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Multimedia Test

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Multimedia diploma test

  1. 1. DIP433 Multimedia Technology Test 2 Jan 2012 KBU INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE School of Business and Hospitality and Tourism DIP 433 Multimedia Technology Test 2Answer ALL the questions.Section A (10%):1. The following terms are used to refer to color image on the computer screen EXCEPT: a. HSV b. CMYB c. RGB d. HSB2. Which of the following about „Saturation‟ is INCORRECT? a. Saturation is the purity of the color. b. Saturation is the amount of pure color mixed with white color. c. Saturation is measured in percentage from 0 to 100. d. Saturation determines the intensity of the color mixed with black color.3. JPEG and GIF are two common image formats of: a. Bitmap b. Drawing c. Flash d. None of the above4. One of the difficulties working with sound is: a. the legal issue of sound downloaded from the Internet. b. keeping the sound in time with the video. c. expertise in using the facilities. d. preparing appropriate script for artist.6. A managerial issue in video production is: a. should the client attend the shoot or the edit? b. what is the appropriate way of compressing video? c. what is the correct format of video? d. how can we ensure that the recording session is successful?
  2. 2. DIP433 Multimedia Technology Test 2 Jan 20127. What is the format of time code used to identify each frame of a TV signal? a. ff:bb:yy b. hh:ss:mm:ff c. hh:mm:ss:ff d. ff:hh:mm8. Which of the following question avoids „noddies‟ in an interview? a. “How‟s your trip to Limpopo river?” b. “Is Limpopo river beautiful?” c. “Limpopo river is one of your dream river, right?” d. “Was it fun up the Limpopo?”9. What is a „frame grabbing‟ process in digitizing video for multimedia? a. record frame into DVD. b. record video into the computer. c. use telecine to put the film onto the tape. d. use telecine to record frame onto the computer.10. Dots per Inch (dpi) is used to: a. measure the video rate. b. measure picture size. c. measure sound rate. d. define computer screen output.Section B (20%)1. There are three types of microphone based on their sensitivity or polar response curves, which are cardioid microphone, bi-directional microphone, and omnidirectional microphone. Explain one of the microphones and draw the microphone. (4%)2. An image has 120x50 pixels size.What is the size of the image (in inches) across a computer screen with 60 dpi? (2%)3. What are your responsibilities as a project manager when working with voice-over artist in the studio? Give FIVE responsibilities and briefly explain each of them. (10%)4. Briefly explain a simplest „professional‟ way of lighting a person to produce a 3D look. (4%)Section C (70%)Gient is upgrading their customer service by setting NFD self-payment point whereby customer canscan their purchase, tap on the payment point using their phone. This project is estimated to be a oneyear project, test run on just 20 Klang valley‟s Gient outlets. 1. Draw the project cycle diagram (15%), include: a. Define each phase, describe each phase (20%) 2. Drawproject timeline (10%) 3. Project Team members list. (10%) 4. Specify team members responsibilities. (15%)