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Google+ for hotels

  1. 1. Google + Brand Pages Why Hotels should Use Them? By Emilie Nicolas November 18 th , 2011
  2. 2. Advantages for Hotel Guests
  3. 3. 1- Hotel Physical Location: Local Google+ pages have features that allow customers to easily connect with the hotel location (map of the hotel’s location and feature its address, phone number, and hours of operation).
  4. 4. 2- Create Circles according to a Different Audience Hotels can create their own circles which can then be selected as the audience of a post. Currently Google creates “VIPs”, “Customers”, and “Team members” circles that admins can populate.
  5. 5. 3- Google + Hangouts Hangouts provide the unique opportunity to directly engage in discussions, receive immediate feedback, and/or provide exclusive content with customers and partners. 4- A Less Overcharged Platform Brands may be able to create a much more direct and personal relationship with their audiences because there are fewer users than on Facebook, which create less noise and more focus in the space.
  6. 6. Advantages for Marketing
  7. 7. 1- A Different Way to Run Contests/Promotions Google will not allow brand Page owners to host contests or promotions directly on the social network itself. Instead, they may display a link on Google+ that points to a separate site where the Promotion is hosted. Hotels will have to find new ways to launch contests or promotional campaigns in relation to Google +, just like below…
  8. 8. 2- Following Brands Hotels can add brands to their circles, check out their information and browse their photos. When users add a brand to their circles, it increases that brand’s follower count. 3- A More Interactive Photo Platform Clicking on the image does not bring consumers to separate page with a gallery of images, but continuing to click on the picture allows the user to scroll through the images without leaving the brand’s profile.
  9. 9. Advantages for Online Visibility
  10. 10. 1- Adding by Searching Direct Connect lets users add a Page to their circles by searching +[brand name] on Google. Direct Connect also builds on Google’s dominance in search.
  11. 11. 2- Create Landing Pages Pages use host applications to create landing pages that encourage Likes, sign-up forms for email and mobile marketing, contests and sweepstakes, games, and ecommerce storefronts. (To create these apps, Page admins have to find solutions from third-party developers, and in some cases have to license Page management platforms to offer the apps they want.) 3- SEO interests Google is going to include Google+ pages in search results. In other words, if people are Googling for “Boston Celtics tickets”, our new Boston Celtics Google+ brand page will show up in the results, presumably near the top.
  12. 12. 4- +1 Button for Images Google +1s into Image Search could become beneficial to increasing a brand’s visibility, socially and via organic/image search, where the brand frequently post images to their Google+ brand page, and have an audience that is likely to share that content.
  13. 13. How to Stand out on Google + ?
  14. 14. 1- Share lots of photos: Photos are very important, Google+ is built for sharing images, so take advantage of it. They also enable to create a profile banner. (see how to proceed: ) Animated Gif image can also be integrated. http :// Simple image Image with animated snow
  15. 15. 2- Add recommended links: Under the ‘About’ tab of your Google+ page, you have the option to add recommended links in the right side bar. Add links to important blog, articles and lead generation offers to drive more traffic and leads for your business.
  16. 16. 3- Promote Your Google+ page on Your Blog and website: To get real business value from Google+, you have to have a community of people there to consume and engage with your content. In order to get people to add your Google+ page to their circles, you need to promote the page in places where you are already attracting visitors, such as your homepage, blog side bar, or other social media accounts. Cross-promotion is key to building a strong Google+ community. 4- Encourage people to share Your posts: Sharing on Google+ is a catalyst for increasing the virality of your content. When you post a message, photo, or link on Google+, be sure to ask your subscribers to share your content with the people in their circles. This is similar to asking people to “please retweet” on Twitter. 5- Analyze Traffic and Leads from Google: You can do this by looking at referral traffic from to your website, or if you are a HubSpot customer, HubSpot will segment all traffic, leads, and customers from Google+ for you as part of our marketing analytics.