THE NEW WIND POWER TRANSDUCER
  6. 6. This central, suspended wire acts as the “rotor” of a traditional generator, generating acurrent through the coiled magnetic pick-up once this wire moves across the magnetic field.The electromagnetic inductor coil is attached to the frame, and is mounted just below thestrung “rotor” wire. With a “flow enhancer” or flag, the oscillations of the wind cause therotor wire to vibrate across the magnetic pickup – cutting the magnetic lines of force of thepickup, generating a current through the system. The current generated can then bechanneled into a variety of power output options and energy storage systems.THE NEW WIND POWER TRANSDUCER
  7. 7. Refit Existing Structures – ANYWHERE there is a long, linear surface •Mount system vertically on the corners of buildings. Large or small buildings – industrial, commercial, rural, residential, farming •Mount system horizontally across the peak of the roof of any building •Mount system on existing free standing towers, street light posts, ornamental vertical structure •Mount system in Rural areas – wire fences, road signs, sides of highway •Feeds into a standard battery storage system, utilized by all green technologiesELLI GENERATOR APPLICATIONS
  8. 8. Install the technology close to “home” •Across the rooftop of homes and businesses •Attached to existing infrastructure – flag poles, street light towers, existing power poles •Feeds into standard “green energy” battery charging systems (solar, wind turbines)ELLI GENERATOR APPLICATIONS
  9. 9. Initial results from the first 4 foot high prototype devices are quite promising:•Simple, inexpensive, crude construction to test hypothesis of extracting energy fromwind oscillations•30-50mV AC average output during initial tests with first prototype device; peaks of70mV were achieved.•Technology fully scalable for higher outputs•Continuous operation under nominal wind conditions•Feed into existing battery storage banksPROTOTYPE TEST RESULTS
  10. 10. Variables for Power Output Refinement:•Maximize inductance of magnetic coil pick-ups•Quantity and placement of the magnetic pick-ups•Maximize harmonics of vibrating rotor wire (length, tension, thickness, size andplacement of wind flow oscillating enhancers etc.)Existing system is fully scalable and able to produce maximum output – limited onlyby the management of the appropriate variables to produce the exacting and desiredoutput.SCALABILITY AND VARIABLE CONTROL
  11. 11. Promotional, informational video of basic technology:Youtube Video: generator also was entered into the GE ‘ECOMAGINATION’ Energy Competition: GENERATOR IN OPERATION
  12. 12. This new and evolutionary development of wind power technology has an exciting future. The technology is stable but requires continued testing and development to build systems capable of commercial and residential high output systems. Here are the technology development pathways that are required: •Fully scalable system to produce desired output based on known variables •Full scale power output testing •Variable management •Data logging •Device manufacturing refinementsTHE NEW BUSINESS – OF TECHNOLOGY
  13. 13. The business potential of this new advance in wind power technology is immense. It is, in fact, acompletely new and refreshing possibility within the worldwide marketplace. It is a new business andmarket unto itself. We will build and establish a viable business to continue development and sales of thisproduct into mainstream green energy renewable markets. This is what we will accomplish:•Establish funding sources•Develop worldwide marketing and sales plans•Determine net-energy value of devices•Develop and implement manufacturing of devices•Establish engineering criteria•Continued R&DTHE NEW BUSINESS – OF BUSINESS
  14. 14. This new wind-driven device is evolutionary in scope as it grows from what we see and what we know. It is cost- effective, scalable and extremely practical. Refitting this technology to new and old structures is relatively easy, as it is only based on placement of the vibrating rotor wire spanned across the magnetic pickups, which can be placed on any long planar surface. Many other benefits include: •Extremely low-cost; no expensive turbines or complex rotary mechanics, which allows this device to be used in a much larger range of markets and price points •Low technology and low mechanical precision required; unskilled operators fully able to assemble and use •Easy to set up and install; can be completed by a basic homeowner •More efficient use of space as compared to large scale wind turbines •Less environmental impact to surrounding areas; installing in smaller residential and commercial areas is easily completed •Aesthetics – not as large and visually distracting as existing windpower turbines •No moving parts •No wind turbine overspeeds; no complex mechanics, linkages, etc. •Light weight and easy to transport •Easy to repair and replace •Easy and quick set-up in campsites, remote areas, disaster zones •Integrates into existing green technology electrical storage systems •Utilize existing infrastructure for main support systems; devices can be mounted on almost any long linear surface (towers, lightposts, building sides, rooftops, etc.)OVERALL ELLI SYSTEM BENEFITS
  15. 15. Please contact us for further details:Doyle 413 106 880GET READY TO ENGAGE THIS NEWFORM OF WIND ENERGY….AND GETBLOWN AWAY.