2013 WNC Awards Application (Seattle)


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2013 WNC Awards Application (Seattle)

  1. 1. AIESEC SEATTLE (full member) Ong Wan-Jun, LCP seattle-president@aiesecus.org 347.766.3586
  4. 4. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 2012 OGX Ra: 117 Ma: 51 Rea: 48 2013 OGX Ra: 80 Ma: 45 Rea: 48 2012 ICX Ra: 2 Ma: 2 Rea: 2 2013 ICX Ra: 4 Ma: 2 Rea: 2
  5. 5. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 2012 TM TMP: 66 TLP: 27 2013 TM TMP: 72 TLP: 25 NPS: 33 # EB Apps: 11 Net Profit: $11,056.32 Balance: $12,414
  6. 6. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 2013 LC Vision LC Vision: AIESEC Seattle is the first-choice platform for experiential leadership and cultural opportunities in the Greater Seattle Area.
  7. 7. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD Our vision is not that of the 2013 EB, but that of the 2013 LC. Together, we went through a lengthy 3-month process of SWOT and risk analyses, jot down each member’s 2013 hopes and dreams, and then synthesized everything into a short, powerful statement: Leadership that Matters, Impact that Lasts. With the above, we hoped to be recognized as the premier leadership organization on the University of Washington grounds that provide impactful college experiences. We knew that step one of doing so will be to banish the ‘best-kept secret’ AIESEC moniker. Collectively throughout 2013, we managed to organized 50+ events and projects, gave all our BoA members and campus partners impactful experiences (Excellent BoA Award, Most Collaborative Student Organization Award) and ensured that our members and customers were satisfied with their experiences. Nowadays, we walk through campus and people actually recognize the AIESEC brand. They associate it with exploration, cultural immersion, and boundless opportunities. They also associate us as a trusted voice for youth. 2013 will go down in history as a great year for AIESEC Seattle. 2013 LC Vision
  8. 8. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 1. LOW PRESENCE ON CAMPUS - Organized 50+ projects and events to increase our campus-wide awareness - 1771 followers on social media and market reach of 1% in school of 40,000 - Creation of partnerships with 5 school departments and programs - Won ‘Most Collaborative Student Organization’ from the School of Business 2. LOW ENGAGEMENT WITH ALUMNI - assignment of BoA members as mentors to each EB member - assignment of AIESEC Life members as mentors to seniors / recent graduates - organization of Appreciation Gala as a networking event for alumni and members - inviting alumni to provide skills training in monthly LCMs - alumni hosted Spring NPM cruise - won Excellent BoA Award 3. LOW ENGAGEMENT WITH NATIONAL PLENARY (geographical factors) - hosted Spring NPM (bringing AIESEC US to Seattle) - generous conference subsidies program for members ($12,000 in 2013) - hosted April Seattle TtT - active utilization of NTP (3 requests in 2013) 4. LACK OF FUNCTIONAL SYNERGY - emphasis on the strategic triangle Working on Bottlenecks
  9. 9. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 1. FUNCTIONAL SYNERGY The optimization of the strategic triangle to push performance in the LC. The OGX teams took into account Comm’s capacity before forming goals for the year. The TM team worked with Finance to create a generous conference incentive program ($12,000 in 2013). The Middle Manager (MM) layer of leadership also helps reinforce this through bi-weekly MM meetings and socials. 2. CULTURE OF TRANSPARENCY Even as a big LC (72 members), we prioritized smooth information flow between the EB to the LC, and vice versa: • collaborative formation of 2013 LC Vision • PODIO as main documents bank • feedback gathering at conclusion of every project Strategies • each VP conducts one-on-one coaching with members • Middle Managers invited to attend EBM every month to be • weekly LC Newsletters announce LC activities Replicated • LCMs starts off with a 2-minute appreciation session to highlight members’ contribution to LC
  10. 10. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 3. INVESTMENTS TOWARDS TALENT DEVELOPMENT We were audacious enough to invest $12,700 to send members (and members of AIESEC Davis) to attend, facilitate, and organize AIESEC conferences throughout the world. The LC also subsidizes members’ OGX exchange fees by 50% to incentive them to go on an AIESEC exchange. In addition, we spent almost $5,000 organizing exchange-related projects and events on campus to further cement our brand and presence. Strategies to be Replicated
  11. 11. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 1. OGX 5. FIN 4. TM - Ra: 80 - Ma: 45 - Rea: 48 - 25 TLP opportunities - 1 NTT Request for sales training 2. ICX - Ra: 4 - Ma: 2 - Rea: 2 - 1 sales training from Senior VP at Deloitte 6. LCP - doubled OGX sales force oGIP and oGCDP) - initiated 5 on-campus OGX partnerships - initiated strong ties w AIESEC Life - $12,000 conference sponsorship - $4,000 investment into Exchange activities - Subsidized members’ OGX exchange fees by 50% 3. COMM - 343 attendees at OGX info sessions - hosted Global Village with 300 attendees - 1 partnership with Lenati (a consulting firm) to help structure marketing strategy Contribution to Exchange
  12. 12. AIESEC Seattle is no longer the ‘best-kept secret’ on the grounds of the University of Washington. 2013 Legacy
  13. 13. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 1. WEST COAST REGION - 4 facilitators at Fall West Coast RoKS - 1 Regional Chair a. Davis IG -hosting relationship -2 coaching visits to Davis -Weekly skype calls to LCP Davis -Provided local compendium template -EB correspondence between both LCs - $700 conference funding for WNC 13/14 - $100 to purchase business folders b. San Jose -helped with LCP transition of Daryl to Amie -helped with LCP transition of Amie to Imran c. Arizona State - collaborated with LCP Arizona to pioneer the ‘potential VPs track’ at West Coast RoKS - chaired Pebbles Conference d. San Francisco - provided alumni lead to restart AIESEC Berkeley 2. AIESEC US - Chaired AIESEC DC 2014 EB Transition weekend - Hosted Spring NPM - Hosted April TtT - 2 WNC 13/14 facilitators - 1 NTT Coordinator - 1 Fall LaTx RoKS facilitator 3. International plenary - LCP AIESEC Lund, Sweden - 1 facilitator at AIESEC Serbia NatCo - 1 CEEDer to AIESEC Serbia - 1 CEEDer to AIESEC Laos - 5 IC CC members Contribution to National Plenary
  14. 14. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD AIESEC Seattle 2013 Infographic: tinyurl.com/seattlewnc13
  16. 16. OUTSTANDING HOST AWARD Absolute Growth in OGX: -56.25% (Mizzou) Return to FullMember: 0 Entities hosted: Mizzou Davis # of Coaching visits: 2 (Davis) Investment: $800 Absolute Growth in ICX: 0% (Mizzou)
  17. 17. OUTSTANDING HOST AWARD Mizzou (extended Official Expansion): We knew that Mizzou only require one more TN to achieve full membership: 1. Assigned a former LCP as main coach for AIESEC Mizzou 2. Periodic check-ins between LCP Seattle and LCP Mizzou 3. Help with selection of new VP OGX in April 2013 Davis (Initiative Group): As an IG, our energies were focused on getting AIESEC Davis to OE status by WNC 2013-14: 1. Organized weekly skype check-ins between LCP Seattle and LCP Davis 2. Organized periodic communication between EB Seattle and EB Davis 3. Funded $700 as travel subsidy for the AIESEC Davis delegation to WNC 2013-14 ($175 per delegate) 4. Sent 2 coaches from the NTT pool to AIESEC Davis to help with TM recruitment and retention (Hanne Ockert-Axelsson, and Mandy Tai) Support 5. Provided template for AIESEC Davis to create their own AIESEC on compendium leadership
  18. 18. OUTSTANDING HOST AWARD Mizzou (extended Official Expansion): We knew that Mizzou only require one more TN to achieve full membership: 1. Organized periodic communication between VP ICX Seattle and VP ICX Mizzou 2. Assigned a former LCP as main coach for AIESEC Mizzou 3. Periodic check-ins between LCP Seattle and LCP Mizzou Davis (Initiative Group): As an IG, our energies were focused on getting AIESEC Davis to OE status by WNC 2013-14: 1. Funded $100 business folders for AIESEC Davis members 2. Funded $700 as travel subsidy for the AIESEC Davis delegation to WNC 2013-14 ($175 per delegate) Support in exchange
  19. 19. OUTSTANDING HOST AWARD It is with the lessons learned from AIESEC Mizzou that we stepped up and took on AIESEC Davis as an IG after its then host decided to take a step back to deal with a leadership crisis after SNC 2013. We realized that within the West Coast region, AIESEC Seattle was the only LC with the capacity to host AIESEC Davis. As such, we set rigorous expectations, with the ultimate goal to help AIESEC Davis become a OE by WNC 2013: creation of a compendium, and a working EB. We made all efforts to provide them the best TM recruitment as possible, sending our 2 high-performing former VP TMs to Davis on coaching visits. We are also funding $700 for their delegation to attend WNC Chicago. We are an outstanding host because, we are not just a namesake entity to Davis. We are equally invested in Davis’ successes and growth, and seek to walk with them all the way through. Together, we hope make the West Coast the best region all over again. What makes Seattle an Outstanding Host?
  20. 20. OUTSTANDING HOST AWARD Endorsement from AIESEC Davis
  22. 22. EXCELLENCE IN TALENT MANAGEMENT #2012 TMP: Ra: 66 Rea: 66 #2013 TMP: Ra: 92 Rea: 72 #2013 TLP: Ra: 25 Rea: 25 #Members in LC: 72 #TMP raised / # members: 0.78 Retention Rate: 80%
  23. 23. EXCELLENCE IN TALENT MANAGEMENT Member Efficiency: 0.65 Applicants for EB: 11 % of members on X: 12% Applicants for membership: 150 IXP: 9 #Delegates #Members at NatCo: 18 #Members w sales meetings: 15 #Delegates at RoKS: 47 #Active Sellers: 2
  24. 24. EXCELLENCE IN TALENT MANAGEMENT Growth of X and Leadership 1) MIDDLE MANAGER PROGRAM The Program consists of middle manager training, NTT training and a feedback system between the MM and the EB. Middle Manager training was conducted two weeks into middle #Members manager terms by Hanne Ockert-Axelsson, Mandy Tai and Dan Lausch, all in the National Trainers Pool. The training emphasized on topics such as Project planning, Project communication and Project execution tools. The training received a feedback of 8.5/10 from the 13 middle managers and they were 80% motivated for their term. Next we requested another NTP trainer, Aaron Mack, to assist and conduct the April Trainthe-Trainers Conference in Seattle . The delegates consisted mainly of the Middle Managers to improve knowledge delivery between team leaders and team members. Feedback system was created to give more autonomy for the TLs to contribute to the growth of the LC and help the VPs to improve on weaknesses within the LC. This entire TL program package has boosted leadership development and improved member experience for the TLP program. 7 out of 8 VP applicants took on a middle manager role and 6 joined the 2014 EB. A middle manager even moved on to be LCP of LC Lund in AIESEC Sweden.
  25. 25. EXCELLENCE IN TALENT MANAGEMENT 2) UTILIZATION OF NTP We requested 2 other NTP trainers for ICX and TM mentorship program. In April, we requested Maya, then West Coast Regional Coach, to boost confidence for the ICX team #Members and as well conduct a 360 feedback session between VPs and TLs. This really help to change the culture of the ICX team to conduct more sales cold calls and push for more meetings to make more exchanges happen. The 360 feedback session promoted honest communication between the EB and the TLs and it really united us as one leadership body for AIESEC Seattle. Next, we requested Christine Rosenthal , a NTP from Arizona, to conduct a mentorship session with the new members. Each session was 30 minutes and it was conducted in a cafe. A 2 page mentorship package was provided to each new member to reflect on AIESEC values , how their goals ties in with the values and what are the opportunities available in AIESEC to meet their personal growth. This training gained really positive feedback and it really helps the TM team to initiate a stable Growth of mentorship system. X and Leadership
  26. 26. EXCELLENCE IN TALENT MANAGEMENT 3) CREATION OF CONFERENCE FUNDING PROGRAM (in synergy with Finance) We created a conference funding system that applied towards regional , national and #Members international conferences. This funding system provided 2 different types of funding for TLP and TMP. It pushed for more people to go to conferences to be inspired and motivated by what we do and why we do it to contribute to more exchanges and impacts. It created more exchange partnerships with different countries which really helped to ensure exchange quality . Overall, there were AIESEC Seattle member presence in ILC Panama 2013, WENA 2013 , EuroCo 2013, AIESEC Taiwan Summer National Conference 2013, AIESEC Canada Coastal Conference 2013 , Summer and Winter National Conference 2013 , West Coast Leadership Seminar 2013 West Coast Fall RoKs 2013 and IC in Egypt 2013. This members have really helped them to developed their personal connections and built connection for the LC as well. Growth of X and Leadership
  28. 28. EXCELLENCE IN TALENT MANAGEMENT 1) LC STRIKE SYSTEM Each unexcused absence in meetings will be tracked in the system. Once it hits 3 absences, a personal development talk will be conducted either by VPTM or the VP of the team to understand the problem . 2) MIDDLE MANAGEMENT CULTURE Each VP holds each middle manager accountable by constantly providing guidance and mentoring during the process of their development. We encouraged a Middle Manager family culture so that they hold each other accountable during stressed and unhappy times. Eventually, they conducted their own non-AIESEC gatherings . Keeping members accountable 3) MEMBER TRACKING SYSTEM Lastly, the general member tracking system created in AIESEC Seattle consists of their general information and their TMP , TLP , NTP experience is written for TM reference as well. This system really helped TM and the EB to observe members leadership development within AIESEC. It is created for the mentorship program in 2014 to use this tracking system for reference.
  29. 29. EXCELLENCE IN TALENT MANAGEMENT 1) APPRECIATION AT LCM We open LCM with a 2 minutes appreciation session that is opened up for any member to show their appreciation to anyone else in the LC. 2) REWARDS AND RECOGNITION Every quarter, we conduct a rewards and recognition session for both informal and formal categories to recognize the contribution of the members. 3) MEMBER TRACKING SYSTEM Lastly, TM rewards members with personalized gifts. When 20 of seniors graduated, the TM team made a Graduation stole for each. During the gala dinner, each VP wrote a card for each member. Rewarding members 4) ALUMNI MENTOR In collaboration with AIESEC Life, each senior or recent graduate member joining AIESEC Life is rewarded with a working professional mentor
  30. 30. EXCELLENCE IN TALENT MANAGEMENT 1) CENTRALIZED FILE STORAGE Each TM project asks for feedback from the delegates and the EB together, and the output are all stored on PODIO. The general tracking system is constantly updated every quarter by VPTM and it is easy to use for the few next successors. All documents related to TM is carefully documented and stored in the PODIO space. 2) SUPPORT The 2014 VPTM is well connected with 4 generations of VPTM of AIESEC Seattle. After the VP elects were chosen, each received a minimum of 10 hours of transition which includes functional information and synergy projects that happened over members. Replication of Success 3) STRONG LEADERSHIP PIPELINE The 2014 VPs are all middle managers who were highly involved in every LC-wide events and they are well aware of how the Executive Board functions. Hence they will be able to hit the ground running in 2014.
  31. 31. EXCELLENCE IN TALENT MANAGEMENT 1. NATIONAL TRAINING (17) - 9 members in the NTP pool - 1 hosted TtT - 5 facilitators at RoKS - 2 at WNC 2013/14 3. CONFERENCES (3) - 1 OC RoKS - 2 OC WNC 2013/14 2. INTERNATIONAL IMPACT (23) -5 IC CC Members -1 NST Denmark -1 NST Canada -1 OC Canada -15 international conference delegates 4. NSB + MC (5) - 1 current MC member - 1 NST IM - 1 Regional Chair - 1 NTT Coordinator - 1 Plenary Representative Contribution to Plenary
  33. 33. EXCELLENCE IN FINANCE 2013 Net Profit: $11,056.32 Investments into conference subsidies: 26.67% 2014 starting cash: ~$5000 Investment into Exchange Programs: 10.34% Finance Team member retention: 50%
  34. 34. EXCELLENCE IN FINANCE 1. OGX To incentive members to go abroad, the LC reimbursed half of all members’ OGX exchange fee (half of application and match fee). Essentially, the LC is not making any profit out of sending own members abroad but is investing in members in getting valuable and irreplaceable opportunity to learn about the core of AIESEC. 2. ICX The LC sponsored all networking-related fees (e.g., fee to join Seattle Chamber of Commerce) and reimbursed all sales-related transportation fee (e.g, gas money), whether it is to or from sales meeting locations. Investment into Exchange
  35. 35. EXCELLENCE IN FINANCE As conferences are great places to gain AIESEC knowledge and experience the AIESEC network, the LC had strived to offset members’ conference cost and encouraged conference attendance. For every conference that any member was going, the LC has provided some sort of financial aid. In most cases, members have to fill out a pre- and postconference survey to be eligible to receive reimbursement. 1) West Coast LDS: General members and middle managers reimbursed $30 and $70; 2) West Coast Fall RoKS: Members reimbursed up to $200 (considered that the location-Arizona-is farther away from Seattle); 3) WNC: Incoming EB were fully reimbursed for $350 delegate fee; general members and middle managers are to be reimbursed $175 and $250; the LC is also opening up the funding for Davis members for up to $175 per member. 4) SNC: LCP reimbursed for delegate fee and flight 5) NPM: LCP and LCPe reimbursed for delegate and flight fees; 6) EuroCo in Ukraine: LCPe reimbursed for delegate and flight fee. 7) Trainers: Maya Katabayeva for ICX, Christine Rosenthal for TM, Aaron Mack for TtT, Miraj Zaman for FIN, Hanne Ockert-Axelsson for Davis Investment into Member and Leadership Development
  36. 36. EXCELLENCE IN FINANCE In order to maintain the LC’s solid accounting practice, processes for various financial tasks have been documented and standardized (e.g., Podio apps instruction, transaction naming convention on Wave, VPF transition file, etc.). Standardization makes it user-friendly for the generations to come. Replication of Success
  37. 37. EXCELLENCE IN FINANCE 1. CROWDFUNDING - Indiegogo Fundraising campaign Spring NPM raised $1500 2. OGX EXCHANGE SUBSIDY PROGRAM - subsidized 50% of members OGX exchange fees - sent 10 members abroad in 2013 Contributions to National Plenary
  38. 38. EXCELLENCE IN FINANCE The main team goals were to establish a stronger framework and sustainability and free up cash, and I believe the goals were achieved. This year, rather than keeping all the money that was made in the account the LC had been more audacious in spending, whether that is sponsoring more for local events or making big investments in members; the key was to free up cash and keep it flowing. As a result, the LC was definitely able to do more. On another note, because creating a strong bookkeeping practice was key to a strong framework for Finance, much focus had been geared toward this. And the milestone for this was Miraj Zaman, who audited Seattle, highly praised the LC’s accounting practices. Finance Team Goals
  40. 40. EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNICATION # at TM info sessions: 203 # at OGX info sessions: 343 Market reach: 1.07% Social media market reach: 5.53%
  41. 41. EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNICATION JAN 2013: NAAAP Networking Event Partnered with NAAAP for a networking night with working professionals. Secured future event backings for future ICX initiative. Event turnout: 20 professionals, 20 students APR 2013 Foster Flash Freeze Partnered with 3 other student organizations to organize an unannounced Flash Freeze in the Business School building during peak lunch hour. Impact: Facebook visits increased by 150%. LC Hosted Events MAY 2013 IMMERSION Scholarship Program Utilizing our Thunderbird Award, we provided scholarships for 4 non-AIESECers to go on AIESEC GCDP exchanges. Impact: Social media visits increased by 120%
  42. 42. EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNICATION MAY 2013 Boeing-AIESEC Networking Night Partnered with Boeing for a night of relationshipbuilding. Secured contacts for future partnership events. Event turnout: 5 professionals, 40 students MAY 2013 Appreciation Gala A dinner gala to appreciate all our alumni, business, and campus stakeholders, and forge relationships with new contact. Impact: 60 attendees and introductions to the Student Council, and new BoA members. NOV 2013 Global Village Cultural fair showcasing OGX opportunities. Impact: 300 students, faculty ,staff and families attended. $2000 sponsorship from 10 entities, and partnerships with 15 cultural RSOs. LC Hosted Events
  43. 43. EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNICATION FEB, APR, OCT 2013 OGX Info Sessions (3 times throughout 2013) 2 week marketing period (flyering, classroom speeches, talking to staff and faculty, etc.) leading up to a week of info sessions. Impact: A total of 763 signups for the year JAN, OCT 2013 TM Info Sessions (2 times throughout 2013) 2 week marketing period (flyering, classroom speeches, talking to staff and faculty, etc.) leading up to a week of info sessions. Impact: A total of 451 signups for the year JAN, APR, NOV 2013 Flash Mobs(3 times throughout 2013) Organized flash mobs to amp up our presence during significant marketing periods throughout the year. Impact: Generated significant attention on campus LC Hosted Events
  44. 44. EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNICATION 1. SOCIAL MEDIA Followers: 1771 people Avg view per post: 10,000 people website nonpeak: 350 visitors website peak: 873 visitors 2. PUBLICITY STUNTS -Flash Mobs -Globe rolling through campus -Pinning pins to countries -Blue Man walking campus 3. UNIVERSITY STAFF AND FACULTY -recommend students for programs -built partnerships with 5 campus departments (Schools of Intl Studies, Business, Social Work, Education, and Informatics) 4. RESIDENCE HALLS AND FIRST YEAR PROGRAM -relationships and events at 2 residence halls -these initiatives had better engagement than traditional info sessions. 5. STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS -relationships and co-sponsored events with 20 student clubs -won Most Collaborative Student Organization Award’from the Business School Marketing Channels
  45. 45. EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNICATION • During Transitional period: o Utilization of transition tracker to ensure that all information is passed on. o Started 2 months prior to successor’s term o Worked on analyzing weaknesses and strengths of 2012/2013 team. o Worked out list of priorities for COMM team to focus on (i.e. more publicity and less focus on ads) o Reviewed major COMM events to evaluate ROIs • Middle manager selection was made before start of 2014 term • Documents all stored and regularly updated on PODIO • Team restructured to fit new needs of the LC. Replicating Success
  46. 46. EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNICATION 1. GLOBAL VILLAGE - Highly successful with collaboration with 15 other student organizations - Raised $2000 funding from 10 entities - Attended by 300+ campus stakeholders (EPs to be raised in 2014) 2. APPRECIATION GALA - Second annual event to bring together alumni, current LC members and other campus stakeholders on campus - Always a great event to introduce AIESEC to campus stakeholders and form meaningful relationships (new BoA members, new ICX leads) 3. OC Communications - 2 OC at WNC 2013/14 - 1 OC Fall West Coast - 1 OC 2014 Coastal Conference Canada Contribution to National Plenary
  47. 47. EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNICATION Winter TM Recruitment: To Infinity and Beyond Main Messages (also in rar file)
  48. 48. EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNICATION Main Messages (also in rar file) Winter OGX Recruitment: Spring OGX Recruitment: Go Taking Off
  49. 49. EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNICATION Fall TM / OGX Recruitment: Global Talent / Global Citizen Main Messages (also in rar file)
  50. 50. EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNICATION PR Activities 1. BUSINESS WEEK AND BUSINESS SCHOOL WEEK OF SERVICE -provided service to community by collecting items to be donated. -also participated in engaging Business students to showcase OGX opportunities - through all our initiatives, we won the Most Collaborative Student Organization award from the School of Business 2. GLOBAL VILLAGE -obtained 300 signups for future info sessions. - FB views for that week increased to an average of 10000 views per post. - Total expenditure for this program was 0 as we managed to obtain sponsorships from 10 different entities including 1 from the National Support Fund 3. MASSIVE GLOBE ROLLING THROUGH CAMPUS -increased our online presence to different clubs. -recognized by campus premier Facebook page (UW Life). - FB views increased by 400% when initiative started.
  51. 51. EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNICATION PR Activities 4. ENGAGEMENT WITH WORKING PROFESSIONALS - We invited C-suite executives from 2 ad agencies to provide training to our Comm members School of Visual Concepts and Workers Bees - Organized 2 networking events (one with Boeing, and one with NAAAP) 5. SCHOOL FAIRS - Internship fairs. 112 signups for info sessions throughout the year - Volunteer fairs. 143 signups for info sessions throughout the year - Participated in student organization leadership week 6. IMMERSION SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM - 15 participants from different pool of usual applicants. - 4 non-member scholarship recipients - Social media visits increased by 120% in two weeks
  52. 52. AIESEC Seattle our home, our pride
  53. 53. …don’t forget! AIESEC Seattle 2013 Infographic: tinyurl.com/seattlewnc13