Getting the Most out of WordPress


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From a presentation to the Canadian Marketing Association Manitoba Chapter.

Learn the basics of navigating the Wordpress backend, changing themes, configuring critical out-of-the-box settings, installing must-have plugins to add features for things like SEO and content sharing, and general best practices for posting pages or blog posts.

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Getting the Most out of WordPress

  1. 1. Press Start…Getting the Most out of WordPress Kevin Gordon
  2. 2. Agenda• About Me• Getting Set up• The basics of WordPress• Configuring out-of-the-box features• Must-have plugins• …Bonus! $100 Free Google Adwords Vouchure
  3. 3. Getting SetupWireless Internet Access Network/SSID: UW-Conference Passphrase: conference Authentication: WPA
  4. 4. Getting SetupAccessing the Training Environment Instance ID: to be provided Username: training Password: Spring2012
  5. 5. The Basics of WordPress• It started off as a blog platform• It’s a content management system (CMS)• It can run Facebook Fan Page Tabs• It can serve mobile websites• It can run E-Commerce Sites• It can do anything you want it too!
  6. 6. Configure Out-of-the-box• Enable Spam Protection• Disable User Registration• Setting Time Zone & Date/Time Format• Set Remote Publishing Options• Set Update Services (Almost 50 of them)• Set Reading Options• Set Discussion Options• Change Default Media Location• Set URL Permalink Format
  7. 7. Must Have Plugins• All in one SEO • Facebook OGP• Dot HTML, PHP, XML etc • XML-Sitemap• Facebook Comments • Redirection• Google Analytics • WP No Category Base• Parallel Loading System • Youtube Shortcode• Digg Digg • jQuery Lazy Load• TinyMCE Advanced • W3 Total Cache• Social Metrics • WP Touch• Tweet My Post*Items in bold will be covered in training
  8. 8. Must Have Plugins - SEO• All in one SEO• Dot HTML, PHP, XML etc• XML-Sitemap• Redirection• WP No Category Base
  9. 9. Must Have Plugins – Site Speed• Parallel Loading System• jQuery Lazy Load• W3 Total Cache
  10. 10. How Site Speed Helps your SEO – NO PLUGINS
  11. 11. How Site Speed Helps your SEO – Parallel Loading• Browsers download 6 files at a time – One2M has 68 individual files – has 85 individual files – Dairy Farmers of Manitoba has 11 individual files – has 100 individual files
  12. 12. How Site Speed Helps your SEO – W3 Cache• Combine multiple javascript files in to one• Combine multiple css files in to one• Remove un-needed whitespace• Creates cached copies of all pages• Speeds up the time necessary for your web server to serve the content to the visitor
  13. 13. How Site Speed Helps your SEO – Parallel Loading
  14. 14. How Site Speed Helps your SEO – Cloudflare• FREE Content Distribution Network (CDN)• Caches your website on 14 servers world-wide, 7 in North America• Serves content from closest server to visitor• Continues to serve your site even if your site goes down• Provides an added level of security
  15. 15. How Site Speed Helps your SEO – Cloudflare
  16. 16. How Site Speed Helps your SEO – Lazy Load• Images/Media below the fold only loads when a user scrolls close to it• Improves initial load time• Improves perceived load time
  17. 17. Must Have Plugins – Admin Tools• Google Analytics• TinyMCE Advanced• Social Metrics• Youtube Shortcode
  18. 18. Must Have Plugins – Social Engagement• Facebook Comments• Digg Digg• Facebook OGP• Tweet My Post
  19. 19. Google Adwords Vouchure• If you have never advertised on Google Adwords, we can provide you a $100 vouchure to get started and a free 30 minute consultation to help you get started• If you are already advertising, we’ll give you a free 60 minute review and analysis of your existing campaign. Email:
  20. 20. Upcoming Events• What Google Tools are Right for You?• Marketing on Facebook• Canada’s New Anti-Spam Legislation• Hear from True North Sports & Entertainment’s Marketing Department on Challenges they faced• IC Group Presentation
  21. 21. CMA Membership Special• Non-members can become members for a reduced rate for attending today’s conference.• Please call Pam @ 885-2846 for details
  22. 22. Thank You! Kevin Cell: 510.0223