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oneforty Twitter for Business Audit Sample

  1. 1. Twitter for Business Audit Sample<br />
  2. 2. You’re Tweeting on your schedule<br />Your Tweet activity appears to be centered around mid-morning to mid-day.<br />The times when Tweeting is convenient for you may not be the most effective times <br />Tools to explore <br />Crowdbooster & Timely to schedule tweets at the perfect time<br />SocialFlow to optimize your tweets based on what language resonates most with your audience<br />Data courtesy TweetStats<br />
  3. 3. You Tweet on a variety of topics<br />Your Tweet Cloud shows many topics and a good variety of Tweet activity.<br />You should be monitoring some of these keywords on Twitter <br />Create saved searches for these terms and engage people tweeting about them. <br />This can be an excellent opportunity for Lead Generation.<br />Tools to explore<br />Sysomos’s Keyword Finder (MAP) to look deeper at keywords<br />Scout Labs for filtered search to remove any undesired search results and to monitor those keywords<br />Cadmus to track what topics your followers are talking about most and use that to think about content to Tweet and blog about<br />Data courtesy TwitterGrader<br />
  4. 4. You have strong Tweet reach<br />You reached 35,536 people with 50 Tweets<br />That’s an Exposure of 97,661<br />You are participating as a strong member of the community. <br />40% of your Tweets are ReTweets<br />To grow your reach, look to engage with influencers to share your content.<br />Tools to explore<br />Leverage your influencers - run a contest or campaign with OfferPop or Wildfire<br />Zuberance to identify and engage your brand advocates and amplify their positive word of mouth while measuring the results<br />ValueVine to target your local influencers and customers online<br />Data courtesy TweetReach<br />
  5. 5. You are growing your audience<br />You are effectively growing your follower base <br />You are adding roughly 5 followers per day. In 3 months you will have 2,860 followers.<br />74% of your competitors followers do not follow you. This is a good opportunity. <br />Look closely at your competitor’s followers and try to engage them. Content that engages them and trends in their behavior are good places to start.<br />Tools to explore:<br />Terametricdelivers detailed recommendations on people you should engage with, determined by industry and competitor brands<br />Postrank to see all your analytics in one place including Google Analytics<br />Data courtesy FollowerWonk<br />
  6. 6. You are engaging your audience<br />Competitor Stats<br />Your Stats<br />You are highlighting and engaging your community’s content well.<br />47% of your activity is highlighting community content or engaging in conversation.<br />You have been mentioned over 4,000 times by 945 people. Users you engage mention you an average of 4 times! <br />You are significantly more engaged with your community than your competitors<br />Tools to explore<br />ViralHeat to track your share of voice and identify influencers.<br />RowFeeder to track keywords, hashtags and contests.<br />Data courtesy TweetStats & Topsy<br />
  7. 7. You are slightly more influential<br />Competitor Stats<br />Your Stats<br />Your network of followers is slightly more influenced to act based on your Tweets<br />Despite your larger network your competitors influence is only slightly lagging<br />You may be able to learn from your competitor about types of content that engages users<br />Tools to explore<br />Listorious to identify influencers that can help you improve your influence<br />Terametricto get real-time tracking on Twitter handles, brand mentions, competition, influencers, themes, hashtags<br />Data courtesy Klout<br />
  8. 8. Other Tools to Try…<br />Garious<br />Helps you spread your message across a variety of social networks in a single click.<br />Argyle Social<br />This is how you measure social media ROI. Track real business conversions (sales, registrations & sign-ups) from Twitter and Facebook campaigns.<br />NutShell Mail<br />Get a summary in your inbox every day of all activity. Great for managers looking for a simple snapshot<br />Backupify<br />Backup your entire social footprint in addition to Google docs you may be generating behind the scenes<br />
  9. 9. Looking for more? <br />Have questions?<br />Contact us at:<br />Get Your Brand Audit at:<br /><br />