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Presentation skills training tips. One Clear Message's quick tips on how to build effective presentations.

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  • Do you want to do amazing presentations?
    To Stop boring Power point?
    To Have fun and inspire!
  • Less is more
    Don’t read
  • What you see
  • what the audience sees!
  • B and W
  • Stand to left - let them see the screen ..
    Reading left to right
    Careful not to cut off audience
  • Take the time to work out your message, hook and story before you write the first slide
    Slides should augment your message, not be your message.
    Leave bullets to movies .. People want to write bullets down … If they are writing or reading .. They are not listening
  • Hook
    What should the audience walk away with?
    Give problem, solution with benefits
  • NB Why should I care?
    What should the audience walk away with?
    (architecture of pc ... when they wan to know how to write a letter - ie click word, print, email)
  • A clear point
    Use the story to illustrate your point
    Drunken uncle - Point always on stage
  • Half oldest audience member - rule of thumb
  • Please use high res images
    low res pixilate look unprofessional and grainy (istockphotos - 123rf)
    Buy pictures or take them (photographers?)
  • Make it relative - keep it simple (not 20% - 1 in 5)
    Use a handout- encryption protocols (word doc vs visual augmentation)
  • MacBook Air. The world’s thinnest notebook.
    What is the focus of your speech ... what do you want them to remember? Give an example, or ask the audience for one - headlines they remembered from presentations
  • Slides augment speech - not be speech
    Create a clear picture A clear message
    Rule of 3 - max 3 things
    Statistics and lots of facts are boring - use handouts
    1000 songs in your pocket
  • People remember stories
    Tell a story, make a point
    Slides augment message
  • Pause - Keep it simple
    and engage your audience - not bore them
  • Presentation tips from One Clear Message

    1. 1. Presentation tips
    2. 2. Death by PowerPoint? • Are you tired of presenters turning and speaking to the screen? • Reading every Boring word on their presentation • Not preparing properly? • Just putting a list of bullets up • Insulting your intelligence, by reading (badly) what you have already read • Reading in a monotone • Not facing you, as they have turned to read! • With font so small even they can’t read it
    3. 3. Presenter’s View 4 3
    4. 4. Presentation tips
    5. 5. B
    6. 6. Position Read: Left to right
    7. 7. Plan
    8. 8. Remember your “take away”
    9. 9. Why should I care?
    10. 10. One Point at a Time
    11. 11. Font Size Font size 12 Font size 24 Font size 36 Never Font size 48 Font size 72 Font size 96 Readabl e
    12. 12. High Res only
    13. 13. Data and stats
    14. 14. Create a headline MacBook Air. The world’s thinnest notebook.
    15. 15. Be a speaker
    16. 16. Tell a story
    17. 17. Remember: Keep it simple!