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Are you attaining the goals you've set for your website? Download 3 Important Online Metrics to Monitor and learn how to get a clear picture of your website performance.

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3 Important Online Metrics To Monitor | Analytics Monitoring

  2. 2. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosureWhile using web analytics is useful for some applications,there are more important metrics that will give you atruer picture of how your website is performing.High page rankings and hundreds of visitors look great when you see the numbers,but they don’t mean you’re actually attaining the goals you’ve set in building yoursite. The following 3 Internet marketing metrics will give you a true picture of howwell your site is accomplishing what you’ve set out to do.IMPORTANT ONLINE MARKETINGMETRICS TO MONITOR
  3. 3. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosureConversion Rate & GoalCompletion01.The ratio of visitors that visit your site and complete desired actionsbased on your plan is called the conversion rate. This could besigning up for newsletters or making purchases. In order to calculateyour conversion rate, you’ll need tools such as Google Analytics tohelp determine how many visitors are completing thegoals you’ve set forth. This is a very important wayto determine if you are marketing your site to itsmaximum potential.
  4. 4. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosure02.Researching pingbacks or “back links” that have pointed to yoursite is extremely important. With the Penguin algorithm updateby Google, pingbacks may penalize your search engine resultsif they’re considered bad links; gambling and pornographylinks being among those. You also need to check for links thatcontain too many natural keywords. While keyword densityis important, their overuse is also critical. Finally, in regardsto pingbacks, you need to make sure none of those linkspoint to sites that have been created simply for search engineoptimization (SEO) purposes. These are the types that have a“factory” appearance, put together simply to be keyword denseand not created and managed for content by a real person. The SEOalgorithms are getting increasingly stricter about quality contentBacklink Profile
  5. 5. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosureBacklink Profile (Cont.)02.and pingbacks. Some essential tools to monitor your pingbacksare Majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer. Both tools have a costinvolved, but finding and removing bad links will greatly improveyour chances at higher conversion rates.
  6. 6. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosureVisitor Engagement03.Lastly, the amount of time readers spend on your site andthe number of pages they visit is vastly more important thanthe number of people that visit and leave after viewing thefront page. There are several factors involved in this which willimprove your SEO.• Highest possible length of time visitors spend on your site once they land.• A bounce rate of less than 50%. The bounce rate is the number of visitors that leave after viewing only your front page. You must draw them in further.• The number of pages viewed per visitor; again you want this as high as possible.• The number of shares across social media platforms. This would be considered “word of mouth” advertising.
  7. 7. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosureVisitor Engagement (Cont.)03.Taking time to research the numbers and make improvements thatwill keep your visitors engaged while on your site will improve notonly your search engine rankings, but improve your conversion rates.
  8. 8. call: 1.888.909.7265 | click: clickxposure.comCopyright©2013,ClickXPosureSUMMARYThese are the three most important ways to measure the successof your website in reaching your goals. Following these guidelinesand investing some time and money will be worth the extra workinvolved when you begin to realize the higher conversion rates andhigher search engine rankings.