Luxury Brands and the Social Media by OGN


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Luxury Brands and the Social Media by OGN

  1. 1. The opportunity to build auniverse around your Brand
  2. 2. JIMMY CHOO organize a treasure hunt inLondon. With the Foursquare help,people can find the pair of shoes inLondon. After the treasure hunt, JimmyChoo augmented it sells to 30%.
  3. 3. Not only to communicate about the product but also give them MORE that they expect!
  4. 4. The group JVMH has createdthe Blog “Nowness” . TheBlog propose the culture , artand luxury tendencies. TheLVMH logo doesn’t appearsin the blog. . Thecybernaute can sign in tohave access to specificinformation.
  5. 5. The social media permit to the luxury brands keep its « Storytelling » culture. With the social media the impact of the products and creators becomes .
  6. 6. In 2009 to launch the ,Dior send mystery phrases by twitter and it isfollowed by 1000 bloggers . At the end of thecampaign (6 months later) the number offollowers increase to 11 000. In May , Diorpublish the first short movie and they decideddo not publish it in the Youtube or Vimeo. Themovie had been followed for MORE than1000 bloggers and seen 117 000 in oneweek.
  7. 7. When a Cybernaute decide to following a brand, the brand can offer the information; that’s why we never have to disappoint the follower and give them a information.
  8. 8. In 2011 Tierry Muglerorganize the catwalk andinvites Lady Gaga topresent her new single onhis page. The followers ofTierry Mugler had theopportunity to see thecatwalk . Thanksto 9 millions of LadyGaga followers onTwitter and 30 000 onFacebook the promotionwas successful. After that,Tierry Mugler get 70 000followers and continue togive them a exclusiveinformation.
  9. 9. The private communities in the Web permits better information management and members loyalty who are
  10. 10. Mercedes Benz Platform with restricted access under invitation. The members have the opportunity to test the car during a weekend, in other words, living in a The social media allow to the brand to reduce the survey cost and get the information MORE detailed.
  11. 11. « Amble » created by Louis Vuitton, offers new ways of capturing your travel memories and sharing them with your friends. Create your own unique tours: the Ambles. Take personal pictures, notes, videos and sounds along your way. And save the spots you like most, anywhere in the world.