DDIH Newsletter, September 2011


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DDIH Newsletter, September 2011

  1. 1.   Hotel  e-­‐volution   Digital  Developments  In  Hospitality   September,  7th  2011   Mobile  Trends   Social  Media  Trends   -­‐ -­‐  Mobile  Booking  Systems                  p.2/3   -­‐  Virtual  Concierge  Services                              p.6   -­‐ -­‐  Mobile  Advertisement                                                          p.4   -­‐  Foursquare  Check-­‐in  Tool                                p.7   -­‐ -­‐  Mobile  Websites                    p.5   -­‐  Social  Networks  Evolution                              p.8/9                 -­‐  Review  Strategies                                                                p.10   -­‐   -­‐   Summer  2011:  Digital  Marketing  Trends   for  Hoteliers   On  the  occasion  of  its  first  newsletter,  DDIH   thinks  about  independent  hoteliers!   Digital  Developments     in  Hospitality  is  a   After  the  summer  holidays,  it  is  time  to  get  informed   division  of  Oneglobe   about  the  latest  trends  in  the  digital  area  in  order  to  plan   Network  dedicated  to   relevant  marketing  campaigns  for  the  end  of  the  year.   exploring  Net     capabilities  and   During  the  summer,  the  mobile  and  social  media   innovations  facilitating   platforms  have  not  ceased  to  evolve,  improve,  enlarge…   differentiation  via     breakthrough  services.   This  newsletter  highlights  the  articles  that  marked  the   DDIH  explores  the   digital  development  these  last  3  months.     impact  of  apps,  tools  and     platforms,  already   Now,  Independent  hoteliers  can  pick  up  pieces  of   adopted  in  the   information,  put  them  together  and  along  with   marketplace,  and  the   imagination,  elaborate  the  most  original  marketing   impact  on  users’  service   strategies…   expectations.     The  DDIH  team    
  2. 2. This  summer,  the  hospitality   industry  focused  on  the   Mobile  Trends   development  of  mobile  booking   services.  With  the  growing  success   of  smartphones,  booking  engines   are  being  integrated  into  mobile   Mobile  Booking  Systems   applications.  World  Hotel  groups   such  as  IHG,  Hilton,  Marriott,  etc.   have  already  set  up  booking  systems   on  their  applications,  which  gave   them  a  length  ahead  of  independent   hotels.   BookingBrick  brings  hotel  bookings  to  mobile  applications   7/07/2011     BookingBrick  is  a  French-­‐based  company,  co-­‐funded  by  Nicolas  Salin  and  Sébastien  Houzé.   BookingBrick  provides  iPhone  and  Android-­‐hosted  travel  organizations  with  a  solution  for   implementing  easily  a  white-­‐label  hotel  booking  process  directly  inside  their  application  and  start   monetizing  it.     With  BookingBrick,  travel  organizations  and  hotels  will  no  longer  lose  potential  hotel  customers,   as  users  will  be  able  to  book  a  room  directly  through  their  application.  Obviously,  owners  earn  a   commission  for  each  reservation  made  through  their  app.     http://ddih.wordpress.com/2011/07/07/bookingbrick-­‐brings-­‐hotel-­‐bookings-­‐to-­‐mobile-­‐applications/     2  
  3. 3. TheVeryLastRoom,  alternative  to     private  sales  and  other  slashed  prices     8/23/2011     Still  concerning  mobile  reservation,   (Translated  from  Tendance  Hotellerie  french  article   another  trend  was  born  this  summer:   “TheVeryLastRoom,  alternative  aux  ventes  privées  et  autres   last  minute  hotel  booking.  Mobile   prix  cassés”  by  E.Nicolas)     applications  provide  the  customers   TheVeryLastRoom  suggests  customers  to   with  the  last  minutes  hotel  deals.   book  a  hotel  room  for  the  very  night,  with  a  price   They  are  being  developed  in  the  USA   reducing,  as  the  customer  is  approaching  the  last   with  «  HotelTonight  »  and  in  Europe   minute.     with  «  TheVeryLastRoom  ».   This  offer  is  an  alternative  to  the  other  offers     forcing  hoteliers  to  slash  their  prices  several  days   before  their  reservation,  even  before  knowing  if   they  would  have  had  the  opportunity  to  sell  their   vacant  rooms  via  their  own  distribution  channel.     Available  in  the  form  of  iPhone  app  from   HotelTonight  Launches  on  Android,   September  for  Lyon,  Paris  and  Marseille,   Now  in  18  Cities   TheVeryLastRooms  ambition  is  to  rapidly  extend   7/27/2011   to  French  towns,  then  at  the  European  Scale.       HotelTonight  is  a  mobile  service  that  allows   http://ddih.wordpress.com/2011/08/23/theverylastroom you  to  book  a  last  minute  hotel  in  seconds.   -­‐alternative-­‐aux-­‐ventes-­‐privees-­‐et-­‐autres-­‐prix-­‐casses/   I  recently  used  HotelTonight  on  a  trip  to     Washington  DC  when  I  just  forgot  to  book  a   hotel,  realizing  it  about  the  time  I  boarded  the   plane.  It  was  a  little  nerve-­‐wracking  waiting   until  noon  the  day  I  needed  a  room  to  know  for   sure  I’d  get  one.       But  the  service  worked  like  a  dream,  I  got  a   centrally  located  room  for  40%  less  than  others   I  was  looking  at,  and  check  in  took  moments.   So  far  HotelTonight’s  iPhone  app  has  been   downloaded  600,000  times.  And  today,  Android   users  who  travel  a  lot  and  hate  to  plan  can  enjoy   the  service  too.     The  company  raised  $3.25  million  from   Battery  Ventures,  Accel  Partners  and  First   Round  Capital,  has  deals  with  350  hotels  and  has   expanded  its  service  to  eighteen  cities.     http://ddih.wordpress.com/2011/07/27/hoteltonight-­‐ launches-­‐on-­‐android-­‐now-­‐in-­‐18-­‐cities/     3  
  4. 4. Mobile  Advertisement   In  addition  to  the  growing   development  of  mobile   booking  engine,  this   summer  the  first  mobile   Hilton  Hotels  &  Resorts  Launches   advertising  campaign  has   Hospitality  Industrys  First  iAd  With   been  launched  by  Hilton.   "Stay  Hilton,  Go  Everywhere"  Campaign   Hoteliers  are  prioritizing   7/27/2011   mobile  platforms  and  tools     to  reach  loyal  and  potential   Hilton  Hotels  &  Resorts  has  today  launched   customers.   the  hospitality  industrys  first  iAd  as  an  extension   of  its  "Stay  Hilton,  Go  Everywhere"  global  multi-­‐ channel  campaign.  iAd  is  Apples  mobile   advertising  network,  reaching  millions  of  iPhone,   iPad  and  iPod  touch  users  right  in  their  favorite   apps.   A  total  of  nine  signature  Hilton  Hotels  &     Resorts  properties  around  the  world  -­‐  from   The  highly-­‐interactive  "Stay  Hilton,  Go   Egypt  and  India  to  the  Seychelles  and  Mexico  -­‐   Anywhere"  iAd  takes  users  in  the  U.S.  and  U.K.  on   can  be  explored  in  the  iAd  via  inspired  visual   virtual  vacations  at  Hilton  properties  around  the   imagery  and  interactive  features  including   world,  including:  Egypts  Nile  River,  the  canals  of   Twitter  and  e-­‐mail  integration  and   Venice  and  the  white  sands  of  Puerto  Rico.     downloadable  wallpaper.       The  result  is  a  lively,  engaging  user   experience  that  surprises,  entertains  and   creates  new  vacation  dreams.     http://ddih.wordpress.com/2011/07/27/hilton-­‐ hotels-­‐resorts-­‐launches-­‐hospitality-­‐industrys-­‐first-­‐iad/   Mobile  Platforms:  some  figures       The  smartphone  applications  industry  has  seen  a  considerable  decline  in   2011.     According  to  5th  Annual  Benchmark  Survey  on  Hotel  Digital  Marketing   Budget  Planning  and  Best  Practices,  only  8,9%  of  hoteliers  have  planned  to   invest  in  a  mobile  application  this  year  against  24,1%  in  2010.  Hoteliers,   especially  independent  hotels  decided  to  focus  on  mobile  website  and   redesign  them.   The  same  study  revealed  that  this  year,  37,5%  of  hoteliers  have  planned   to  develop  a  mobile  website  whereas  they  were  25,9%  in  2010.     4  
  5. 5. World  Hotel  groups  prioritize  mobile  by  developing    personalized  applications,  mobile   websites,  blogs,  etc.  which  makes  them  more  visible  than  independent  hotels.  With  a    lower   budget,  independent  hotels  limit  themselves  to  mobile  websites.  They  provide    pretty  much   the  same  kind  of  information  for  a    cheaper  cost.     Mobile  applications  give  a  better  user  experience  than  mobile  websites,  but  they  are   very  expensive    because    they  have  to  be  built  from  scratch  for  each  operating  system   (Apple,  Android,  RIM,…).   Mobile  Websites   Moments  in  Needless  Bi-­‐Polarity:  Apps   vs  the  mobile  web   7/16/2011   The  importance  of  hotel  mobile  website     design   -­‐  Can  the  mobile  web  do  almost  everything   7/28/2011   that  apps  can  do?  Yes.       -­‐  Does  that  mean  that  the  mobile  web  will   There  is  no  definitive  guide  yet  on  how  to   eclipse  apps  as  the  primary  mobile  channel   turn  a  hotel  mobile  website  into  a  successful   to  customers?  Yes,  at  some  point.     engagement  platform  for  mobile  users.   -­‐  Is  that  point  close  enough  that  marketers   Mobile  users  have  a  different  mindset  when   should  abandon  apps  in  their  mobile   approaching  websites,  therefore  your  hotel’s   strategy?  Absolutely  not  (and  for  a  second   website  experience  must  be  quite  different  to   opinion,  check  out  Forresters  take).   engage  them.       Considering  the  viewpoint  of  the  customer   Mobile  users  are  much  more  task-­‐oriented   first  (always),  an  app  gives  them  something   than  desktop  users.  And  mobile  users  are  either   digitally  tangible,  reliable  and  in  many  cases,   searching  for  local  content  or  for  a  specific  brand.   something  thats  useful  offline.       Mobile  means  smartphones,  not  tablets.   For  the  marketer,  apps  offer  something  the   Tablets  provide  an  experience  similar  to  desktops.   mobile  web  doesnt...  branding.  And,  they  allow   While  certain  mechanisms  may  need  to  be   brands  to  see  exactly  what  customers  do,  or   adapted  to  a  multi-­‐touch  experience,  most   dont  do,  in  a  way  thats  still  on  the  outer  reaches   websites  that  are  optimized  for  1024×768  should   of  the  mobile  web.  For  some  companies,  the  app   work  well  on  tablets.   market  is  also  a  readily  accessible  revenue     stream.   Considering  these  two  factors,  below  are  five     simple  tips  to  turn  your  hotel  mobile  website  into   Back  to  the  customer.  most  of  them  dont   a  successful  engagement  platform  for  mobile   have  smartphones.  They  use  search  on  their   users.   phones  and  it  leads  them  to  the  mobile  web     Those  with  app  enabled  phones  may  use  them  as   1-­‐  Mobile  SEO  matters.   an  access  point,  but  ultimately,  they  want  all  of   2-­‐  Optimize  the  website  for  low  bandwidth  and   the  information  and  products  and  flexibility  that   high  latency.   theyve  come  to  expect  from  websites.  That   3-­‐  Display  the  address  boldly.   probably  means  jumping  from  app  to  mobile   4-­‐  Have  a  click-­‐to-­‐call  button.   site,  something  else  that  customers  dont  care   5-­‐  Provide  a  simple  booking  experience   about,  so  long  as  it  works  well.       http://ddih.wordpress.com/2011/07/28/the-­‐importance-­‐ http://ddih.wordpress.com/2011/06/16/moments-­‐in-­‐ of-­‐hotel-­‐mobile-­‐website-­‐design/   needless-­‐bi-­‐polarity-­‐apps-­‐vs-­‐the-­‐mobile-­‐web/     5  
  6. 6. Social  Media  Trends   Hotel  guests  in  general  have   become  more  demanding  than   they  used  to  be.  Their  new  needs   and  expectations  are  probably   Virtual  Concierge  Services   the  result  of  rewards  more   attributed  during  the  economic   downturn.  Whatsoever,  a  new   way  to  enhance  the  customer   Small  Luxury  Hotel  Intros  Personal   satisfaction  are  Virtual   Activities  Concierge   Concierge  Services.   7/11/2011     The  Manor  On  Golden  Pond,  New   Hampshire’s  only  Small  Luxury  Hotel  of  the  World,   has  introduced  a  Personal  Activities  Concierge   Service,  designed  to  enhance  the  guest  experience.     All  guests  are  contacted  prior  to  their  arrival   to  pre-­‐arrange  activities,  dining  arrangements,   Laterooms  to  try  virtual  concierge   secure  ground  transportation,  assist  with  any   special  vacation  arrangements  and  to  provide  an   service  on  Twitter  and  Facebook   7/28/2011   overview  of  what  the  region  has  to  offer.       Accommodation  service  LateRooms  has   “In  a  fraction  of  the  time  it  would  normally   become  the  latest  travel  company  to  offer  a   take,  guests  can  create  and  book  their  dream   “virtual  concierge”  service  via  social   vacation  that  fits  their  needs  and  personal   mediachannels  Twitter  and  Facebook.   preferences,  no  matter  the  season,”  said  Mary  Ellen     Shields,  Innkeeper.   The  idea  is  to  allow  consumers  to  ask     where  there  might  be  availability  at  a  particular   http://ddih.wordpress.com/2011/07/11/small-­‐luxury-­‐ hotel-­‐intros-­‐personal-­‐activities-­‐concierge/   hotel  or  what  facilities  are  available,  and   presumably  is  aimed  at  people  on-­‐the-­‐go  rather   than  those  who  could  simply  use  the  website.     LateRooms  is  not  the  only  company  to   launch  a  concierge  service  –  KLM-­‐Air  France   subsidiary  CityJet  unveiled  a  similar  program   earlier  this  week.   The  airline  says  it  will  make  reservations  for   Twitter  followers  at  hotels,  restaurants  and   organize  taxis  and  other  transport  from   airports.     http://ddih.wordpress.com/2011/07/28/laterooms-­‐to-­‐ try-­‐virtual-­‐concierge-­‐service-­‐on-­‐twitter-­‐and-­‐facebook/       6  
  7. 7. Foursquare  Check-­‐in  Tool   So  far  the  location-­‐based  social   network  Foursquare  has   Klout  Now  Factors  in  Foursquare   brought  happiness  to  both   Check-­‐ins   businesses  and  consumers.   7/13/2011   Check-­‐in  strategies  are  being     used  a  lot  by  hoteliers,  which   Foursquare  Check-­‐ins  will  now  play  a  role   contributed  to  the  development   in  determining  your  Klout  score.   of  social  media  rewards.         The  San  Francisco-­‐based  startup  has  just   added  Foursquare  to  its  scoring  system,  which   already  factors  in  Facebook,  LinkedIn  and   Twitter  to  measure  the  online  influence  of   social  media  users.     For  Klout  to  integrate  your  Foursquare   checkins  into  its  algorithm,  go  to  your  Klout   dashboard  and  click  on  the  grayed-­‐out   Foursquare  button.     http://ddih.wordpress.com/2011/07/13/klout-­‐now-­‐ factors-­‐in-­‐foursquare-­‐checkins/   Foursquare:  Now  You  Can  Check  Into  Events   8/18/2011     Foursquare  is  launching  a  feature  that  allows  users  to   check  into  events  —  thus  making  a  standard  Foursquare   behavior  official.     “It’s  one  of  the  most  common  checkins  on   Foursquare:  you  head  off  to  a  movie  theater,  check   in,  and  type  in  ‘Harry  Potter’  to  tell  people  what   you’re  seeing.  Or  check  in  to  a  stadium  and  shout   ‘Patriots  game’  or  ‘   Unlike  Facebook,  which  launched  its  event-­‐check-­‐in   feature  in  April,  Foursquare  is  not  a  platform  where   people  frequently  input  their  own  gatherings.       So  the  company  turned  to  its  partners  to  provide  the   information  about  when  and  where  events  are   happening.   The  feature  is  already  live  on  the  iPhone,  and   Foursquare  says  it  will  debut  on  other  platforms  soon.     http://ddih.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/foursquare-­‐now-­‐you-­‐ can-­‐check-­‐into-­‐events/     7  
  8. 8. Social  Networks  Evolution   This  summer,  most  social   networks  improved  their   platforms  and  tools.  Even   Facebook  has  made  commenting  a  richer   Facebook,  the  social  media   experience  by  adding  video,  photo  and   leader,  updated  its  services…   website  info.   Does  Facebook  see  in  Google  +   7/21/2011   a  direct  competitor?       In  a  few  months  Google+  will   It’s  a  small  change,  but  a  rather  cosmetic  one.   Now,  when  you  comment  on  a  post  with  a  URL,   launch  its  business  version,     Facebook  will  pull  in  a  video  player,  a  thumbnail  or   Will  it  succeed  in  competing   an  overview  of  the  website  that  you’re  linking  to.   with  Facebook  Fan  Pages?   You  can  also  choose  to  nix  the  preview.     The  change  isn’t  life-­‐altering,  but  it  certainly  makes   your  wall  much  lovelier.     http://ddih.wordpress.com/2011/07/21/facebook-­‐has-­‐ How  Facebook’s  Location  Sharing  Will   made-­‐commenting-­‐a-­‐richer-­‐experience-­‐by-­‐adding-­‐video-­‐ photo-­‐and-­‐website-­‐info/   Promote  Commerce   8/30/2011         Facebook’s  location-­‐sharing  feature  adds  a   Facebook  improves  its  iPhone   social  location  layer  to  each  user’s  post  activity   application  to  face  Google  +   and  users  can  share  present,  past,  and  future   7/22/2011   location  information.     (Translated  from  Tendance  Hotellerie  french  article     “Facebook  améliore  son  "appli"  iPhone  pour  contrer  Google+”   Though  the  Facebook  Places  icon  and  the   by  E.Nicolas)   Facebook  Deals  are  disappearing,  this  change     should  not  be  confused  with  Facebook  Check-­‐in   Criticized  by  the  users,  Facebook  app  for   Deals,  which  is  not  going  away  anytime  soon.     iPhone  will  be  updated  Thursday,  July  28th.  The     company  is  trying  to  rectify  the  defects  in  the   Facebook  location  sharing  has  great   application  while  the  users  are  still  waiting  for  a   potential  for  social  commerce  as  users  can   touchpad  version.   share  location  activities  such  as,  their  favorite     restaurant,  the  store  they  are  shopping  at  or  the   This  reaction  from  Facebook  doesnt  happen   event  they  are  attending.   to  answer  the  users  complaints:  its  been  2  days     since  the  Google  +  application  was  launched.   The  Facebook  location-­‐sharing  ecosphere   Google  +  apps  reached  the  1st  place  in  terms  of   allows  consumers  to  share  any  location  anytime   download,  whereas  Facebook  app  was  positioned   anywhere.  Business  through  the  parent/child   at  the  15th  place,  according  to  AppData  website.   Places  management  structure  can  register  all       their  bricks-­‐and-­‐mortar  location.  Businesses   Google  also  rolled  out  an  iPad  version  of   can  now  offer  Check-­‐in  Deals  (via  mobile)  to   Google+,  while  Facebook  users  are  still  waiting  for   consumers  who  shared  the  local  businesses   the  company  to  invest  in  this  fast-­‐growing  market.   location  in  their  News  Feed.       http://ddih.wordpress.com/2011/08/26/facebook-­‐ http://ddih.wordpress.com/2011/08/30/how-­‐ ameliore-­‐son-­‐«-­‐appli-­‐»-­‐pour-­‐contrer-­‐google-­‐la-­‐tribune-­‐fr/   facebooks-­‐location-­‐sharing-­‐will-­‐promote-­‐commerce/       8  
  9. 9. Five  Years  Later,  Twitter  Rolls  Out   Image  Galleries   8/23/2011     Over  the  last  few  months,  Twitter  has  been   rolling  out  some  key  new  enhancements  to  their   user  experience,  adding  improved  search   functionality  and  the  ability  to  upload  images   right  from  a  user’s  Twitter  stream.       Today,  Twitter  keeps  the  photo  updates   rolling,  by  adding  image  galleries  to  the  everyday   Twitter  user  experience.       Huzzah!  According  to  Twitter’s  new  support   page,  these  user  image  galleries  will  collect  the   100  most  recent  images  a  user  has  uploaded  into   his  or  her  Tweet  stream  over  the  course  of  their   recent  Twittering  careers,  organizing  them  all  on   Google+  Posts  Now  Appear  in  Google   a  single  page,  and  displaying  them  in   Search  Results   chronological  order.   8/16/2011       http://ddih.wordpress.com/2011/08/23/five-­‐years-­‐later-­‐ Google  has  begun  integrating  Google+  into   twitter-­‐rolls-­‐out-­‐image-­‐galleries/   search  results  with  public  Google+  posts  now     appearing  in  Social  Search.Whenever  a  user   publicly  shares  a  link  on  Google+,  an  annotation   Flickr  Boosts  Location  Privacy  With   will  show  up  under  that  link  when  it  appears  in  a   Geofences   friend’s  search  results.     8/30/2011       Google+  now  joins  Flickr,  Twitter,  Quora   Flickr  has  introduced  a  new  privacy  feature   and  Google  Buzz  as  other  inputs  for  Google’s   called  geofences  that  allows  users  to  create   Social  Search  product.  Social  Search  debuted  in   geographic  privacy  settings  for  photos’  location   2009  at  the  Web  2.0  Summit,  partly  as  a  response   data.   to  Bing’s  integration  with  Facebook  and  Twitter.     Social  Search  highlights  what  links  your  friends   With  the  new  feature,  Flickr  users  can   are  sharing  on  the  web  and  returns  results  it   draw  a  circle  on  a  map  to  designate  a  geofence   believes  are  relevant  based  on  your  friends’   and  then  choose  a  geographic  privacy  setting  for   interests.   that  area.  Users  can  create  up  to  10  geofences,     and  previously  uploaded  photos  are  also   Social  Search  integration  is  only  the   updated  with  the  new  geo-­‐privacy  settings.   beginning  for  Google’s  plans  for  combining  its     search  engine  and  social  network.  Google  intends   “You  might  want  to  create  a  geofence   to  revive  real-­‐time  search  with  Google+  data  and   around  the  your  ‘home’  or  ‘school’  that  only   will  launch  a  search  engine  for  Google+  posts.  Of   allows  ‘Friends  and  Family’  to  see  the  location  of   course,  the  tech  giant  did  the  same  thing  with   the  photos  you  geotag  in  that  area  by  default,”   Google  Buzz,  and  we  all  know  what  happened  to   Flickr  said  in  a  blog  post  on  the  update.     that  product.       http://ddih.wordpress.com/2011/08/30/flickr-­‐boosts-­‐ http://ddih.wordpress.com/2011/08/16/google-­‐posts-­‐ location-­‐privacy-­‐with-­‐geofences/  -­‐  more-­‐822   now-­‐appear-­‐in-­‐google-­‐search-­‐results/     9  
  10. 10. Whether  on  TripAdvisor  or  on   Review  Strategies   other  social  media  websites,   hoteliers  keep  relying  a  lot  on   reviews.  This  summer,  many   hoteliers  have  been  trying  to   Tripadvisor  bribes:  Hotel  owners   set  up  elaborated  strategies  to   offer  free  rooms  in  return  for  glowing   get  their  guests  to  post  positive   reviews   reviews  online.  In  most  cases,  a   07/12/11   review  was  worth  a  reward…     but  is  it  the  smartest  way  to  get   Hotels  in  Britain  and  abroad  are  bribing   positive  feedback?   guests  to  write  glowing  reviews  in  exchange  for   cash  or  cut-­‐price  rooms  and  meals.  The   website,  which  has  45million  reviews  of  more   than  500,000  destinations,  is  a  popular  first   stop  for  holidaymakers  seeking  honest   opinions  about  places  to  stay.   Considering  Customer  Feedback  for     Your  Website?  How  About  On  a  Times   Already  30  properties  around  the  world   Square  Billboard?   have  been  blacklisted  for  suspicious  reviews  –   7/26/2011   and  there  is  a  thriving  black  market  in  hotels     willing  to  pay  people  to  write  positive  reviews.   Using  reviews  and  customer  feedback  to     encourage  trust,  optimize  your  website,  and   The  Cove  Hotel  offers  incentives  for  positive   maximize  direct  sales  is  something  we’ve  covered   reviews  on  TripAdvisor.  The  Office  of  Fair   in  the  past  –  but  today  Henry  Harteveldt  shared   Trading  says  it  will  launch  an  investigation  if  it   an  interesting  example  from  outside  the  industry:   considers  rules  have  been  broken.  The  Cove  Hotel   Domino  Pizza’s  use  of  customer  feedback  in  a   in  Cornwall  may  face  an  inquiry  over  allegations   billboard  on  Times  Square  in  New  York  City.   it  has  breached  the  website’s  reviewing  rules.     They  are  offered  10  per  cent  off  food  and   “The  campaign,  which  runs  from  Monday   drink  in  the  hotel’s  Fireside  Restaurant  and  a   until  August  23  will  include  customer  comments   ‘free  apartment  upgrade’.  In  return  they  become   —  good,  bad  or  neutral  —  on  a  4,630  square-­‐foot   ‘brand  champions’  and  have  to  post  an  ‘honest   billboard.  The  comments….are  filtered  for  bad   but  positive  view’  on  the  TripAdvisor  website.     language  and  appropriateness,  but  not  for   The  incentives  are  also  offered  if  guests   sentiment….Consumers  whose  comments  are   recommend  the  hotel  to  two  leading  restaurant   chosen  will  get  a  link  to  a  video  clip  of  their   guides  –  the  Good  Food  Guide  and  the  Michelin   comment  as  it  ran  on  the  billboard.”   Guide.       What  if  you  used  the  philosophy  behind   http://ddih.wordpress.com/2011/07/12/tripadvisor-­‐ bribes-­‐hotel-­‐owners-­‐offer-­‐free-­‐rooms-­‐in-­‐return-­‐for-­‐ this  tactic  for  your  hotels?  Maybe  instead  of  a   glowing-­‐reviews/  -­‐  more-­‐499   billboard  on  Times  Square,  you  begin  by   publishing  feedback  to  your  website  –  and  then   proceed  to  experimenting  with  using  reviews  in   your  promotional  messages.     http://ddih.wordpress.com/2011/07/26/considering-­‐ customer-­‐feedback-­‐for-­‐your-­‐website-­‐how-­‐about-­‐on-­‐a-­‐ times-­‐square-­‐billboard/     10  
  11. 11.     Digital  Developments  In  Hospitality   A  word  from  the  team…   “  We  are  pleased  to  share  through  DDIH   blog  all  the  pieces  of  information  in   relation  with  the  latest  digital  trends  in   hospitality.  Our  objective  to  inspire   independent  hotels  when  creating   marketing  strategies.”     Find  us  on