Economic Uncertainty - Amplify Customer Service


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Brief Commentary and recommended actions steps to assist hoteliers through economic uncertainty.

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Economic Uncertainty - Amplify Customer Service

  1. 1. Economic Uncertainty …. Amplify Customer Service
  2. 2. White Paper issued by ….
  3. 3. 3 Minute Commentary …. And Action Steps Offered by
  4. 4. Web Revenue Maximization …. For International Hoteliers
  5. 5. There is a plethora of how-to advice out there on surviving the economic downtown. The next graphic from Right Now's free white paper by noted CRM experts, Peppers and Rogers , strikes at core of Actions available to hoteliers to preserve/generate revenue .
  6. 7. Easy to understand the concepts... but what do I actually do? From an online perspective , we recommend the following steps:
  7. 8. 1. Grow Existing Customers -Use your PMS, IBE and other in-house databases to connect with your regular guests via RELEVANT email communication -Invite them to join a private space or specific emailing list – communicate high value offers Example - pre-public notification of upgrades, free WiFi, late check outs, limited time offers --> Tip - set up a supporting webpage for 'welcome back guests' – direct link to the specific offer , as configured on your booking engine -Resist the urge to bombard them with emails
  8. 9. 2. Service for current customers -Create 'welcome back' pages with content specific to repeat customers – they already know you, no need to re-sell the hotel basics --> Tip - links to area events, late check offers work well -Create a mobile site with links to mobile services available for your area - Google Think Digital Mobile concierge
  9. 10. 3. Squeeze value -Inviting previous guests to private, 'welcome back page' should result in direct - higher net rate - future bookings -Using direct links to 'negotiated rate' pages should reduce your booking engine commission , in addition (the IBEs are not going to like this advice..but hey...)
  10. 11. 4. Optimize current IT -Have your webmaster create more/different site pages that can be used for: >> limited time 'room sale', >> area event room rate promotion, etc. >> holiday or seasonal offers In short, websites are NOT like print , not nearly as 'precious'. Sites should be flexible, easy and inexpensive to add onto... as well as permit you to change and launch new offers with minimal developers’ fees. The initial site build is the big investment...additional pages should just be copies of the code.
  11. 12. Peppers & Rogers are right…. In an uncertain economy , use efforts and resources to target your ‘certain’ customers … the ones that already know you. Service … innovative, inexpensive, digital service is key. We hope these few, simple tactics can be a starting point for your hotel.
  12. 13. Resources and Original White Paper can be found: Right Now Technologies RightNow® delivers on demand CRM software and services that create the best possible experience for your customers while reducing costs—through email, live chat, web self-service, phone, and more.
  13. 14. Simply, Web Revenue Maximization We would be happy to hear from you, please contact us: President, Founder Liz Craig – [email_address] Skype - oneglobe-office Director of Operations DorothyWangYu – [email_address] Skype – dorothywangyu Paris Office - + Hotel Impact blog -