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Integrated Approach To Internet Marketing | Well Oiled Marketing Campaign
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Integrated Approach To Internet Marketing | Well Oiled Marketing Campaign


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A well oiled marketing campaign consists of multiple channels in order strengthen website traffic, increase brand awareness and create social buzz. Download our "Integrated Approach To Internet …

A well oiled marketing campaign consists of multiple channels in order strengthen website traffic, increase brand awareness and create social buzz. Download our "Integrated Approach To Internet Marketing" and learn how to create a holistic marketing campaign.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 2. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosureAN INTEGRATED APPROACH TO INTERNET MARKETINGCOMPONENTS OF A WELL OILED ONLINE MARKETING CAMPAIGNIf you’re keeping up with the latest trends inmarketing, you already know the importanceof an Internet marketing campaign.You have also probably tried one or more Internet marketing channels as away to stay relevant and increase traffic to your site. This is all very well andin the right track but having a disjointed online marketing campaign canonly go so far.
  • 3. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosureTo really achieve success, an online marketing campaign has to beholistic and integrate all players of online marketing. An integrated onlinemarketing campaign will allow you to tap into all areas of the digital sphere.From organic searches to social networks, an integrated online marketingcampaign will result in higher traffic, increased brand awareness, customerloyalty and more!If you’re looking to succeed in this digital era, it’s time to get an integratedonline marketing campaign that works symbiotically with your othermarketing intiatives to achieve your goals.AN INTEGRATED APPROACH TO INTERNET MARKETINGCOMPONENTS OF A WELL OILED ONLINE MARKETING CAMPAIGN
  • 4. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosure01. SEOSearch engine optimization (SEO), is an essential part ofbuilding your online presence and leaving your mark. Bybeing found organically for highly relevant keywords, youare claiming valuable online real estate. Not only does itmean that you attract more traffic with a solid top positionon SERPs, it also means that you don’t have to rely solely onpaid search to land prominent visibility online. By activelyworking to increase your organic ranking on search engines,you gain top visibility without much effort.A solid SEO campaign should be focused and continuously refined.Intelligent keyword research and constant monitoring of your rankings willhelp define the next steps in optimizing your website and content for betterplacement on search engines.
  • 5. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosureFrom adding keyword-rich content to your site or posting frequent blogposts, SEO is your long-term strategy to reaching optimal visibility onsearch engines. Beware though, SEO is not a stop and go strategy. Itrequires continuous effort and dedication or else you may see your hard-earned work take a dive along with your rankings.01. SEOcont.
  • 6. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosure02. PPCPay-per-click (PPC) is the ideal way to actively increasequalified traffic to your website. Unlike SEO, a PPC campaignallows you to tailor your online marketing efforts to exactlythe audience you want. From restricting your campaign scopeto a certain geographic area or selecting when your adsshow, a PPC campaign puts you in control.Successfully built PPC campaigns can get you the right type of leads thatcan be easily turned into conversions. By dictating who your ads are shownto and defining your offer, you can easily convert a simple online surfer intoa customer. Using custom conversion optimized landing pages you canfurther increase your chances of turning visitors into customers.
  • 7. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosure02. PPCA PPC campaign can bring you much needed traffic while your SEO kicks inand it can also attract attention to particular offers or promotions by givingyou top spot placement on search engines for maximum visibility.cont.
  • 8. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosure03. social mediaSocial media is perhaps the newest player in the onlinemarketing scheme. In fact, most business owners are stillconfused about social media and its power. True, it may notbe a direct way to land sales or more traffic, but it has a majorimpact on your overall online visibility and your ability toreach and connect online.In recognition of the growing importance of social media, Google updatedits ranking algorithm in 2012 to include social signals. That means that themore active you are on social media platforms, the better rank your websitewill have.
  • 9. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosure03. social mediaWhen it comes to creating your social media strategy, it’s important toembrace the various platforms and still keep your focus around your brandand overall goals. So go ahead and tweet, add posts to your Facebookpage and join discussions on LinkedIn!cont.
  • 10. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosure04. media buyingThe Internet is the fastest growing outlet for advertising allaround. While traditional advertising outlets are still effective,we can’t ignore the need to advertise online. With thenumber of online searches and purchasesgrowing day by day, media buyingincreases brand awareness and can helprecapture lost leads.From display advertising to retargetingcampaigns, it’s important to include mediabuying in your overall online marketing strategy.Combined, display advertising and retargeting canreinforce branding and grow your overall visibility onthe web.
  • 11. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosure05. emailmarketingEmail marketing is an undervalued tool when it comes toonline marketing. However, email marketing is still one ofthe most cost-effective marketing solutions that shouldnot be dismissed. A regularly scheduled email newsletteror blast can work wonders for alerting current customersand prospects about new products, events, promotions orrecognitions.Keeping in touch with your clients is made easy thru email marketing.From offering useful tips, advice or helpful information, email marketingcan be an effective client communication portal. By offering valuableinformation, tips or promotions, you can keep your business in top ofmind for repeat business while giving you a spike in traffic.
  • 12. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosure06. contentmarketingContent marketing, or the process of creating valuable,relevant content for the purpose of sharing, plays animportant role in building your authority online. By producingand sharing valuable content through various channels andplatforms, you effectively strengthen branding and increaseoverall brand awareness. This is crucial to establishing yourcompany as an authority in your industry or field.Case studies, eBooks, infographics, blogs, whitepapers and videos arejust a few of the various content marketing assets that can engage andattract potential customers and help maintain the current customer base byincreasing customer loyalty.
  • 13. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosure06. contentmarketingContent is a driving force behind the Internet and social media. The moreshareable content you can produce, the more visibility and authority you canbuild for your businesscont.
  • 14. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosure06. MOBILEmarketingAccording to recent research from ComScore, smartphoneusers account for 42% of all mobile users. In fact, the numberof mobile web users is expected to surpass the 1.7 billionmark by 2013. With statistics like this, it’s hard to ignore thegrowing importance of mobile marketing.As mobile technology becomes more sophisticated and the number ofsmartphone users grows, it’s crucial for businesses to enter the mobilemarketing world before it’s too late. Equipped with amobile website, you can improve user experiencefor better overall interactions. You can even gofurther and integrate your other marketingcampaigns to your mobile presence such astargeting you pay-per-click campaigns tomobile device users
  • 15. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosure06. MOBILEmarketingMobile technology is here to stay. Not integratinga mobile strategy in your overall marketingscheme would be negligentcont.
  • 16. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosure03. analyticsOne of the most important tools for any business owner is webanalytics. Regardless of what your marketing plan includes,web analytics offers a wealth of marketing intelligence that canhelp guide your overall marketing efforts.Web analytics can provide you with raw data that can help you understandvisitors’ behavior to help you fine-tune your website and campaigns formaximum ROI. Whether it’s a PPC campaign, a new product or anothermarketing effort, analytics can provide you with valuable data to help youmake intelligent decisions about your marketing strategy. Recent updated inanalytics means even more data to digest for a comprehensive view of youronline presence and strength.
  • 17. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosure03. analyticsAnalytics provides you with insights regarding web traffic origin, web trafficsources, visitor behavior, visitor interest, engagement and much more. It’salso an unbiased way to grade your marketing efforts. This collection ofvaluable data gives you the competitive edge and is the best tool to drivethe decision-making process for maximum results. Recent updates toanalytics have resulted in added sophistication and are a clear signof the growing importance of analytics in marketing decisions.Analytics is the brain for any Internet marketing strategy.Understanding and using this information actively can resultin maximum results.cont.
  • 18. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosureAn integrated approach to Internet marketing is the mostintelligent way to achieve success. Just like a body can’t functionwithout all body parts working simultaneously, a marketingcampaign is handicapped when only certain parts are active.Creating a holistic marketing strategy that includesSEO, PPC, social media, media buying, emailmarketing, content marketing, mobile marketingand analytics is the most efficient way to structureand drive your marketing efforts.
  • 19. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosureAn integrated online marketing strategy is also the simplest way to maximizethe impact of all your marketing efforts. By having all different mediumspush out a cohesive message, you gain from the added visibility on multiplechannels, growth in authority and overall reach both on and off the web.Intelligent marketing begins not with one single idea but many ideas workingtogether to produce the desired results. Likewise, a cohesive integratedmarketing approach to Internet marketing can make every moving part ofyour marketing campaign more successful. Keeping up with the latest trendsand understanding the various roles different marketing tools play is essentialfor staying atop of the game and competitors.When planned correctly and skillfully, a comprehensiveInternet marketing strategy that combines the biggest playersin Internet marketing has an exponential effect on yourmarketing and business