The Secret X File-Ancient Secret


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Since ages ago Kings, shaman, magician, legends and emperors uses this technique to acheive their dream, Why Not You?

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The Secret X File-Ancient Secret

  1. 1. The Secret X Files- Ancient Truth Ismail MF THE HIDDEN TRUTH
  2. 2. The Secret X Files Preface: I s there such thing as a secret? Why such a fuss? Why do we need to know about the secret? Can it help us? Can it change our life? The term secret it self is irrelevant, it can be better understood as an information available to selected few. As such the masses of individuals are not aware about it. The fact and figures presented here can change our life as it has changes the lives of the few. With the ages of free information, it only need you to open up your mind and agreed to the fact presented. Then you may say, ahhh 1+1 does equal to 2, or you may wreak havoc and say, I can make 1+1 equal to 3, The world is in the mind of the beholder! ? This Power Point is a prelude to “Give Me Freedom- Unchained Life Secret”-Ismail Mf The Book guide and exposed the way to freedom and limitless possibilities based upon Age Old Secret and Modern Truth1
  3. 3. The x child hypnotize The truth is, we are hypnotize since child birth to think in such a way. We are molded into the world around us. The realities are pull over our eyes! Our mind, visions and interpretation The path to freedom, worries free and paradise is just around the corner! We don’t need to wait for the next life! You are the creator of your own world! Don’t Blame other but your self for your current predicament! Digest the technique and the truth presented for you to change your life! Choose happiness over worries! Choose Wealthy over poverty! Choose Life over death! Be the one and only one! Let me see you smile along your journey! Imagine this! Why do you go to sleep? Why do you sleep even thought you are not sleepy? We are trained and pampered to sleep at certain time in this realities by our parent?
  4. 4. Where are we today? Are we happy with our life? Are we in a dilemma? Are You poor? Are you confused? Something holding you back? Lets look at what The Buddha have to say! All evil Karma ever committed by me since of old On account Of greed, anger and folly , which have no beginning born of my body, mouth and thought. i now make full open confession of it. Gathas and Prayers: Confession Take a look at the above sutras, our presence karma is the result of what our mind, emotion and thought decided to choose in the past, we are experiencing our life due to what we choose before! Don’t blame others or God, we are the evil doer in our life! To change your life, you must act now! You must take helm of your mind, body, emotions and thought! Our X Folly Remember The Matrix” The Oracle asked Neo, did you see her died? Remember you already choose the scene, you are only in the position to understand why you made that decision. You can change the future but not the past! So act now! Learn the secret of now! Explore The Architect Blueprint!
  5. 5. Our X Factor! Believe it or not! Every second we are wearing a different mask, some say up to 99 characters! We are always splits into two! The presented self and the hidden self! In the back ground our dark self looms closely to wreak havoc and create despair or push us to our madness. This realities if left uncheck, can drives man mad! The first step to self changes is to tame the wild horse within! Don’t think you have an easy task ahead! It is easy, yet countless man and women gives their destiny to the untamed world to handle, Suffering it seem is the result of your own choice! A man comes home late! The wife thinks the man is having an affairs! The wife began an argument! It seem the man was innocent! Yet the wife has her suspicions. Unknowingly the wife is sending subliminal message for the man to commit adultery! Control your Thought!
  6. 6. Taming The Bull! The first step to freedom is to understand the nature of your Bull or crazy cows! Our mind have been running amok here and there, our emotions ran rampant as if he is the ruler! To control is to focus! To focus is to slowly understand our real self. “ In the beginning I saw only its foot prints, later I saw its tail, no sooner than that I saw the beast! Such a struggle to contained it, yet once tamed, it can be used to provides me with all the things that I need! Focus your thought and emotions direct it and use it to shape your future! The light saber is in your hand! Activate and use it!
  7. 7. The Paradox Of God Angel Image: Satanimage We believe in the existence of a singular power which control both the bad and the good! We are at this singular power mercy and we blame the devil for our evil whereas we praise the Angels for our Good Deeds Come, come whom ever you are, my bounties are limitless, if I were to grant you all of your desire! It does not even accont to a grain of my treasure!
  8. 8. Newton's first Law of Motion : Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.     speed:  how many miles per hour     velocity:  speed and direction of motion      acceleration:  change in velocity, i.e. change in speed and/or change in direction of motion    An object at rest stays at rest;  an object in motion at a constant velocity stays moving at that velocity unless a force is exerted on it.     Objects with mass have INERTIA Our X Force
  9. 9. Future Dream Builder 101! You have read all the book in the world! You prayed to Gods! You meditate and nothing happens? Do or do not there is no try! What is the problem? Are you bound to failure? No! The answer is No! It’s just that you are not persistence! If that is the case let others help you! With concentrated effort we can build a better future for both you and the world! Give us your hand and together we shall rule our life! Join Us in shaping your future! Email us and form a network of Dream Shaper! We help each others to materialize your dream! Let the collective joins forces and brings happiness! Email: [email_address]
  10. 10. Pure Thought ! Purity, clarities and good intention is a part of the way to shaped ones future. The dark side may also serves as an impetus or a driving force of changes and future design. Both has its own energy and momentum, but in the end good intention is better than the volatile forces of anger and negative energies. Not to commit evils But to do all that is good And to keep ones' thought pure This is the teaching of all the Buddhas. The universe are in constant changes, both explosive and and volatile, yet light and creationism, as well as matter’ building is part of the grand design of the universe. Be happy and shape your dream? Or choose evil and harshness in your doing?
  11. 11. <ul><li>Time </li></ul>You unknowingly chart and shape your future. This presence moment is the result of your past charting and design. This moment cannot be change, the future can be change, but the action and design and charting must began now! You choose your own destiny, your own home? Palace? City or Hell. How fast do you get there depends own the energy and the effort you spend to built and shaped your dreams! This book may convince, yet you are the architect and the builder! Your Road Ahead? A saint wish for melon in the middle of the desert during draught. A few moment pass, Someone knock on the door and presented a melon to the saint! How wonderful is it if what you wish for came knocking at the door?
  12. 12. Your Road Ahead? To shape and mold your future you must not let others influences you. You must remain steadfast, Nothing is impossible. You must take control of your vision and dream, Those who are against your vision, you must keep them at bay. Then you shall rise as a shinning star!
  13. 13. <ul><li>Magician, Shaman, Sorcerers, Witches and Sages have understood the working mechanism of their old world. </li></ul><ul><li>Yet their wisdom are scattered and diverse. Only selected few are lucky enough to embraced wisdom their skills and knowledge are highly guarded. </li></ul><ul><li>This universal truth are both positive and negative. </li></ul><ul><li>They came in many form, white magic, black, elemental and divination. </li></ul><ul><li>Kings, Emperors and legends have all encountered this mystical individuals. </li></ul>Ancient Truth (Secret) This reservoir of knowledge and wisdom is eternal. It is there for all sentient being to used! Don’t be thirsty drink from the fountain of possibilities!
  14. 14. Understanding Nature (Oneself as Architect and Builder) The understanding of one self is made easier by the appearance and the guidance of a few super enlighten being, this super being stand tall against the rest of us. They came, enlighten and showed us the way, The Buddhas, Jesus, God and Prophets are buts being within certain time frame and as a messenger to liberate the ignorant! Walk to the valley of Possibilities! Ancient Truth (Secret)
  15. 15. Ancient Truth (Secret) There is a saying that “only those who tastes salt knew salt”, Imagination without practical experience is a useless thing. This secret is real! So as your emotion, anger and despair, none can see it, You alone experiences and savor its bitterness or sweetness! You may think that all of this is hypothetical, yet countless saints and legends have walk the road of impossibilities. Walk with me to Your Paradise. Use all of your senses and capabilities to hunt and consume your dreams! A cat uses its whiskers, ears and vision to the maximum for his survival. Yet man uses only 1% of his capabilities!
  16. 16. Ordinary Matter- Molecule, the smallest one hundred million to an inch diameter, Atom is around ten billionths of an inch in diameter subatomic particles (proton is 100,000 times smaller than atom) Superstring about 100 billion billion smaller than a proton Unseen Truth (Secret) There is a hidden force and play behind the fabric of realities! Know it and use it!
  17. 17. Unseen Truth (Secret) The hidden note of life plays and realities may be as simple as a guitar strings! If you knew this then choose a note that makes you dance with joy! Don’t dance to sorrow and sadness! Mawlana Rumi, a sufi saints used to dance and whirls the nights away. The note of realities dances within and upward to heavens. Strange as it may seem, This truth has been told hundreds of year ago!
  18. 18. That’s all for now folks! Email me if you need help in shaping your future! Join our Dream Architect and Builder Network Check out or email me while all of this is beginning to take shape. Its your dream world after all! Ismail MF-
  19. 19. You have a garden my friend, it’s a secret garden! I have seen it, take my hand and lets turn this world into a garden You also have a kingdom, Be a King and let me see you smile! For if you smile, I will to!